Srimad bhagavata by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyāsa

Chapter Twenty-Six Wonderful Krsna

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Chapter Twenty-Six Wonderful Krsna

1. Sukadeva Gosvami said: The cowherd men were astonished when they saw Krsna’s activities, such as lifting Govardhana Hill. Unable to understand His transcendental potency, they approached Nanda Maharaja and spoke as follows.

2. [The cowherd men said:] Since this boy performs such extraordinary activities, how could He warrant a birth among worldly men like us—a birth that for Him would seem contemptible?

3. How could this seven-year-old boy playfully hold up the great hill Govardhana with one hand, just as a mighty elephant holds up a lotus flower?

4. As a mere infant who had hardly yet opened His eyes, He drank the breast milk of the powerful demoness Putana and then sucked out her very life air as well, just as the force of time sucks out the youth of one’s body.

5. Once, when only three months old, little Krsna was crying and kicking up His feet as He lay beneath a huge cart. Then the cart fell and turned upside-down simply because it was struck by the tip of His toe.

6. At the age of one, while sitting peacefully He was taken up into the sky by the demon Trnavarta. But baby Krsna grabbed the demon’s neck, causing him great pain, and thus killed him.

7. Once, His mother tied Him with ropes to a mortar because she had caught Him stealing butter. Then, crawling on His hands, He dragged the mortar between a pair of arjuna trees and pulled them down.

8. Another time, when Krsna was tending the calves in the forest together with Balarama and the cowherd boys, the demon Bakasura came with the intention of killing Krsna. But Krsna seized this inimical demon by the mouth and tore him apart.

9. Desiring to kill Krsna, the demon Vatsa disguised himself as a calf and entered among Krsna’s calves. But Krsna killed the demon and, using his body, enjoyed the sport of knocking kapittha fruits down from the trees.

10. Together with Lord Balarama, Krsna killed the jackass demon and all his friends, thereby securing the safety of the Talavana forest, which abounded with fully ripened palm fruits.

11. After arranging for the mighty Lord Balarama to kill the terrible demon Pralamba, Krsna saved Vraja’s cowherd boys and their animals from a forest fire.

12. Krsna chastised the most poisonous serpent, Kaliya, and after humbling him He drove him forcibly from the lake of the Yamuna. In this way the Lord made the water of that river free of the snake’s powerful poison.

13. Dear Nanda, how is it that we and all the other residents of Vraja cannot give up our constant affection for your son? And how is it that He is so spontaneously attracted to us?

14. On the one hand this boy is only seven years old, and on the other we see that He has lifted the great hill Govardhana. Therefore, O King of Vraja, a doubt about your son arises within us.

15. Nanda Maharaja replied: O cowherd men, just hear my words and let all your doubts concerning my son be gone. Some time ago Garga Muni spoke to me as follows about this boy.

16. [Garga Muni had said:] Your son Krsna appears as an incarnation in every millennium. In the past He assumed three different colors—white, red and yellow—and now He has appeared in a blackish color.

17. For many reasons, this beautiful son of yours sometimes appeared previously as the son of Vasudeva. Therefore, those who are learned sometimes call this child Vasudeva.

18. For this son of yours there are many forms and names according to His transcendental qualities and activities. These are known to me, but people in general do not understand them.

19. To increase the transcendental bliss of the cowherd men of Gokula, this child will always act auspiciously for you. And by His grace only, you will surpass all difficulties.

20. O Nanda Maharaja, as recorded in history, when there was an irregular, incapable government, Indra having been dethroned, and when honest people were being harassed and disturbed by thieves, this child appeared in order to curb the rogues and to protect the people and enable them to flourish.

21. Demons cannot harm the demigods, who always have Lord Visnu on their side. Similarly, any person or group attached to all-auspicious Krsna cannot be defeated by enemies

22. Therefore, O Nanda Maharaja, this child of yours is as good as Narayana. In His transcendental qualities, opulence, name, fame and influence, He is exactly like Narayana. Thus you should not be astonished hy His activities.

23. [Nanda Maharaja continued:] After Garga Rsi spoke these words to me and returned home, I began to consider that Krsna, who keeps us free from trouble, is actually an expansion of Lord Narayana.

24. [Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] Having heard Nanda Maharaja relate the statements of Garga Muni, the residents of Vrndavana became enlivened. Their perplexity was gone, and they worshiped Nanda and Lord Krsna with great respect.

25. Indra became angry when his sacrifice was disrupted, and thus he caused rain and hail to fall on Gokula, accompanied by lightning and powerful winds, all of which brought great suffering to the cowherds, animals and women there. When Lord Krsna, who is by nature always compassionate, saw the condition of those who had only Him as their shelter, He smiled broadly and lifted Govardhana Hill with one hand, just as a small child picks up a mushroom to play with it. In this way He protected the cowherd community. May He, Govinda, the Lord of the cows and the destroyer of Indra’s false pride, be pleased with us.

ChapterTwenty-Seven Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi Offer Prayers

1. Sukadeva Gosvami said: After Krsna had lifted Govardhana Hill and thus protected the inhabitants of Vraja from the terrible rainfall, Surabhi, the mother of the cows, came from her planet to see Krsna. She was accompanied by Indra.

2. Indra was very ashamed of having offended the Lord. Approaching Him in a solitary place, Indra fell down and lay his helmet, whose effulgence was as brilliant as the sun, upon the Lord’s lotus feet.

3. Indra had now heard of and seen the transcendental power of omnipotent Krsna, and his false pride in being the lord of the three worlds was thus defeated. Holding his hands together in supplication, he addressed the Lord as follows.

4. King Indra said: Your transcendental form, a manifestation of pure goodness, is undisturbed by change, shining with knowledge and devoid of passion and ignorance. In You does not exist the mighty flow of the modes of material nature, which is based on illusion and ignorance.

5. How, then, could there exist in You the symptoms of an ignorant person—such as greed, lust, anger and envy—which are produced by one’s previous involvement in material existence and which cause one to become further entangled in material existence? And yet as the Supreme Lord You impose punishment to protect religious principles and curb down the wicked.

6. You are the father and spiritual master of this entire universe, and also its supreme controller. You are insurmountable time, imposing punishment upon the sinful for their own benefit. Indeed, in Your various incarnations, selected by Your own free will, You act decisively to remove the false pride of those who presume themselves masters of this world.

7. Even fools like me, who proudly think themselves universal lords, quickly give up their conceit and directly take to the path of the spiritually progressive when they see You are fearless even in the face of time. Thus You punish the mischievous only to instruct them.

8. Engrossed in pride over my ruling power, ignorant of Your majesty, I offended You. O Lord, may You forgive me. My intelligence was bewildered, but let my consciousness never again be so impure.

9. You descend into this world, O transcendent Lord, to destroy the warlords who burden the earth and create many terrible disturbances. O Lord, you simultaneously act for the welfare of those who faithfully serve Your lotus feet.

10. Obeisances unto You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the great Soul, who are all-pervading and who reside in the hearts of all. My obeisances unto You, Krsna, the chief of the Yadu dynasty.

11. Unto Him who assumes transcendental bodies according to the desires of His devotees, unto Him whose form is itself pure consciousness, unto Him who is everything, who is the seed of everything and who is the Soul of all creatures, I offer my obeisances.

12. My dear Lord, when my sacrifice was disrupted I became fiercely angry because of false pride. Thus I tried to destroy Your cowherd community with severe rain and wind.

13. O Lord, You have shown mercy to me by shattering my false pride and defeating my attempt [to punish Vrndavana]. To You, the Supreme Lord, spiritual master and Supreme Soul, I have now come for shelter.

14. Sukadeva Gosvami said: Thus glorified by Indra, Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, smiled and then spoke to him as follows in a voice resonant like the clouds.

15. The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: My dear Indra, it was out of mercy that I stopped the sacrifice meant for you. You were greatly intoxicated by your opulence as King of heaven, and I wanted you to always remember Me.

16. A man blinded by intoxication with his power and opulence cannot see Me nearby with the rod of punishment in My hand. If I desire his real welfare, I drag him down from his materially fortunate position.

17. Indra, you may now go. Execute My order and remain in your appointed position as King of heaven. But be sober, without false pride.

18. Mother Surabhi, along with her progeny, the cows, then offered her obeisances to Lord Krsna. Respectfully requesting His attention, the gentle lady addressed the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was present before her as a cowherd boy.

19. Mother Surabhi said: O Krsna, Krsna, greatest of mystics! O Soul and origin of the universe! You are the master of the world, and by Your grace, O infallible Lord, we have You as our master.

20. You are our worshipable Deity. Therefore, O Lord of the universe, for the benefit of the cows, the brahmanas, the demigods and all other saintly persons, please become our Indra.

21. As ordered by Lord Brahma, we shall perform Your bathing ceremony to coronate You as Indra. O Soul of the universe, You descend to this world to relieve the burden of the earth.

22-23. Sukadeva Gosvami said: Having thus appealed to Lord Krsna, mother Surabhi performed His bathing ceremony with her own milk, and Indra, ordered by Aditi and other mothers of the demigods, anointed the Lord with heavenly Ganga water from the trunk of Indra’s elephant carrier, Airavata. Thus, in the company of the demigods and great sages, Indra coronated Lord Krsna, the descendant of Dasarha, and gave Him the name Govinda.

24. Tumburu, Narada and other Gandharvas, along with the Vidyadharas, Siddhas and Caranas, came there to sing the glories of Lord Hari, which purify the entire world. And the wives of the demigods, filled with joy, danced together in the Lord’s honor.

25. The most eminent demigods chanted the praises of the Lord and scattered wonderful showers of flowers all around Him. All three worlds felt supreme satisfaction, and the cows drenched the surface of the earth with their milk.

26. Rivers flowed with various kinds of tasty liquids, trees exuded honey, edible plants came to maturity without cultivation, and hills gave forth jewels formerly hidden in their interiors.

27. O Pariksit, beloved of the Kuru dynasty, upon the ceremonial bathing of Lord Krsna, all living creatures, even those cruel by nature, became entirely free of enmity.

28. After he had ceremonially bathed Lord Govinda, who is the master of the cows and the cowherd community, King Indra took the Lord’s permission and, surrounded by the demigods and other higher beings, returned to his heavenly abode.

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