Standards: ela10RL2= student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of them

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Archetype Group Project


ELA10RL2= student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of them

ELA10RL3= student deepens understanding of literary works by relating them to cotemporary context or historical background

ELA10W2= student produces narrative writing

ELA10SLV2= student delivers narrative presentation

Objective: In groups of no more than 3, create a mythological story to be presented to the class. The story must show the development of archetypal characters that we have looked at or talked about.

The story must include:

  • 3 Archetypal characters that fit their mold: A type of hero, a sage, and one of your choice (villain, good mother, bad mother, etc)

  • Heroic Weapon/Power/Skill: Remember heroes need to be able to do something that no one else can. Weapons can be anything from a sword to a camera to Reebok Pumps that cause great jumping ability.

  • A Quest: Your hero must be set out to do something (Save a princess, pick up their brother from school, defeat a bully, become cool)

  • A Descent into “Hell”: Your hero must grow into being a hero. Give him/her a moment of doubt.

  • At least 2 examples of Symbolism: Using color, seasons, light/dark, water, and/or setting, provide some symbolism to your story. Maybe your villain always wears green because he is jealous.

  • A Theme: Your story must have a point to it

  • Values: Character must exemplify at least 3 values

  • Illustrations: Your story must include at least 4 illustrations plus 1 cover page (that’s a total of 5). NO STICKFIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bind Your Story: Self-explanatory. Bind your story like a book. Punch holes, use string, staple strategically, put it in one of those plastic things with the plastic binds.

Presentations: You MUST present: If you don’t present, I don’t want your story.

Presentations must include:

  • A brief explanation of your hero. What type of hero is he/she?

  • A telling of your story




Archetype w/ Characteristics



Your Own

Heroic Weapon/Power/Skill:________________________________________________

Values Represented:______________________________________________________


What it represents

Example (in story)



Group Names (4):_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Title of Story:________________________________________________________________________________________________


10-8 Points


3-0 Points



Story contains 3 well-defined archetypes. Hero is dynamic; Sage is present.

Story contains only 2 archetypes. Hero is not clearly dynamic

Story contains only 1 or 0 archetypes. Hero is clearly not dynamic



Hero goes on a quest that is clearly explained, described and contains resolution. Descent to hell is present. Context and setting is established

Hero goes on quest that is not clearly defined explained, or resolved. Descent to hell is not there or hard to identify. Setting is established but context is hard to understand.

Hero does not go on a quest. There is no descent into hell. Lack of setting and context.



Story contains a clear purpose and theme that is relevant and meaningful.

Story contains a theme that is not very clear, or relevant, or meaningful.

Story contains no theme whatsoever. Lacks any purpose.



Story contains an obvious Heroic weapon/power/skill, as well as, at least 2 examples of symbolism

Story contains a heroic weapon/power/skill, as well as only one example of symbolism.

Story contains heroic weapon/power/skill but lacks any symbolism. Story may also lack heroic weapon/skill



Story contains 1 cover page and 4 illustrations (with captions and color) that are well drawn and fit in with story.

Story contains cover page with only 3 illustrations. Some captions are missing. Pictures lack color. Some pictures do not fit with the story.

Story does not contain cover page and includes less than 3 illustrations. Pictures are hastily drawn, lack caption, lack color, or relevancy to story



Clear explanation of archetypes (character names and mold they fit into). Enthusiastic and creative reading of story and clear explanation of pictures.

Lacks clear explanation of archetypes but reading of story is enthusiastic as well as the explanation of pictures.

Lacks explanation of archetypes. Telling of story is mumbled and hard to understand or not told. Explanation of illustrations is hard to understand or not done.


Binding of Story

Story looks like a book with binding.

Story is paper clipped or stapled together.

Story is not bound at all or perhaps tape is used as a binding.



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