Step 1 Goals What I learned in this 4-h project

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Pontotoc County Jr. Record Book

4-H Project Being Reported_____________________________________________20______

Step 1

Goals - What I learned in this 4-H Project.

As you start the project year, list some things you would like to learn. At the end of the year, put a check mark next to the items (goals) you achieved. In making this list, sometimes we do not achieve all that we hope to and other times we do more than we set out to do. This is OK.

Step 2

Project Manual - If there is no project manual or very limited manual resources, list the other sources of information you used.

Step 3 and Step 4

Summary of Project Work and Educational Experiences

Describe the project work done. Include such things as expenses (profit and loss), size of your project (number of animals, number and types of garments made or foods cooked, practice hours, meals prepared, etc.), show the variety of items made from your project manual, self determined projects, educational experiences, activities and events participated in, and other related activities to the project being reported.

Step 5

4-H Activities and Events

List all exhibits, judging events and awards received this year. This page is not limited to the project being reported on page 1 and 2.

Kind of Exhibit/Judging Event/Award

Name of Event


Step 5 continued....

Kind of Exhibit/Judging Event/Award

Name of Event


Step 6

4-H Citizenship/Community Service

List all 4-H citizenship/community service experiences, not just citizenship related to the project reported on pages 1 and 2. Include things that contribute to the welfare of individuals, members of your club or group, or your community. Explain what you did and how many people were affected. (Example: Went with local club to the Spring Hill Nursing Home to sing and you did take cookies that I helped bake. We served 25 residents.)

Step 6 continued....

Step 7

4-H Leadership Experiences

List all of your leadership experiences in 4-H (not just leadership for project reported on page 1 and 2), including offices and committees. Leadership is the act of showing/teaching/leading one person or a group. (Examples: 1. Was a member of the calling committee. My responsibility was to call club members about participating in the nursing home visit. 2) Served on the committee who planned the games, songs, and treats for our December nursing home visit.)

Step 7 continued....

Step 8

Non 4-H Experiences in School, Church and Community

List your most meaningful participation in school, church and community organizations other than 4-H. Include leadership and/or honors received. (Items listed in this section should not be repeated any place else in the 4-H record book.)

Step 9

My 4-H Story

Write a short story about your current year in 4-H. It should include such things as a reasons for participation in 4-H, things that make 4-H interesting to you and how you have helped other 4-H members. The story can focus on projects or activities reported in a medal form. You may include reasons for selecting the project(s), new things learned and plans for the future. The story should be limited to three pages. If the story is typed please double space.

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