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MAKE DACA PERMANENT: Help Save the Dreamers!
Background: President Trump announced his intention to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on September 25, 2017, deferring any deportations for six months. However, despite this delay Congress has not created a legislative fix that could make the program permanent. DACA recipients are individuals – some now adults and working and contributing to the American economy – who were brought to this country as young children by undocumented parents. These young people have never known another homeland, speak English, and attend public schools, colleges and training programs to participate fully in American society. Many of these recipients are our students who we support and interact with every day. Some DACA recipients with specialized skills are allowed now to serve in the military services. Others are already in jobs that are contributing to the economy. In other words, DACA recipients are part of the fabric of America!
Take action NOW to tell Congress to make DACA permanent!
CALL your Senators and Representative* TODAY and urge them to immediately take up legislation that will make the DACA program permanent. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

[NOTE: Do NOT use your school phone. Cell phones, please!]

Follow these easy steps:
  • Call the offices of your Senators and Representative. Ask to speak to the staff person who handles immigration....or leave this message with the receptionist, if that staff person is not available.


"As your constituent and a school social worker (student/professor/administrator, etc.) in (School District, university, etc.), I urge you to take up legislation immediately that will preserve the DACA program and make it permanent. One way to do this NOW is to vote to pass the bipartisan Dream Act! [ADD any personal story about DACA students with whom you have worked.] DACA recipients are contributing every day to the strength of America. Please ensure these young men and women can remain in the only home they have ever known, and can continue their studies and give back to our nation. Thank you."

*If you don't know your senators and/or representative, go to or and put in your zip code.

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