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Hawaiian Speaker Series

Integrating, adopting & living aloha

Speaker & Address

Mr. Shim (known as a master story-teller) will discuss the practical applications of ALOHA (practiced by Native Hawaiians) and its values that provide direction for our thoughts and actions. He will also explain how ALOHA can ignite the leader in you, as you strive for success.

~Come share in the ALOHA~

Mr. Ailā will speak about his passion for preserving the Hawaiian lands and his role as the Director of DLNR. He will share his experiences and insightful expertise related to his love for the `aina, Hawaiian culture, traditions and values.

Date: Tuesday, November, 1st, 2011

Place: Sharky’s Cove (MP139)

Time: 2:05 – 3:30pm

Time: 11:50-12:45pm

Mr. Pono Shim

President and CEO of Enterprise Honolulu, Oahu Economic Development Board

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Mr. Shim was recently identified as one of Hawaii’s top 20 Break Out Leaders and speaks about the practical applications of the values of ALOHA, which was taught to him by kupuna Aunty Pilahi Paki (who is known as the proponent of ALOHA).  Shim currently serves on 15 various non-profit, for profit, taskforces and advisory boards; and was recently contacted by the international peace institution (who was responsible for organizing the peace treaty talks in Copenhagen) to lead a dialogue with various international delegates about the meaning of ALOHA and how to implement its value system and practices in peace discussions around the WORLD!

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