Sticks and Stones: The Original Game Bag! Chris Ortiz Large Group Pass Right, Pass Left

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Sticks and Stones:

The Original Game Bag!

Chris Ortiz

Large Group

  • Pass Right, Pass Left

    • Activities that Teach, Tom Jackson

    • Everyone has a stone and passes it to the left when you hear the word Left or to the right when you hear the word right. Tom Jackson has a story in his book but you could make one up just as easy.

  • Your Add Pairs/Quads

    • Bottomless Bag Revival, Karl Rohnke

    • Each person has up to 5 stones in there hand. Open hands simultaneously and first person to add them correctly wins..

Concentric Circles

  • Steal the stone

  • 15 stones

  • 7 Stone

    • Traditional
    • Like Jacks, Toss Stones up and catch them on the back of your hand to score points, Drops all stones to the ground. Pick up one to toss into the air. Pick up one and catch the tossed one before it lands. Then repeat picking up 2 then 3. Another scoring toss is earned if the above sequence is completed

  • Stone Face Pairs/Quads

    • Chris Ortiz

    • In pairs – each person has 1-3 stones in there hand. Guess the total stones in both peoples hand to win a scoring stone from middle pile.

    • In 3s or 4s – use fewer stones to keep the odds close to the same as above… 2 stones for each person.

  • Stick Pushers

    • (Pencil Pushers) Teambuilding Puzzles, J. Cain, T. Heck, M. Anderson, C. Cavert

    • How far can a small group of people get the stick from the start point… only touching the ground beyond the start with their hands?

Small Teams

  • Touch my Rock

    • (Touch my Can) Silver Bullets, Karl Rohnke

    • Everyone in the group must touch the stone, no one can touch any other group member, two group members must touch the stone with their nose. Use smaller and smaller stones for more challenge

Large Teams

  • Hand game (Stick game)

    • Traditional Native American Game

    • Guessing game, Group tries to guess where the marked sticks are. 2 people hold one stick in each hand. One is marked one is not. Opposing team guesses Left side, Right Side, Middle or Outsides. Hand signals and chanting, heckling can add to the fun

Large Group

  • Rock Sculpture with Pebble story

  • Know your Stone

    • Not sure about this one… I learned it in a Environmental Education setting

    • Get to know your stone then identifying your stone amongst similar stones in a pile.

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