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Star Wars Viewing Packet

Josephson- English 1

Record examples of each archetype listed as we view the first Star Wars Episode IV in class. You can find these archetypes in your notes packet.
Situational Archetypes

The Quest

To destroy Death Star by reuniting R2D2 with the Princess and bring them back to the rebellion base. This will restore hope for the rebellion base and prevent it from becoming destroyed by Death Star

The Initiation

Luke learns to use the force. He has to practice with the light saber. This is his training for becoming a Jedi. The “bar scene” also represents his loss of innocence and his entrance to manhood, another initiation.

The Task

To save Princess Lea. To destroy death star in order to protect the rebellion and other planets.

The Magic Weapon

The light saber and the force
The Ritual

Learning how to use the force and become a Jedi. The medal ceremony at the end to reward them for their courage and bravery.

The Journey

Luke leaving his home planet, learning how to become a Jedi and then going to fight death star.

The Fall

When Luke learns about the death of his aunt and uncle he takes a mental fall. The fall caused by hubris comes in the next episode.

Death and Rebirth

The death of Luke’s aunt and uncle represent the birth of Luke’s new life with O Bi Wan. This is the birth of Luke’s connection with the force and his life as a Jedi.

Nature vs. Mechanical world

Rebellion base vs. Death Star. Some robots are more human like which represent nature and other are evil and work only for war.

Battle between Good and Evil

O Bi Wan and Luke vs. Darth Vader

Rebel forces vs. Death Star

The Unhealable Wound

Psychological wound that occurs because of Luke’s loss of his aunt and uncle and later the death of O Bi Wan

Character Archetypes

The Hero

Luke Skywalker
The Young Man from the Provinces

Luke Skywalker, he was not raised by his parents, but by his Aunt and Uncle
The Mentors

Obi Wan Kenobi
The Devil Figure

Darth Vader
The Father-son conflict

Luke not knowing who is father is, he does not discover this until a later episode
The Outcast

Han Solo
The Scapegoat

Obi Wan Kenobi
The Hunting group of Companions

R2D2, C3po, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi wan and Princess Lea
The Loyal Retainers

R2D2 and C3po to Luke and Chewbacca to Han Solo
The Creatures of Nightmare

Jawas, storm troopers and sand people
The Friendly Beast

The Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart

Han Solo, he is not really evil, but he is saved by the hero and does redeem himself
The Damsel in Distress

Princess Lea
The Platonic Ideal

Princess Lea
Symbolic Archetypes

Light vs. Dark

Luke vs. Darth Vader (color of light saber and clothes)

All costumes

Water vs. Desert

R2D2 and C3po on Luke’s planet in the desert, they are alone and searching
Heaven vs. Hell

The force and Obi Wan are a part of Heaven and the dark side of the force is hell
Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Wisdom

Robots represent educated because they have been trained and can be operated. The Jedi and Obi Wan who use the force represent Innate Wisdom.
Supernatural Intervention

Obi Wan using the force to be with Luke as he completes his task
Fire vs. Ice

Color of the light sabers good=white or blue bad=red (this is the opposite of what fire and ice say)

Answer the following questions as you view Star Wars. You will want to come back to the questions and continually add to your answers.

  1. How does the film begin?

Scrolling text that provides background information.

  1. What is the problem, the conflict?

Death Star is in control of the Empire and is destroying good planets and people. Death Star must be stopped.

  1. Who are R2D2 and C3po?

Droids that act as the hunting group of companions and loyal retainers. They become a part of Luke’s family.

  1. Describe their personalities.

Smart, courageous, act like brothers, always on the side of the good guys

  1. What archetypes do they represent?

Hunting group of companions and loyal retainers

  1. Describe the relationship between the robots.

They care for one another and want to stick together all the time. They are like brothers to one another.

  1. Who is Darth Vader? What might his name imply about his character?

A Jedi who has gone to the dark side of the force, he is in control of the Empire and Death Star. His name might represent “dark father” and shows that he is evil and intimidating.

  1. Describe his personality, his behavior and his dress.

Assertive, royalty, commander, heartless, mean. He dressed in all black, a cape and helmet are also black, you never see his face.

  1. What archetypes does he fall under?

The Shadow, The Devil Figure

  1. Who is Lea? What might her name imply or mean?

She is a princess and is a part of the royal senate and rebel forces. Her name is biblical and means goodness and purity

  1. Describe her physical and emotional behavior and her dress.

She is controlling and strong willed, she is dressed in all white to represent goodness

  1. What archetypes does she fall under?

Damsel in Distress, the temptress, platonic ideal, hunting group of campanions

  1. Who is Luke Skywalker? What significance does his name have?

He is the hero and his name might mean one who “walks the skies”, he is meant to be a Jedi and fighter pilot.

  1. Describe his behavior and dress.

Determined, focused, wants to “grow up” and be a part of the action. His dresses in all white which represents goodness, youth and innocence

  1. What archetypes does he fall under?

Hero, young man from the provinces, initiate, hunting group

  1. Who is Obi Wan (aka Ben Kenobi)? What does his name imply?

He is mentor to Luke. His name might mean “Oh be one with” (the force), this shows that he plays an important part of the force.

  1. Describe his behavior and personality along with his dress.

Wise and confident, his dress is all brown which represents wisdom and nature

  1. What archetypes does he fall under?

The mentor, scapegoat, hunting group, supernatural intervention

  1. Describe Luke’s planet of Tatooine.

Desert like, desolate, solitude

  1. What archetype does it fall under and why is this important to the story?

Desert vs. Water, wasted land- this planet does not offer anything for Luke, he must leave if he is going to achieve more

  1. Describe the Jawas. Notice the costumes. What does it imply about their characters?

Brown cloaks with hoods, red eyes. They want to remain hidden so they can be neutral and not take sides

  1. Why is Luke being raised by his Aunt and Uncle and what archetypes apply to this situation?

His mother was captured and his father was “murdered” by Darth Vader. This is what classifies Luke as being the young man from the provinces

  1. How will this affect his personality?

It psychologically hurts him because he does not know his parents, but motivates him to become a Jedi because that is what his father was

  1. Describe the Death Star. What can it do?

Huge space station that can destroy planets

  1. What do the Emperor’s men look like and what do they remind you of?

They wear white on the outside and lack underneath, they remind me of Nazis who just obey the one in charge and will destroy any life they are told to with out any emotion.

  1. Why is this important?

They want to appear non-threatening on the outside, but deep down they are evil and will follow all the commands of their leader.

  1. How is the “bar scene” archetypal? Explain why.

It is the initiation into adult hood; Luke is gaining knowledge from the sheltered life he has been living.

  1. Describe Han Solo’s personality and costume.

Risk taker, outcast, always in trouble, he wears brown and this represents that he is neutral, neither good or bad

  1. What kind of trouble is he in?

He owes money to Jaba and will be killed if he does not pay back the money

  1. Which archetypes does he fall under?

The outcast, the hunting group of companions, the evil figure with a ultimately good heart

  1. Describe Chewbacca.

Beast, tall, furry

  1. What archetypes does he fall under?

Friendly beast, hunting group, loyal retainer

  1. Describe his relationship with Han.

Like a family, they care deeply for one another

  1. What is the magic weapon?

The light saber

  1. Who gets is from whom and why?

Obi Wan gives it to Luke because Luke’s father wanted him to have it

  1. Define the Force. Why is it important?

Mental power that exist supernaturally in order to help Jedi, it becomes a part of the Jedi’s conscience, it controls them. It can be good and bad.

  1. What is the task?

Save the princess and destroy death star

  1. Explain the significance of Luke’s last name.

Skywalker implies that he is meat to be in the sky and that flying comes easy for him

  1. In this story, who are the loyal retainers and the group of companions? Give specific examples.

They are those who help Luke save the rebellion. They consist of Lea, Han Solo, Chewbacca, the droids.

  1. Why does Ben allow Darth to kill him?

So he can become a part of the force and be with Luke mentally, because he knows that it is Luke who is going to complete the task and be the hero

  1. How is the Death Star destroyed?

Luke hits its weak spot and it causes a chain reaction of explosions, Luke uses the force to complete this task

  1. What are Han’s motives for helping the rebellion?

He needs the money they offer so he can pay back is debt.

  1. Do his motives change? Why?

Yes, because he become attached to the others and wants to help them win.

  1. Describe the costumes of the major characters. What do the costumes and colors indicate about these archetypal characters?

Luke- white, represents youth, innocence and goodness

Darth Vader- all black, represents evil

Lea- white, represents goodness, nature, giving and caring

Obi Wan- brown cloak, represents knowledge and wisdom and earth

Han Solo- brown and white, neutral on the outside, but with the good guys down deep

  1. List the names of the major characters. What might the names mean or reveal about the characters? Name notes


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