Star wars: dark empire

Sound: Hyperspace reversion--


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Sound: Hyperspace reversion--

WEDGE: Imperial Star Destroyer dead ahead!!
Sound: A fusillade from the Emancipator--and a series of explosions as the Imperial ship is crippled.
WEDGE: We’ve done it! That Super Star Destroyer was caught with its deflector shields down, it’s hit!!
LANDO: Signal the other ships! Concentrate all firepower on the remaining Star Destroyer!
Sound: Several volleys of fire.
LANDO: That’s it! Inform Pinnacle Base we’re in position over Calamari. Deflector shields up! Prepare to take further offensive action!
WEDGE: The rest of the fleet is through, sir! They’re holding off the other enemy ships.
LANDO: Drop the X-Wing fighters and transports. We’ve got to get down there and hammer those Devastators!
Sound: A sound like a meteor falls and hits.
Note: All Green fighters are over intercom.
GREEN LEADER: Affirmative, Emancipator. A-Wing fighters, target that Destroyer with concussion missiles.
GREEN TWO: Affirmative, Green Leader. Concussion missiles locked onto shield generators. Missiles away--
Sound: Two sets of two torpedoes shoot out--and connect.
GREEN THREE: Watch those TIE Fighters. They’re directing their energy output to thrusters.
Sound: The roar of multiple TIE’s. Fire is being exchanged throughout the rest of the scene.
GREEN TWO: Missiles on target (explosion)--direct hit!
GREEN LEADER: Emancipator, this is Green Leader. A-Wing fighters have things under control. Green team entering upper atmosphere of Mon Calamari.
LANDO: Copy, Green Leader. Good luck against those Devastators.


Sound: The sounds of battle continue, although muted. Comlink crackle.

ALLEGIANCE OFFICER: Silencer Seven, Imperial Star Destroyer Allegiance. Rebel forces have-
OFFICER: Commander Klev, we’re receiving distress calls from our space fleet.
Sound: Dull thudding sounds as Rebel fire rocks the World Devastator.
OFFICER: And now we’re being attacked from low orbit! X-Wing Fighters and speeders, launched from an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer!
COMMANDER KLEV: Interesting. It must be the contemptible Rebel Alliance. They captured two of our ships at Endor, years ago.
OFFICER: Sir, you and I both know those X-Wings are nothing but antiques! They haven’t the slightest chance of penetrating the defenses of this World Devastator!
COMMANDER KLEV: (amused) Yes, and they can hardly realize the destructive power at our command. Their game is over. Send a message to Byss. Inform Supreme Commander Skywalker of the Rebel presence. Meanwhile, let’s allow these Rebels a brief moment of hope...
GREEN LEADER: (over comlink) Green Leader calling Calamari world defense.
CAPTAIN GAMMACK: We read you, Green Leader. This is Captain Gammack. My battalion’s about all that’s left in this sector. But we’re glad to see you.
GREEN LEADER: Prepare your people for--Green Four, watch that cover fire!! Prepare your people for evacuation, Captain Gammack. Just give us five minutes to blast these overgrown garbage smashers to pieces.


OFFICER: Commander Klev, two of our ships actually report minor hits! Silencer Four has lost two turbolaser stations! Silencer Six reports damage to its’ munitions warehouse! Their assail’s about to shut down our aft hangar bay!

COMMANDER KLEV: Yes, very well. It’s time to end this little game. Release the robotic TIE Fighters, and increase our altitude.


CAPTAIN GAMMACK: (ecstatic) Green Leader, this is Captain Gammack. You’re doing it! One of those World Devastators is pulling back!!
GREEN LEADER: (over comlink through scene) No,’s releasing some kind of fightercraft...move in to intercept!
Sound: A new, larger wave of TIE’s.
GREEN TWO: (comlink) They look like typical TIE Fighters to me.
GREEN LEADER: Negative. Watch their axial rotation. Too smooth for living pilots. Those fighters are computer controlled! Stay sharp, everyone--
Sound: A close brush from a TIE.
GREEN FOUR: It’s on my back! I can’t shake it!!
GREEN LEADER: Green Three, I’m executing low-ton weave. I’ve got your man in my sights, Green Four.
GREEN FOUR: I can’t shake him!!!!
GREEN LEADER: In my sights...
CAPTAIN GAMMACK: Green Leader, watch your back!! You’ve got TWO fighters on your tail!
Sound: A scream and explosion as Green Leader is hit and destroyed, and another as Green Four follows him a split-second later.


WEDGE: General Calrissian, the World Devastators have just released a whole fleet of advanced TIE Fighters!! They’re cutting our ships to ribbons!!!
LANDO: Call our people back! CALL THEM BACK!!!!
WEDGE: We--we can’t! Th-they’re cut off! There’s one hungry-looking Devastator in ascent trajectory...
LANDO: (whisper) I think we’re in trouble...
Sound: An intercom beep.
LEIA: (just waking up)
Sound: A second beep.

THREEPIO: (over intercom throughout scene) Princess Leia, are you there?

LEIA: Uh...what is it, Threepio?
THREEPIO: Sorry to disturb you, Your Highness. Are you all right?
LEIA: Um.... (swallows hard) I’m fine, Threepio.
THREEPIO: If you don’t mind my saying so, you are exhibiting fatigue and illness often associated in humanoid women with--
LEIA: I’m fine. What can I do for you?
THREEPIO: May I come by your quarters? I have the most interesting--
LEIA: Of course. Leia out. (turns off intercom, then sighs) Got to pull myself together. Luke needs me. And now that I’m--
VADER: (echoing) Leia...Leia...
Sound: A slow, blowing wind.
LEIA: (gasps) A vision...appearing before me...that black armor, the death mask...F-Father? it you?
VADER: No. Your father is free, with all the Jedi who went before. And Darth Vader lives no more...(while still echoing, the voice changes to Luke’s) sister.
LEIA: (relieved) Luke.
LUKE: not try to find me. Do not interfere.
LEIA: Why do you wear that armor?
LUKE: Destiny has forced me to follow the path our father took. It was the only way.... the only way to save everything..... from the power of the Dark Side.
LEIA: Luke, NO!! That can’t be! You know that! How can you save us--by joining the Dark Side?!? You’ll destroy yourself, and you’ll destroy us with you!
LUKE: Leia...m-my mind is.... can’t...concen--
LEIA: I’ve got to help him! Try to use the Force to reach him...
Sound: Humming as Leia calls on the Force--but the humming is suddenly overtook by humming on a lower--and louder--level.
EMPEROR: (echoing) No, little Jedi!! Skywalker is beyond your reach!! Your brother has risked all--and LOST!!!

Sound: The low humming becomes deafening--and stops abruptly as Leia shrieks and crashes to the ground. After a long moment of silence, the door opens.

THREEPIO: (in the room this time) Princess Leia, I’ve just had the most fascinating discussion about the complex dining etiquette on the planet Sisk, where all the spider people have eight arms, so it seems--Princess Leia? Princess Leia--oh my word, she’s collapsed!!


Sound: Medical equipment.
LEIA: (weak and moaning) Luke...Luke...
HAN: Take it easy, Leia. It’s me, Han. You’re safe in the infirmary. Me, Mon Mothma, and Threepio have been looking after you.
MON MOTHMA: You gave us quite a scare, Princess.
THREEPIO: (excited) I thought you had short-circuited. But medical scan indicates you are simply--
LEIA: FINE, Threepio. I said I was fine. Han, Luke--
HAN: What’s wrong, Leia? You’ve been muttering about Luke in your sleep for hours.
LEIA: The Force.... the Force is bringing me closer.... to him. Even though he’s light-years away. I must--
HAN: Hey, take it easy, Leia. Just sit back, relax for a while.
LEIA: He’s in terrible trouble, Han. The Dark Side is swallowing him whole. I’ve got to find him...before it’s too late.
HAN: Sure, why not. There’s only 12 million inhabited star systems out there. Shouldn’t be too hard--
LEIA: I can find him. The Force will lead me to him.
HAN: Leia, we’ve talked about this before--
MON MOTHMA: General Solo, may I speak with you for a moment?
HAN: Sure, Mon Mothma.
Sound: The med equipment moves farther away.
MON MOTHMA: (speaking quietly) General Solo, I believe we should follow Princess Leia’s advice.
HAN: But she’s in no condition to--

MON MOTHMA: Medically, there’s nothing wrong with her. Our forces in Calamari are no match for World Devastators. I believe we will never find a way to defeat them without Commander Skywalker’s Jedi insights. Therefore, I believe the success of this mission is paramount.

HAN: More important than her life?
MON MOTHMA: More important than my life, your life, and yes, even the life of Leia Organa-Solo. Luke Skywalker is probably the last fully realized Jedi in existence.
HAN: Well, if he’s such a great Jedi, how come I always have to keep rescuing him?
MON MOTHMA: General Solo! Han!
HAN: Okay, okay. Anyway, I was getting antsy playing professor with these green kids you’ve been recruiting. Besides, Chewie just finished overhauling the Millennium Falcon for this trip.
MON MOTHMA: For ‘this’ trip? (amused) You mean you already expected to leave? Well, that’s very foresighted of you!
HAN: Hey, I’m not just a pretty face.


Sound: The hum of the Falcon’s cockpit.
HAN: Chewie, hurry up with those lightspeed calculations.
HAN: Lock in auxiliary power.
Sound: The hissing and then roaring of the Falcon’s engines.
THREEPIO: Sir, I’d just like to thank you for allowing me to accompany you. I fear for poor Artoo-
HAN: Yeah, yeah. Take your seat, Goldenrod, we’re about to launch.
THREEPIO: Yes, sir.
HAN: It’s you I’m worried about, Leia. You sure you’re up to another lightspeed hop? You still look awfully pale.
LEIA: I’ll be fine, Han. (whisper) I have to be.
DECK OFFICER: (over intercom) Millennium Falcon, you are cleared for takeoff. Navicom indicates it’s a clear path from here to your destination.
MON MOTHMA: (over intercom) Millennium Falcon, this is Mon Mothma. Good luck, General Solo. And bring Skywalker back this time.

HAN: Man, this woman never gets off my case. (turns on intercom) Uh, acknowledged, Mon Mothma. We’ll contact you when we reach the planet Nal Hutta.

LEIA: Nal Hutta? But Han, I told you my senses tell me that Luke is somewhere in the galactic core!
HAN: I know. But those systems have been closed off to outsiders for decades. We’ll need a ship authorized to land in the secure systems. And I know just where to find it. (hits intercom again) Pinnacle Base, we’re clearing tractor beam. Switching to repulsorlift.... and....
Sound: The Falcon roars as it rises off the pad, and blasts into the sky. Sound changes to outside the Falcon, in the hangar.
MON MOTHMA: May the Force be with you! (quietly to herself)....for it is now clear to me that the future of the New Republic depends on the revival of the Jedi Knights. If Luke Skywalker is lost to the Dark Side...(grim).... then the Alliance is finished.


Sound: Falcon interior.
HAN: Okay, let the navicomputer take over, Chewie. The Falcon’ll take us right to Nal Hutta. Come on Leia, let’s grab some lunch.
Sound: Cockpit door opens, sound shifts to the galley interior. A computer hums.
COMPUTER: Food dispenser activated. Today’s entrees: Altarian spinefish. Braised Syrrian bloodworm. Mugroot stew.
Sound: Eating sounds.
LEIA: Han, why does that planet sound so familiar to me?
HAN: You mean Nal Hutta? Oh, I may have mentioned it. Try the spinefish, it’s fresh. Nal Hutta means “Glorious Jewel” in the language of the Hutts.
LEIA: The Hutts? Han, isn’t that planet Jabba’s homeworld?

HAN: (evasive) Well yeah, a lot of those big slimy traders did migrate there over the years. Uh, slip some salad. But also it’s the center for smuggling activities across the galaxy. Especially it’s nearest moon, Nar Shaddaa. That’s where we’re heading. The days before...may I have the pepper, please.... in the days before hyperspace travel, Nal Hutta was a heavily populated cargo port, under tight control. ‘Course, there hasn’t been much control over anything lately. Now, the only law on Nal Hutta is the deal you cut with your friend. Or your enemy.

LEIA: But if there are smugglers, won’t there be bounty hunters?
HAN: Sure.
LEIA: But there’s bound to be a price on our heads, after what I did to Jabba the Hutt!
HAN: Don’t worry about it, Leia. I’ve got friends there. We’ll be fine. (deep breath) Ah, just what I needed--a nice, hot meal.
Sound: Proximity alarm from the Falcon’s computer.
THREEPIO: (over intercom) Captain Solo, Chewbacca asked me to inform you that we are approaching Nal Hutta, and receiving an emergency message.
HAN: Patch it through to this monitor, Threepio.
MAKO: (over intercom) Solo, are you out of your mind?!
HAN: Hah, my old friend Mako! Still in charge of the Corellian sector of the spaceport, I see.
MAKO: You’re crazy to come here, Solo. Every bounty hunter in the galaxy is looking for you. The Hutts have quadrupled the asking price, dead OR alive!
HAN: Yeah, well it’s nice to feel wanted, Mako. Now open the planetary shields.
MAKO: Where have you been? Planetary shields conked out six years ago. Come on in, Solo--but you’re asking for trouble!
Sound: Turbolaser fire. The Falcon shakes.
HAN: Thanks, Mako. Looks like it’s already found us. Solo out.
Sound: A louder blast, and the Falcon REALLY shakes.
HAN: We’d better get up front, Leia.


Sound: Cockpit sounds. Door opens. More turbolaser fire.
HAN: Three bounty hunter ships? We got three on our tail already??
Sound: More fire.
HAN: The bounty MUST be high. Maybe I oughta collect it myself.
LEIA: Want me to get on the turret gun?

HAN: Nah, these are just local rust-buckets. Real bounty hunters know better than to go up against the Millennium Falcon. We’ll just outrun these guys.

Sound: The Falcon’s engines rev up.
HAN: YEEHAH!! Whoa---turbulence in the upper atmosphere.
Sound: Falcon’s shaking constantly now. More laser fire.
HAN: Strap yourself in there, you furry oaf! I can’t watch your head and my back at the same time!
Sound: More fire, and a ship passes the Falcon.
HAN: Hang on, we’re entering the upper atmosphere. (close blast) Yikes, that was a close one! Angle the deflector shields, Chewie.
HAN: Whoo--I’ve spent so much time wet-nursing those trainees I forgot how much fun this was! Okay, let’s see how fast these local boys can go!
DENGAR: (over intercom) You won’t lose me that easy, Solo!!
HAN: Dengar! Is that you, Dengar? Hah hah! Well, I must be moving up in the world if I’m attracting a better breed of bounty hunter like you!
DENGAR: (over laser fire) Keep talking, Solo. I just want you to know it’s me that finally got you. Dengar out.
HAN: (laughs nervously) Oh boy, this is not good... Let’s get to the chute fast, Chewie.
LEIA: The chute?
HAN: Yeah, it’s the entrance to a hideout. The hideout, as a matter of fact. I got a friend who lives there. Hold on.... here we go!
LEIA: This is the chute? It’s barely wide enough for the Falcon! Those bounty hunters are still on our tail. We’ve got no room to maneuver!
DENGAR: (over intercom) So much for your fancy flying, Solo. Got you in my sights--
HAN: Chewie, put everything into the rear deflector shields, FAST!!
Sound: Point-blank range laser fire hits the Falcon. The whole ship heaves hard.
HAN: Okay, my other buddy’s name is Ninx. Let’s see, what’s his comm-code....?

Sound: Han punches in Ninx’s number as the Falcon shudders from laser fire.

SHUG: Han! I just got off the link with Mako. Said you were coming my way.
HAN: Yeah, Ninx, I need a place to--
SHUG: No can do, Solo. I’m in enough trouble with the Hutts.
HAN: Come on, pal, I got hotshots shooting on my tail, and you owe me!! I saved your skin when you got caught running ion triggers to the Ziggurats, remember?
SHUG: Yeah, and I paid you back with that free power core I gave you back in--
HAN: Shut the gab, Ninx! I don’t have time to barter like the old days, I’m comin’ in!
LEIA: Han--Han, you’re heading straight for a blast wall!!
HAN: Come on Ninx, don’t let me down old buddy...
THREEPIO: We’re going to die!!!!
LEIA: Han, you don’t have to do this to impress me--aahh!!!
Sound: Zapping sound as the Falcon hits--and passes through--a holoprojection.
HAN: YES! (laughs)
HAN: Yeah, I knew he’d come through too.
LEIA: We passed right through that blast wall like it wasn’t there.
HAN: Private energy shield. A hologram designed to look like a wall. Oldest trick in the smuggler’s book.
LEIA: What about the bounty hunters?
HAN: If I know my old pal Ninx, he raised the shield on ‘em. They’re bantha fodder by now. Better power down and land before we get smashed up too.
Sound: The Falcon sets down.
Sound: Heavy factory noise, mixed with hangar noises. The Falcon’s ramp lowers, and the heroes step out.
LEIA: Han, what is this place?
HAN: Ninx fixes starships. Specializes in illegal engine modifications that can outrun the Imperials.

LEIA: This is quite an operation. What’s that big ship they’re building over there?

HAN: I dunno. We’re about to find out.
SHUG: Solo, Chewbacca! (hugs Han) Haven’t seen you guys in a Rancor’s age.
HAN: Hey, Ninx.
SHUG: You guys never should have come here. Heard you killed Jabba. Nobody kills a Hutt and lives.
HAN: Yeah, well, actually.... my wife did it. Leia, this old space pirate is Shug Ninx. He’s got a Corellian heart of gold...and silver...and spice.
SHUG: Pleasure to meet you, lovely lady. So you aced ol’ Jabba, huh? Guess you’re a lot tougher than you look.
THREEPIO: Excuse me, but would you mind if I used your oil-bath? No one’s bothered to lubricate me, they’re so busy fighting.
SHUG: Sure! Right over there, gold dome. Now I don’t know what you’re doing here, Solo, but I want you guys to know ol’ Ninx will be more than happy to put his own life on the line for you.
SALLA: But the truth is, we can’t help you.
HAN: (startled) Salla!!
(Note: Although Salla is an ordinary black human in the comic, she speaks with an amplified, feline tone in the tape version.)
SALLA: Han Solo, you nerf-herding son of a-- (growls) How many years has it been since you walked out on me?
HAN: And you look beautiful as ever, Salla. But look, Ninx, about that help I need--
SHUG: Listen, Han. The Imperials are buying up cargo space on every tin can in the galaxy. The action is heavy equipment runs. Moving military hardware. We ain’t got time for the business we got. That’s why Salla is building that monster ship you saw back there. “The Starlight Intruder.”
HAN: All we need is a ship that’s legal for making a deep-core run. The Alliance will pay 100,000 credits, in cash.


SALLA: Sounds intriguing, Solo. The Intruder IS registered for deep core runs. But he’s not ready yet. Still needs his hyperdrive overhauled. And power couplings. By the way...who’s the lady?
HAN: Oh. This is, uh, er....
LEIA: Leia. My name is Leia. Han and I are married.
SALLA: My condolences, dear. Han’s great fun, but he’s a scoundrel. He’ll break your heart.
HAN: (angry) She likes scoundrels, Salla. Now come on, how long before the Starlight Intruder’s ship-shape? We’re in a big hurry!
SALLA: Not long - if Ninx will let me salvage a hyperdrive off one of these other chariots.
SHUG: Sure, why not? But we’ll still need top of the line power couplings to get the Intruder up to maximum specs for it’s deep core run. Now Han, as I recall--
HAN: Yeah, yeah, I still got stuff stashed in my old digs.
SALLA: Of course, the equipment stays on the ship. Even if you don’t.
LEIA: What? That’s robbery!
HAN: It’s all right, Leia. This is how we do business around here.
SALLA: Besides, it’s a chance I just can’t pass up--(slyly) Han Solo’s got the best equipment in the galaxy.
LEIA: Just a minute, you--!
HAN: (interrupting) You got a deal, Salla. Chewie, help ‘em prep the ships. We’re going after some power couplings.
SALLA: (purrs) Coupling. Hmm. There’s a thought. Hurry back.


Sound: Your average poor man’s street, with vendors haggling, and others muttering in low tones.
LEIA: You know the most interesting people, Han Solo.

HAN: You mean Ninx and Salla? They’re good people, Leia. They’d jump down a Sarlacc’s throat for me, as long as I promised them a profit. Ninx and I go way back. He’s even wilder than me.

LEIA: I find that hard to believe.
HAN: He taught me how to tear down a hyperdrive, how to get the most power out of a third-hand Modog power coup--
LEIA: And, uh... Salla?
HAN: (nervous) I think she’s a story for another time. (back to normal) Now the guy that let us planetside, Mako, he’s like a brother to me.
LEIA: The guy we first contacted?

HAN: Yeah. Mako and I met way back when I was a cadet at the Imperial Space Academy. Mako’s my kind of guy. Troublemaker. When we were classmates, he stole a gram of antimatter from the physics lab, and used it to blow up a nearby moon.

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