Speak Anonymous Go Ask Alice Avi The Fighting Ground

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Young Adult Reading List

Anaya, Rudolfo Bless Me Ultima---Multicultural

Anderson, Laurie Halse Speak

Anonymous Go Ask Alice

Avi The Fighting Ground---Historical Fic.

Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name

Bernall, M. She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall Story---Bio

Bloor, Edward Tangerine---Sports

Brashares, Ann The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Bridgers, Sue Ellen Home Before Dark---Romance

Brooks, Bruce The Moves Make the Man---Sports

Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Carlson, Melody Miranda’s Story—Chr. Fict.

Chevalier, Tracy Girl With A Pearl Earring---Historical Fic.

Cisneros, Sandra The House on Mango Street---Multicultural

Cooney, Caroline The face on the milk carton---Suspense

The voice on the radio---Suspense

Whatever Happened to Janie---Suspense

Cormier, Robert Fade---Suspense

Crutcher, Cris Whale Talk---Sports

Deuker, Carl Heart of a Champion---Sports

Night Hoops---Sports

Duncan, Lois Stranger With My Face---Mystery/Suspense

Dygard, Thomas Game Plan---Sports

Farmer, Nancy The House of the Scorpion—Science fiction—National Book Award, Newbery Honor Book, Michael L. Printz Honor Book

Gilmore, Kate Remember the Sun

Gordon, Sheila Waiting for the Rain---Friendship/Multicultural

Greene, Bette Summer of My German Soldier

Grimes, Nikki Bronx Masquerade---Coretta Scott King AuthorAward

Guy, Rosa The Disappearance---Mystery/Suspense

Hart, Elva Trevino Barefoot Heart : Stories of a Migrant Child---Bio

Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust---Historical Fic.-Newbery Medal & Scott O’Dell Award

Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders

That Was Then, This is Now

Holman, Felice Slake’s Limbo

Holt, Kimberly Willis When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

Horowitz, Anthony Stormbreaker---Mystery/Suspense

Kidd, Sue Monk The Secret Life of Bees

L’Engle, Madeliene A Wrinkle in Time---Fantasy

Lewis, C.S. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe---Fantasy

Lipsyte, Robert The Chief---Sports

Lowry, Lois The Giver

Number the Stars---Historical Fic

A Summer to Die---Relationships

Mazer, Harry & Norma Fox Heartbeat

Mahy, Margaret The Changeover---Suspense

Marino, Jan The Day That Elvis Came to Town

Martinez, Victor Parrot in the Oven mi vida

Mazer, Harry The Last Mission---Historical Fic.

McManus, Patrick The Bear in the Attic—collection of humorous hunting and fishing stories

Morgenroth, Barbara In Real Life I’m Just Kate

Will the Real Renie Lake Please Stand Up?

Myers, Walter Dean Monster---Multicultural

Somewhere in the Darkness

Nixon, Joan Lowry The Dark and Deadly Pool---Suspense

O’Dell, Scott The Black Pearl

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Sing Down the Moon---Historical Fic.

Orr, Wendy Peeling the Onion

Parks, Rosa Rosa Parks: My Story---Bio

Paterson, Katherine Jacob Have I Loved---Relationships


Paulsen, Gary Brian’s Winter---Adventure/Survival



The River---Adventure/Survival

Peck, Richard A Year Down Yonder---Humor

Peck, Robert Newton Horse Thief---Adventure

Pelzer, David A Child Called “It”---Bio

Rawls, Wilson Where the Red Fern Grown

Sachar, Louis Holes

Seabrooke, Brenda The Bridges of Summer

Sleator, William House of Stairs--Fantasy/Sci Fi

Spiegelman, Art Maus I & II

Spinelli, Jerry Stargirl

Stone, Bruce Half Nelson, Full Nelson

Sweeney, Joyce Right Behind the Rain

Tomey, Ingrid Savage Carrot

Torchila, Joseph The Kryptonite Kid

Voigt, Cynthia Elske

Wallin, Luke The Red-Neck Poacher’s Son

Wolff, Virginia Euwer True Believer--Friendship

Zindel, Paul Confessions of a Teenage Baboon

The Pigman’s Legacy

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