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Authority: Chapter 54/99, Item 5240-802-0001, Item 5240-801-0660.268,


a. Approve new agency retained item

b. Approve use of Inmate Day Labor

c. Approve redirection of existing project authority

d. Approve augmentation $2,639,000

(13.8 percent of total appropriation)





Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

California State Prison—Kern County at Delano II,
Action Requested

The requested actions will approve the use of Inmate Day Labor (IDL) resources pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 10103.5, establish a new line item within the agency retained cost category, approve a redirection of existing project authority, and provide an augmentation to the project.
Scope Description

This project is within scope. The California State Prison—Kern County at Delano II (Delano II) project consists of constructing a maximum-security State prison for male inmates located near the city of Delano in Kern County. The project, when completed, will add a total of 2,248 cells to the California prison system, together with a 400-bed Level I support services facility.

Funding and Cost Verification

This project is not within cost. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR) is requesting approval of an augmentation which is needed to remedy various deficiencies in the project budget. The augmentation would increase the budget for group II equipment, agency retained, and construction contingency. The Department’s Health Care Services Division completed a review of the medical and mental health equipment in the

Delano II group II equipment list generated in 2001. In their review, they identified modifications to the medical/mental health equipment in the list that are necessary in order to meet the current level of care required to perform their functions. These additions, changes, and deletions to the group II equipment list resulted in a net cost increase of $408,000.

Also an augmentation to agency retained costs for $1,011,000 is necessary for the owner-controlled insurance program, telecommunications, and a recycled water irrigation system. The original premium for the owner-controlled insurance program was based on estimated values for construction and payroll. The premium was subject to an increase if the estimates were exceeded by five percent. Coverage terminated January 30, 2005, and both estimates exceeded the allowance. The final adjustment in cost is being made, and the additional premium is projected to be $350,000. Additionally, due to schedule delays, there was an extension to the excess liability insurance at a cost of $31,000. An increase of $230,000 is needed for telecommunications costs to cover additional engineering time and programming of equipment, additional data and voice infrastructure, and the purchase of additional telephones and switch related equipment. In addition the Department is requesting approval for a new agency retained item and the use of Inmate Day Labor for an upgrade to the recycled water irrigation system for the effluent disposal property and the removal of abandoned structures.

Solicitations were released seeking farmers willing to lease the property and upgrade the existing irrigation system, but there were no lessees willing to undertake the upgrade.

Therefore, DCR requested a quote from one of the construction contractors to perform the irrigation system work and received a cost estimate of $470,000. DCR also requested a cost estimate from its IDL program for the work, and they provided an estimate of $400,000.

There are numerous open disputes with three of the bid package contractors. These disputed costs are based on various assertions, the key ones being: alleged delays caused by Real Estate Services Division inspection, alleged conflicts in the structural steel work for the bridges between the housing and secure support buildings, alleged extended general conditions associated with making milestone adjustments for the yard walls, general conditions alleged to be caused by fire life safety design deficiencies, alleged direct costs and extended general conditions related to the remediation of extensive mold, and failure to allow the contractor to use high lift grouting. Increasing the construction contingency budget would allow the Department to begin to negotiate settlements for some of the bid package disputes. Therefore DCR is requesting approval to redirect $1,389,930 of surplus project authority from the preliminary plans, working drawings, and construction contract budgets to the construction contingency budget. Additionally an augmentation of $1,220,000 is being requested to further increase the construction contingency budget.


total estimated project cost


project costs previously allocated: acquisition $5,072,000; preliminary plans $4,690,000; working drawings $6,067,000; project administration $33,736,000; long lead $1,084,000; group II equipment $11,853,000; agency retained $18,993,000; and construction $297,697,000 (contract $267,916,000; contingency $24,514,000; A&E $5,267,000) at CCCI 3846


proposed augmentation: agency retained $1,011,000; group II equipment $408,000; and construction $1,220,000 (contingency $1,220,000)

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