Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

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Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Madhya Lila Chapter One

All glories, all glories to Lord Visvambhara the crest jewel among brahmanas, and all glories to the beloved associates of Lord Visvambhara. All glories to Lord Gaura Chandra a stalwart amongst all religious preachers, the safe bridge to the spiritual sky, He has fully subdued his physical and mental urges. All glories to him, He possesses incomparable beauty and is the embodiment of congregational chanting of the holy name of God. All glories to Lord Gaura Chandra for He is the dearest friend and life of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, and the sublime object of love of Gadadhara Pandita and Advaita Acarya Prabhu. He is very dear to Sri Jagadananda Pandita, and the tender loving heart of Vapreshar Pandita and Kasiswara. He is the Lord and master of Srinivasa and other beloved associates. O Lord kindly look upon the living entities with divine benevolence. The descriptions recorded in the Madhya Khanda are like streams of nectar, when it pours out into the ears. it melts the granite like doubts and atheistic thoughts in the deep recesses of the heart. Please listen attentively and with unflinching faith to the narrations of Madhya Khanda, describing the beginning of congregational chanting of the holy name

The entire township of Nabadwip offered jubilant and loud welcome to the Lord who had just returned from Gaya Dham. Friends and relatives rushed to meet the Lord, the Lord spoke sweetly to everyone and they were overjoyed to see Lord Visvambhara return, they all accompanied the Lord many of them going in front of him and brought him to his house, and he began narrating the experiences of his pilgrimage. The Lord said, "Because of all your blessings and good wishes I could visit gaya Dham and return without any difficulties. The Lord spoke very humbly, pleasing everyone and they were very impressed to see the Lord's humility. The senior members touched the Lord's head and blessed him with a long life, others touched different parts of his body and chanted mantras for his protection. Others put their heads on his breast and invoked the mercy of Lord Govinda and Sita Devi. Nobody could describe the joy Mother Saci experienced when she saw her son return. Laksmi Devi glowed with happiness by seeing her Lord's face and the cloud of loneliness had dissipated, the joyous news spread to His in-laws house and touched them with jubilation, the Vaishnavas were specially happy and they ran to see the Lord. To everyone the Lord spoke very humbly and softly and taking leave of them he returned to his room. He took a handful of his intimate disciples and went inside to discuss more confidential topics about his pilgrimage to Gaya. The Lord said, "My dear friends, I want to describe to you the wonderful places that constantly reminded me of Lord Krishna. As soon as I entered into Gaya, I heard the auspicious sounds of chanting and conch shells and bells, hundreds and hundreds of brahmana priests were chanting from the Vedas and were glorifying the lotus feet of the Lord Krishna and his place of pilgrimage where the Lord left His lotus feet impression," they said, "Welcome to the holy spot where the Lord washed his lotus feet. In previous ages when Lord Krishna visited Gaya He washed His transcendental lotus feet. Mother Ganga has become glorious and holy by the touch of the waters from the lotus feet of the Lord, and Lord Siva holds that water on his head with the full realization that this is the water from the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and that is why this place of pilgrimage has become one of the holiest and known as 'Padapadma tritha' or the pilgrimage where the Lord left the waters of His lotus feet. As soon as the Lord repeated the name of Gaya Dham or Padapadma tritha, and remembered the lotus feet of Lord Visnu , incessant streams of tears poured down from his eyes. The Lord became extremely restless, unable to control his spiritual emotions He began crying out the name of Lord Krishna. So profuse were the tears of love of god that it watered an entire flower garden. He sighed deeply repeating Krishna's name, His whole body was covered with horripilation, He could not control himself anymore He shivered like an autumn leaf. Sriman Pandita and other devotees present were astounded at seeing this wonderful manifestation of love of Krishna. The devotees could not remain unaffected tears swelled up in their eyes and flowed freely and unrestrained as if mother Ganga had found another source. They all thought in their minds how this sight is, we have never seen the Lord acting like this, this must be the great mercy of Lord Krishna that he has allowed us to see such spiritual emotions. After a while the Lord became still and external consciousness returned to him. He began to speak again, "My dear friends! Please return to your homes today, but I want to see all of you tomorrow again and discuss very confidentially. I want to disclose the deep sadness in my heart. Come to Suklambara Brahmacari's house with Murari and Sada Siv." Everyone returned to their houses and the Lord became engrossed in his own world. The spirit of love of Godhead had now ........... into the body of the Lord and He had lost all taste for anything mundane. Mother Saci could not understand his new transformation that had overcome her son but nevertheless she was happy just to have him near her. She saw her son crying out Krishna's name, and tears of love of Godhead flowed profusely from His eyes. The Lord cried out, "where is my beloved Krishna, where is my beloved Krishna?" This increased his mood of separation in love of Krishna. All such activities of the Lord were incomprehensible to Mother Saci so in great awe with folded hands she prayed for the shelter of Lord Govinda. The time had dawned when Lord Chaitanya was to reveal his real identity and the entire University swayed with the waves of joy. News spread to all the devotees of the Lord the Lord Chaitanya who was constantly shedding tears of love of Godhead and so they all ran to meet him. All the Vaishnavas visited the Lord, the Lord treated them humbly and spoke with everyone. He requested the Vaishnavas, "Please come and meet me in Suklambara Brahmacari's house tomorrow, I want to open My grief laden heart to all of you." Sriman Pandita was extremely happy when he saw this wonderful transformation in the Lord. His extraordinary love of Godhead. The devotees as usual went early in the morning to pick flowers. In Srinivasa's house there is a jasmine tree, which was like a wish fulfilling desire tree. As many flowers were picked from the tree , the tree was never empty of flowers, it had an inexhaustible bloom of fresh flowers. So all the devotees as usual met during the flower picking and they exchanged words and topics on Krishna and His wonderful pastimes, and every morning they, Gadadhara, Gopinatha, Rama and Srinivasa enjoyed each other's company. Just then Sriman Pandita came laughing with joy and everyone greeted him saying, "Why are you so happy today?" Sriman said, "Certainly there must be a reason.' So they asked, "Why do you not say it?" Sriman Pandita began, "Then hear the reason, something most wonderful and most impossible has happened. Nimai Pandita has become a great Vaishnava devotee. I heard that he had returned from Gaya, so I went in the evening to meet him. He spoke with everyone with a humble and very detached air, and did not show the slightest sign of arrogance or insolence. Then alone he took us aside and began telling us about his pilgrimage and about Lord Krishna. as soon as he took the name of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and 'Padopadma tirtha' pilgrimage his eyes flooded over with tears of love of Godhead. His whole body was overwhelmed with ecstatic symptoms, shivering horripilation and as soon as he cried out Lord Krishna's name he fell to the ground unconscious, when he regained consciousness he repeated Krishna's name and began crying in separation from the Lord, as if Mother Ganga was flowing there. After I saw such an exhibition of sublime love of God, I am convinced in my mind that He is not an ordinary personality. When He became controlled and stilled He told us that we should all come and meet him in Suklambara Brahmacari's house today, and I should bring sada Shiv Pandita and Murari along with me and he was to reveal the torment within his heart to us. Thus I have told you the reason for my joy and the most auspicious news." Sriman's words gave much pleasure to all the devotees, and they loudly repeated Lord Hari's name, Srivasa Thakura commented, "May Lord Krishna increase our congregation." The assembled devotees appreciated this mood of Srivasa Thakura and happily they discussed topics on Krishna consciousness, the joyous sound that went around them was pleasing to the heart, the devotees blessed everyone saying, "May everyone be blessed by worshipping the lotus feet of Lord Krishna." Sriman Pandita then left this Vaishnava assembly and proceeded to Suklambara Brahmacari's house. Gadadhara Pandita who had heard the discussions silently, while everyone was picking flowers he also went towards the house of Suklambara Brahmacari while the others went to perform their daily worship of the Lord. gadadhara Pandita thought, "Let me go and hear what He speaks about Krishna." He entered the house and hid himself. Sada Shiv, Murari and Sriman and Suklambara and other such highly advanced loving devotees had already assembled there. Just then Lord Visvambhara, the crest jewel of the brahmanas appeared in the assembly, they greeted each other happily but the Lord was all the time engrossed within himself. As soon as he was in the assembly of Vaishnava devotees He began reciting different slokas. He said, "I had found my beloved Lord, but then He disappeared. In which direction did He go?" Saying these words he fell down completely paralyzed. The Lord embraced the pillars of the house and began crying out, "Where is Krishna?" and then again fell down. The devotees became affected by the Lord's intense mood of separation from his beloved Lord Krishna, he constantly repeated, "O Krishna, where is my Krishna?" and the devotees became intoxicated in that mood and they swayed and..

about the room. Gadadhara Pandita inside the room unseen by anyone fell down unconscious. The devotees lost all sense of direction and identity, nobody knew where he was. They became so overwhelmed with love of God, Krishna that all external consciousness was lost in them, and Jahnava devi, Mother Ganga was amazed at the whole spiritual scene. After a while consciousness returned to the Lord and He again repeated Lord Krishna's name and began crying bitterly. It was a wonderful scene, everyone had lost themselves in an ocean of ecstatic bliss of love of God, the Lord fell repeatedly and continuously lamented, "O my beloved Lord Krishna, where did you go?" In this ecstatic mood the Lord fell many times to the ground unconsciousness but no bruises or pain were visible on His transcendental body. Loud jubilant cries and weeping in love of Krishna reverberated through the entire house and Suklambara's house became surcharged with ecstasy of love of Godhead. After a while the Lord calmed Himself and sat down but tears of ecstatic love flowed unrestrained from His eyes. He asked - "Who is inside the house?" Suklambara Brahmacari replied,"Your beloved Gadadhara Pandita." gadadhara Pandita entered with his head down and his unchecked tears flowed profusely in torrents, this pleased the Lord beyond words. The Lord said, "Dear Gadadhara! You are most fortunate and pious because from your childhood you developed unflinching love of God, Krishna, but my life has been wasted so far in useless pursuit of material knowledge then finally when I found the most precious object of love, he disappeared as a result of my previous impious and profane activities." Saying this the Lord Visvambhara again fell unconscious to the ground and the dust covered his entire body. Sometime his external consciousness returned and then again he fell unconscious, totally lost in ecstatic separation of his beloved Lord Krishna. This was certainly the grace of God that the Lord was not hurt in pain. It became impossible for the Lord to open his eyes because they were brimming with tears of love of Krishna, and the only words he repeated were Krishna's name. He embraced everyone and cried bitterly and asked, "Where is my beloved Krishna? My dear brothers please tell me quickly." The devotees were greatly moved to see his intense pain of separation from Krishna and they remained dumb founded lost for words. The Lord said, "Please release me from this grief, I only need the son of Nanda Maharaja, the Lord of the Gopis, I need Lord Krishna."

Saying this He again fell down, his hair loose mingled in the dust. The day passed unnoticed by anyone and finally the Lord bade farewell to all the devotees. After the Lord had departed the devotees spoke openly, expressing their surprise. Each one had marvelled at the Lord, their external senses and body had become numb. The entire Vaishnava community was overjoyed at the new turn of events

The word spread quickly, and it was received by all the devotees with great joy and spontaneously they responded by chanting the holy name of Krishna. They could not restrain their amazement and made comments like, "He will reveal God to everyone," someone else said, "When Nimai Pandita feels a little better in this condition then He can easily break the heads of atheists. Another commented, "I have no doubt that He will reveal to the world the most confidential pastimes of Lord Krishna." Another commented, "Perhaps, because of this association with the pure devotee like Isvari Puri that He saw the Supreme Lord Krishna." Endlessly they tried to find a possible reason for the Lord's transformation. The devotees were very happy about Nimai Pandita and they all blessed him saying, "May he be blessed with the mercy of Lord Krishna. THe devotees were truly very happy, they danced, sang and cried tears of love with a new lives. While the devotees were happily engaged in dancing and singing the Lord became totally immersed in His mood of ecstatic absorbtion. He went to the house of Ganga Dasa Pandita. He offered his respects to the feet of His teacher and His teacher got up and affectionately embraced Him. Ganga Dasa Pandita said, "What a glories life! You have liberated both the families of Your mother and father, all your students have been awaiting you anxiously, they have not opened their books since you left, and even if Lord Balarama had come in person and told them to read they would have refused. You have returned to brighten everyone's days, but go home now and tomorrow come back and begin your teaching. The Lord again offered His obeisances to His teacher before He left, and all the students surrounded the Lord like many stars surrounding the moon. He went to the house of Mukunda Sanjay and sat in the courtyard of the Durga temple. The whole household of Mukunda Sanjay were overwhelmed with joy. The Lord embraced Purusottama Sanjay and drenched him with tears of love. The ladies elevated with joy made auspicious sounds and the whole house was reverberating with jubilant sounds. The Lord glanced mercifully at everyone and returned back to the house. He came and sat in the temple room, then affectionately bade everyone farewell. Whoever came to meet the Lord and spoke to him went away bewildered unable to comprehend the Lord's mood. No trace of previous arrogance or showing off the Lord's learning remained in the Lord's character. Everyone saw that he was completely detached and engrossed in deep meditation. Mother Saci was completing at a loss she could not understand her son anymore, she prayed constantly to Mother Ganga and Lord Visnu for her sons well being. She prayed, "O my Lord Krishna Chandra, You have taken my husband, You have also taken my son, there is only Nimai who remains with me, O Krishna I am helpless and alone, just grant me this one favor, let my child Visvambhara remain in the house healthy and whole." Mother Saci would bring Laksmi devi and make her sit in front of the Lord, and the Lord would stare without noticing her. The Lord continuously recited slokas and kept lamenting and repeating, "Where is Krishna, where is Krishna." And at times when the Lord roared in ecstatic bliss, Laksmi devi ran away in fear, and Mother Saci stood helpless and fearful. The ecstasy of love of Krishna kept Him (away) from sleeping, and His unbearable separations from Krishna made Him sit up the whole night through. As soon as He saw anyone He immediately went inside Himself and did not exhibit any of the ecstatic symptoms. Early every morning He went for His bath in the Ganga, and on His return from His bath He found the students waiting for Him. The Lord uttered only Krishna's name and nothing else but the students could not understand their teacher in this mood. On the students request the Lord sat down to teach, the students sat down and opened their books taking the Lord's name Hari as they used to

The son of Mother Saci, Nimai Pandita was greatly overjoyed at hearing His beloved Lord's name. He again became absorbed forgetting His external senses, and He looked upon everyone with His merciful glance. Totally absorbed in Krishna the Lord began explaining to His students. He told His students that the essential lessons of everything was Lord Krishna, all aphorisms, commentaries and dissipations were actually describing the glories of the Holy name. The Lord said, "The only external truth is the Holy name of Krishna, Krishna is the only worshipable Lord in all the scriptures. Krishna is the Supreme Controller, maintainer the Lord of the entire creation, Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and every other deity are His servants. Whoever tries to explain anything without describing the lotus feet of Lord Krishna then he is in illusion, his words are untrue and his birth is useless, the entire Vedanta and all the agamas and other philosophical treatises point out that devotion is the lotus feet of Krishna is the only and ultimate goal. All the mundane scholars are memorized by the illusory potency of the Lord, and they are totally last because they cannot find shelter at the lotus feet of Krishna. Lord Krishna is an ocean of mercy, and He is the life and soul of every living entity. He is most dear to His surrendered souls, the dear son of Mother Yasoda. A person say be very versed in all the scriptures, but if he has no attraction and attachment for the holy name of Lord Krishna, then he follows the path of destruction and hell. And if a wretched and abominable person chants Lord Krishna's name then even if he is not sinful he reaches the supreme abode of Lord Krishna after leaving this material world. This is the verdict of all the scriptures and if anyone doubts it then he is the worst sufferer. If anyone tries to explain the scriptures without having taken shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna , then such a degraded person can never know the purport of the scriptures. He pretends to be a teacher of the scriptures yet he does not know the real purport of the scriptures, he is like a washerman"s donkey carrying the load of all the scriptures. Such a soul is truly unfortunate because in spite of his education, he has been forfeited from the joy of Krishna consciousness. People in general ar so foolish, that instead of meditating on the Supreme Lord Krishna they meditate on others, not knowing that the some supreme Lord Krishna offered liberation to the demoness Putana who had come to kill Him. For what greater pleasure do they leave glorifying Lord Krishna,for didn't He redeem the demon Aghasura? That Supreme Lord Krishna whose name alone can purify the entire universe, the miserable living Lord Brahma knows becomes overwhelmed with joy when he participates the great festivities surrounding had Krishna but these unfortunate souls disregard this and sing and dance and reveal in inauspicious mundane festivities

Intoxicated by wealth, high birth, education etc., they do not know the wonders of the holy name of Krishna that liberated Ajamil just by chanting the Lord's name once. My dear students and brothers please hear me carefully for everything I say is very true, you should just worship the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna, the most precious treasure. Laksmi devi always desires to serve these lotus feet, and Lord Siva has become a pure devotee just by taking shelter of them, and these Supreme lotus feet are the ultimate source of Mother Ganga, so all of you my brothers please simply desire to take shelter of the Lord's lotus feet. Now I also want to send out a challenge to refute my explanations that I have just rendered."

Lord Visvambhara is the Supreme Absolute Truth and the embodiment of transcendental sound vibration, so whatever he speaks is the absolute truth. The memorized students listened to the Lord's words with individual attention, while the Lord spoke on as if in a trance revealing the absolute truth. The Lord explained everything in the light of Krishna consciousness and he established a facile connection of every word with the Supreme Lord Krishna, this was an astonishing feat for the Supreme Lord Himself. Lord Visvambhara soon became aware of His external words and coming out of His trance He became shy thinking what His students would think of Him as being mad or something, so in order to cover it up He said a few words. He asked the students, "How were my commentaries today?" The students replied, "We could not understand any thing, you have described Krishna as a purport to every word, who is there who can understand Your explanations?" Lord Visvambhara laughed and said, "Listen my dear brothers, pack your books and lets go to the Ganga for a bath." The students put their books away and accompanied Lord Visvambhara down to the Ganga. They were all happy to be in the water playing and joking, Lord Visvambhara surrounded by all His students, looked like the glowing full moon just rising out of the ocean. All those who saw the lOrd frolicking in the waters were extremely pious and fortunate. Even Lord Brahma aspires to see the Lord like this playing in the water, everyone who had come to bathe kept looking longingly at the beautiful face of Lord GauraChandra. They said to each other, "How beautiful He is, His father and mother are really blessed."

Mother Ganga could not contain the joy she experienced by the Lord's presence in her waters, her waters swirled sending out dancing waves of ecstasy. She was dancing with joy, she wanted to serve those lotus feet that is even desired by Ananta Sesha and all the demigods. So her many thousand waves washed the Lord's lotus feet. Only the Vedas know the truth about all such transcendental activities of the Lord and His devotees and in the future someone will come and reveal these wonderful pastimes of the Lord. Finishing His bath the Lord returned home and the students went beck to their respective homes. He changed His clothes and washed His feet and then offered water to the Tulsi plant, He performed His daily worship of Lord Govinda and then came to take his meal. Mother Saci brought his plate with rice, tulsi manjari and other preparations. The Lord offered it to Visvakesara and then the Lord of the entire universe began taking his meal. Mother Saci the mother of the universe sat in front of the Lord as he ate, while Laksmi devi the goddess of fortune remained inside unseen and looked at the Lord. Mother Saci asked, "My son, what book did You read today? and who did You have an argument with?" The Lord replied, "Today we read about the holy name of Krishna, the glories of His lotus feet the abode of all excellencies. His name and transcendental qualities are external, chanting and hearing the lord's name is also eternal, His surrendered servants and devotees are also eternal. That scripture is true and eternal, that explains the process of devotional service to the Supreme Lord Krishna otherwise such a book cannot be called a scripture it is a atheist and shallow book. The Vedic scriptures say, 'that scriptures which fail to establish the process of devotional scriptures, is to be rejected, even if Lord Brahma himself was to come and speak from it, one should never hear him speak."

If the lowest man in human society, the dog-eaters, utter Krishna's holy name, then he is not the lowest of mankind, and a Brahmin born in a high family is not a Brahmin if he does not follow the principles of scripture and religion, Lord Visvambhara spoke to His mother just like Lord Kapila had spoken to His mother Devahuti

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