State (non-faculty) & Research Foundation Volunteer Guidelines

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State (non-faculty) & Research Foundation

Volunteer Guidelines

West Campus & Health Sciences Center

The following procedures and requirements apply to non-faculty, non-hospital State and Research Foundation volunteer assignments. The guidelines do not apply to Stony Brook University Hospital or the Long Island State Veterans Home; a separate process governs them.


  • Department administration authorizes volunteer assignment.

  • All volunteers must be at least 14 years old at the time the volunteer activity commences.

  • Department creates a memo outlining the following: nature of volunteerism, expected duration, campus contact person overseeing volunteer (name and telephone number).

  • Volunteer signs the Volunteer/Non-Salaried Agreement Letter, completes Demographic Form, and provides Social Security Number.
  • Forward copies of non-immigrant volunteer paperwork to International Student and Scholar Services for a determination of whether the individual is in an immigration status appropriate for the proposed activity. Individuals that are ineligible for a Social Security Number will be provided an ID number by the area VP Coordinator after International Services determines whether the volunteer is in the United States in a valid status. Many non-immigrants will not be in statuses appropriate for activities that are loosely referred to as "volunteer.” It is inappropriate to bring in a volunteer to conduct any activity for which another worker would normally be paid, or for which the person would expect to derive any benefit including deferred payment, or the promise of eventual employment.

  • Make a copy of the Photo ID (i.e. Driver's License or other government issued photo ID) and send this to the area VP Coordinator. (Please do not fax a copy of the Photo ID, as the quality is poor.)

  • The demographic form, Volunteer/Non-Salaried Agreement Letter, explanatory memo, and photo ID is sent to the division's VP Coordinator/Dean's Office.

  • Prior to sending the Volunteer to the Campus Card office, the demographic record of the volunteer is entered into PeopleSoft (check with your VP/Dean Coordinator to ensure the information is input.)

VP Coordinator &

Dean's Office

  • Reviews the assignment and documentation.

  • Enters the appropriate information in PeopleSoft's "ID Card Non-employees" panel group.

  • Send a copy of the offer letter to HRS Time & Attendance for Workers Compensation tracking.

  • Notifies department that the volunteer is cleared to go the Campus ID Office to obtain an ID Badge.

University ID Badge

  • All Volunteers will receive a University Visitor/Volunteer ID Badge. The department will send the Volunteer to the Campus ID Card Office (West or East locations) to obtain the badge. Volunteers are required to have and wear a University ID Badge in accordance with division policy.
  • Department sends the volunteer with their photo ID and Offer Letter to the Campus Card Office for creation of their Stony Brook ID Badge.

  • ID Card Office will check PeopleSoft panel and generate an ID Badge from the data. The University ID Badge is the property of Stony Brook University and must be returned when a volunteer assignment ends. Departments are responsible for collecting the ID Badge and forwarding the ID Badge to the Campus Card Office (West Campus or East Campus).

Termination of Activity

  • A volunteer assignment may be terminated at any time.


  • Call your area VP Coordinator/Dean's Office for questions regarding volunteer and other non-salaried appointments.

  • Call Campus ID Office for badge information (West: 2-1081, East: 4-8151).

Non-Salaried Faculty

  • The guidelines above only apply to state, non-faculty and Research Foundation volunteers.

  • Non-Salaried Faculty assignments will continue to follow established Provost Office guidelines.

  • Non-salaried Faculty must be entered into the PeopleSoft Panel to ensure ID carding.

Stony Brook University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Recruiting & Employment Services. Revised 09/04

HRSD0019 (09/04)

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