Spanish Planning Year 6 Unit 21 Lesson 3 Date

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Spanish Planning Year 6 Unit 21 Lesson 3 Date

Learning Objectives

Key Questions/New Learning



Phonic/Grammar Focus

Pupils will be able to:

  • understand the main points and simple opinions in a spoken story, song or passage

  • match sound to sentences and paragraphs

  • compare attitudes towards aspects of everyday life

  • use context and previous knowledge to help understanding

un café con leche

un bocadillo de queso

una bolsa de patatas fritas

un helado de vainilla

un café de queso

un bocadillo de café

una bolsa de vainilla

un helado de patatas fritas

el camarero the waiter


la carta the menu


la cuenta the bill


aquí tiene here you are, here you have


¿Qué desea? What do you want?


Quiero…I want


¡Ñam Ñam! Yum yum


¡Puaj! Yuck


¿Cuánto es? How much is it?


Sesenta euros 60 Euros


Introduction to a café role play about a very odd waiter by introducing pupils to 4 normal items together with 4 silly items in picture form. Say each normal item in Spanish without showing picture, and as pupils say its meaning, place it on the board. Do the same for each silly item. Pupils’ previous knowledge of foods/drinks will help them to say meaning.

Number all the pictures on the board 1-8 and pupils write a-h on mini whiteboards. Hold up a word card and say ‘a’. Pupils write the number of the matching picture next to ‘a’ on their boards.

Prepare pupils for seeing role play by asking for polite words that would be used in a conversation between a waiter and a customer, e.g. buenos días, señor, señora, señorita, gracias, por favor, de nada, adiós. Teach other key words and phrases as in ‘New Learning’ section.

Pupils practise asking and saying what they want after teacher models with puppet: ¿Qué desea? Quiero un bocadillo de queso, por favor. Tell pupils they are using the formal ‘you’ in the question.

Before showing the power point of role play (down to slide 12), ask pupils what they think it will be about. If no one guesses correctly, ask again at end of presentation. (It is about a crazy waiter who gets a customer’s order mixed up). Ask why the customer questions the price at the end.

Daily practice – practise above question and answer with partner

Mini whiteboards

At end of unit:

Picture/word flashcards of 4 normal and 4 silly foods/drinks

Café role play power point

‘ll’ in vainilla

(vie-knee-ya) like a ‘y’ sound in English

¿Qué deseas? (informal, singular)
¿Qué desea? (formal, singular)

Assessment opportunities

Role plays

KS2 Framework Objective

Oracy 6.2



Intercultural Understanding


Knowledge about Language


Language Learning Strategies



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