Standard 1 Questions (Key Ideas and Details)

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The Governor’s Dog is Missing: A Common Core Canid
Standard 1 Questions (Key Ideas and Details)

* How did the governor’s dog get his name? (page 10)

* Why are Slate and Daphne in Helena? Do they live there? (page 13)

* Give possible explanations for the dog’s disappearance presented in the text? (pages 10, 11, 12, 32-35, 59-60)

* What is the security guard doing when Slate and Daphne go to the Capitol? (15, 45)

* Where do Slate and Daphne go to find clues?

Standard 2 Questions (Key Ideas and Details)

* What word best describes this story? (Comedy? Biography? Historical Fiction? Mystery?)

* Is this book more than one thing? What else is it? Read a passage to prove your answer? (Humor, history, science, friendship)

* Are there any stories inside this story?

1) Dads looking for earthquake faults

2) Daphne’s mom preparing for the concert

3) Vampire stories

4) Slate jealous of Daphne

Standard 3 Questions (Key Ideas and Details)

* What do you know about Slate in this story?

* What do you know about Daphne?

* How are Slate and Daphne alike? How are they different? Give specific examples.

* Is Cat a major character in this story? Why or why not?

* Who is a stronger character, the governor or Senator Futzenburg? Prove your answer by reading from the text.

* Describe Helena from what you learned in the story.

* Describe one scene in the story? What are the two biggest scenes in the story? How are they alike? Different?

Standard 4 Questions (Craft and Structure)

* Without looking at a dictionary, what does “defensively” mean? How do you know? (page 12)

* On the same page, does the author give you any hints what “telepathically” means?

* What’s the difference between “capitol” and “capital”?

* Define the words that Daphne and Slate test each other with. Does the author define each word?

1) peripatetic (page 23)

2) perambulate (page 23)

3) reconnoitering (page 44)

4) others?

* What does flummoxed mean? How do you know? (page 70)

* What does sarcasm mean? How do you know? (page 81)

* In the phrase “despite her recent attempt to flirt with every Y chromosome she happens to meet”, what kind of phrase is Y chromosome? Is it literal? (page 82)

* How about the phrase “Her hazel eyes widen and the word ‘eagerness’ is spelled in 96 font size all over her face.” (page 101)

* What kind of phrase is this: “I do a front flip over the handlebars and roll like a human bowling ball across the stage…” (page 115) Can you find any more similes on this page?

Standard 5 Questions (Craft and Structure)

* How does the author structure this book?

* Does he write each chapter so that you want to read more?

* Is each chapter a complete scene? (not always)

Standard 6 Questions (Craft and Structure)

Compare this book to Dog 4491.

* From whose point of view is Governor’s Dog told?

* How does this differ from Dog 4491?

* How do the two points of view make you feel? Does one make you feel more connected to the action? Does one give you a better sense of the entire scene?

* Which point of view do you like better?

Standards 7 & 8 Questions (Integration of Knowledge and Ideas)

Standard 9 Questions (Integration of Knowledge and Ideas)

Contrast and compare The Governor’s Dog is Missing with Dog 4491

* Are both of these books in the same genre? Are they also in different genres?

* What are the sources of conflict in Governor’s Dog? In Dog 4491? Is one more exciting than the other?

* Besides the point of view, what is another major difference in how these stories are written (present versus past tense)? Do you like one more than the other? Why?

* Compare the main male character in each book. What’s different about them? What is the same?

* What similar tools does the author use in both books? (humor, action verbs, simile…)

* Are any characters in Dog 4491 non-living (the Expressway)? In Governor’s Dog (Helena itself)

NOTE: Dog 4491 is available in print form from Bucking Horse Books, distributed by Mountain Press. It is also available as an e-book.

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