Station #1: Anticipation Guide Station #2: Vocabulary ch. 1-4/Odd Man Out Cards Station #3

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Name:_________________________________________ English 10


The Chocolate War

By Robert Cormier

Introductory Stations

Table of Contents

Station #1: Anticipation Guide
Station #2: Vocabulary ch. 1-4/Odd Man Out Cards
Station #3: Freewriting/complete the sentence starters worksheet
Station #4: Bullying information
Station #5: Author Biography
Station #6: Group vs. Individual Decision Making Worksheet

Station #1

ame:___________________ The Chocolate War

Anticipation Guide
Directions: (1)Read each of the following statements and then (2)mark your rating. After you have rated the statement, (3)write a sentence to support your opinion.


agree disagree

strongly strongly

Statement Rating
1. A person feels more secure belonging to a group. ________


  1. It is possible to make independent choices even if you are part of a group. ________



3. Teenagers are more susceptible to group pressure than adults. ________


4. Group pressure can make people act against their will. ________


5. It is important to speak out against violence even at risk to your own life. ________

6. Sometimes it is necessary to ignore violence. ________

7. Students might not like strict teachers, but they are usually the best teachers._______


8. The meek shall inherit the earth. ________


9. There is a fine line between good and evil. ________



10. The desire to be accepted is a weakness. ________


11. There are two kinds of people in the world: victims and victimizers. ________


Station #2

ame:_______________________ The Chocolate War

Vocabulary ch.1-4
Chapter 1

  1. sinews (pg.2)-

  1. Peter (pg. 3)-

Chapter 2

  1. languidly (pg. 11)-

  1. malice (pg. 12)-

  1. leprosy (pg. 13)-

Chapter 3

  1. catchbasin (pg. 18)-

  1. idly (pg. 18)-

  1. deftly (pg. 19)-

  1. contemptuous (pg. 20)-

Chapter 4
  1. ingratiating (pg. 24)-

  1. exploiting (pg. 24)-

  1. incapacitated (pg. 26)-

  1. vigilante-

Station #3

Name:______________________ The Chocolate War

Freewriting/sent. Starters
Directions: Freewrite (write without stopping or correcting) using the following sentence-starters. Spend a minute or two on each. (Ask for a sheet of computer paper if you run out of space.)
Example written by Mrs. Gilbert for #3: School fundraisers….are a pain in the butt. I hate when I have to sell things to my family and friends to raise money for something. I hate keeping track of the money and the orders. I especially hate delivering the stuff when it comes in and most of it is just junk anyway. I also hate it when students ask me to buy crap for their fundraisers too. It’s not like I have a ton of cash floating around and I definitely don’t need the stuff cluttering up my house. (Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect…it is just your idea/opinion on the topic.)

  1. Mob violence is…

  1. Life at a boys’ prep (private) school is…

  1. School fundraisers…

  1. Hazing…

  1. Being on the football team…

  1. A crowd can be bloodthirsty when…

  1. Psychological torture…

  1. Revenge…

  1. I wouldn't think of going against the crowd at school when…

  1. In any school, power belongs…

Name:________________________ T
Station #4
he Chocolate War

Bullying Information
Directions: Use the provided packet of information on bullying to answer the following questions.

  1. What are the three types of bullying and give an example of each.



2. Give two reasons why someone would want to bully another person.


  1. Name three things you can do “in the moment” someone is bullying you.



4. What is the MOST important thing you should do if you are being bullied again and again?

  1. If you are being bullied at school who should your parents discuss it with?

  1. If you are being bullied at school who should your parents not discuss it with?

  1. What kind of bullying can hurt the most but some adults don’t take it seriously?

  1. Out of the five tips for “Other Things you Can Do to Help Yourself” which one do you think is the best tip and WHY?

  1. Name one thing you can do to avoid having a bully choose you as their victim.

  1. Based on the five points, do you think a person who stands by and watches while someone else is bullied is innocent? Why or why not?

  1. If you see someone being bullied name two things you could do to help the situation.



Station #5

ame:______________________________ The Chocolate War

Author Biography

Directions: Use the article on Robert Cormier that is provided to answer the following questions.

  1. Where did Robert Cormier live?

  1. What did he give as his reason to never leave?

  1. What did Cormier do for a living?

  1. What inspired him?

  1. What themes did he like to write about that are also in the book that we are about to read? (The Chocolate War)

  1. What did Cormier do on his travels around the world?

  1. What type of school did Cormier attend?

  1. Where did he first work as a writer?

  1. The word pseudonym means fake name. What pseudonym did Cormier use when he wrote his newspaper column?

  1. Name two other books Cormier has written.

  1. What year was The Chocolate War published?

  1. Think back to Animal Farm…what is censorship?

  1. Why did people try to censor The Chocolate War?

  1. Name at least two honors/awards Cormier earned.

  1. Why do teachers and librarians fight to be able to teach Cormier’s books?

  1. Fill-in-the-blank: Cormier writes about the ordinariness of ________________ and

what happens when _____________ people stand by and do _________________________.

He does this because he wants people to examine their own _____________________ and
ethical _______________________.

  1. What did Cormier say his dream was and did it come true?

  1. What legacy has Robert Cormier left behind?

Station #6

Name:________________________ The Chocolate War

Decision Making

Directions: In a democracy, an individual sometimes gives in to the decisions made by the majority, whether they agree with the group or not. Other times, an individual fights for their opinion or action of which the group disagrees. Listed below are some examples of situations in which an individual might disagree with what the group decides. On the blank in front of each put a “G” if you think the group should decide what to do and the individual should accept that decision. Put an “I” if you think the individual should continue to fight for what they believe.

_____1. The majority of the senior class decides to sell magazines as a fund raiser, but some individuals disagree. Those who did not vote for selling magazines feel that they should not be pressured to sell the magazines.

_____2. The senior class has some money left over after paying for the class gift to the school. A majority votes for donating the money to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but some individuals feel that they should get their portion of the money back to spend as they please.
_____3. A car containing a group of friends hits and kills a dog and the driver keeps going. Most of the friends agree it is better to say nothing about the accident because the driver was speeding and might get into trouble, but one person wants to notify the dog’s owner.
_____4. Several students know who loosened the screws in the teacher’s desk as a prank but only one feels that the teacher should be told who did it.
_____5. A car driven by four teens hits a Jeep containing five other teens. One of the teens in the Jeep is killed. Three friends of the dead boy tell police that the car rammed the Jeep on purpose following an argument. Only the fourth friend wants to tell police the full story: that the five friends in the Jeep started the fight.

_____6. A house burns down and the owner collects a hefty amount of insurance money. Everyone in the family knows that the owner has been desperately worried about how to pay his terminally ill wife’s medical bills. All suspect that he set the fire, but only one feels that the authorities should be notified about their suspicions.

_____7. Some flight attendants overhear a prominent politician making a joking comment about bringing a bomb on board an airplane. Most of them agree to ignore the comment; they know such a comment warrants detention of the individual who made it. One attendant feels that the politician should be detained, questioned, and searched just as any other person would be.

_____8. Most of the people in a community vote to allow snowmobiles to be ridden across a particular nature trail. One resident, an ecologist, feels that the snowmobiles will disturb the environment. She knows that if she does a study and writes a report she can probably get a government agency, the EPA, to declare the trail off-limits to snowmobiles.
_____9. Most of the teens in a community want to skateboard on a particular town sidewalk. A few adults feel that skateboarding should be banned there for safety reasons. Should the handful of adults be able to make the decision with which the group disagrees?
_____10. A teen’s parents ask if there was liquor at a party. The teen didn’t drink the liquor, but was disturbed by the amount of drinking and driving that went on. She knows that most of the people at the party will get in trouble if she tells her parents.

_____11. Most of the students at Middletown High School feel that taxes should be raised to support a band and football team. They can’t vote and they don’t pay taxes, though. The adults, who do vote, elect to lower taxes by eliminating the band and team. Should the majority of those who did show up to vote (only a small portion of the total adults, it turns out) be allowed to make that decision?

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