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Nursery/Key Stage One

Author/Illustrator Title Publisher ISBN


Number/Counting Stories:
Baker, Alan Grey Rabbit’s 1,2,3 Kingfisher 1856974065

Bang, Molly Ten, Nine, Eight Julia Macrae 0862031397

Beck, Ian Five Little Ducks Orchard 1852133384

Coats, Lucy One hungry baby Orchard 1852134984

Falwill, Cathryn Feast for 10 Clarion Books 0395720818

Hutchins, Pat 1 Hunter Bodley Head 0370309200

Inkpen, Mick One bear at bedtime Picture Knight 0340428414
Campbell, Rod It’s mine! Campbell Books 1852920009

Campbell, Rod My Presents Macmillan 0333597656

Hughes, Shirley All shapes and sizes Walker 0744503043

Inkpen, Mick The blue balloon Picture Knight 0340558849

Watanabe, Shigeo I can build a house Red Fox 0099293919

Carle, Eric The Bad-tempered Ladybird Puffin 0140503986

Carle, Eric Today is Monday Puffin 014055310x

Carle, Eric The very hungry caterpillar Puffin 0140500871

Hawkins, Colin Mr. Wolf s Week Heinemann 0749725117

Hawkins, Colin What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? Mammoth 0749717475

Hellard, Susan Time to get up Piccadily 1854300548

Hughes, Shirley Alfie gets in first Red Fox 0099855607

Murphy, Jill Five minutes peace Walker 0744509181


Author Title Series Publisher ISBN


Mackinnon, D How Many? Frances Lincoln 071120733x

Pluckrose, H Counting Knowabout Watts 0749616652

Pluckrose, H Numbers Knowabout Watts 0749616660

Turner, G Teaching Bears to count Puffin 0140558691

Tuxworth, N Numbers Let’s Look at Lorenz Books 1859672809

Pluckrose, H Sorting Knowabout Watts 0749616717
Bulloch, I Measure Action Maths Two-Car 1854341979

MacKinnon, D What Size? Frances Lincoln 0711208492

Pluckrose, H Length Knowabout Watts 0749616695

Pluckrose, H Size Knowabout Watts 0749617349

Pluckrose, H Measurement Readabout Watts 0749608579
Bennett, P Boxes Criss Cross Wayland 0750213639

Bennett, P Holes Criss Cross Wayland 0750204028

Bulloch, I Shapes Action Maths Two-Can 1854341677

Pluckrose, H Shape Knowabout Watts 0749617330

Tuxworth, N Shapes Lets Look At Lorenz Books 1859673171


Bour-Chollett, C Time Moonlight/

First Discovery 1851032096

Butler, D Day and Night Take One Simon & Schuster 0750002921

Pluckrose, H Time Knowabout Watts 0749616709

Pluckrose, H Time and Clocks Readabout Watts 0749607858

Key Stage One

Author/Illustrator Title Publisher ISBN


Number/Counting Stories:
Bradman, Tony Just us three Collins 0001980491

Dale, Penny Ten in the bed Walker 0744513405

Dale, Penny Ten out of bed Walker 0744525918

Greenfield, Eloise Aaron & Gayla’s Counting book, Black Butterfly 0863162096

Hayes, Sarah Nine ducks nine Walker 0744520185

Hindley, Judy How many Two’s A.B.C 1854061259

Inkpen, Mick Kipper’s Toybox Hodder & Stoughton 0340560819

Reid, Barbara Two by Two Scholastic 0590552864

Voce, Louise Over in the meadow Walker 0744522390

Walton, Rick How many? Walker 0744532043


Butler, M Christina Mole in a hole(bear in a lair) Simon & Schuster 0750013842

Dodd’s Dayle Ann The shape of things Walker 0744543681

Moon, Nicola Lucy’s Picture Orchard 1852139552

Hissey, Jane Jolly Tall Red Fox 009962480x

Hoffman, Mary &

Northway, Jennifer Nancy No-Size Little Mammoth 0749700904

Stimson, Joan Big Panda, Little Panda Hippo 0590554239

Waddell, Martin Let’s go home, little bear Walker 0744519128
Browne, Eileen In a minute Little Mammoth 0749704187

Lloyd, David The stopwatch Walker 0744513588

Collis, Annabel You can’t catch me Red Fox 0099321017

Lewis, Rob Small change Red Fox 0099976706


Author Title Series Publisher ISBN


Bryant-Mole, K Adding Starting Maths Wayland 0750205806

Bryant-Mole, K Taking Away Starting Maths Wayland 0750205849

Bryant-Mole, K Numbers Starting Maths Wayland 1852108452

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Number Puzzles Simple Maths A & C Black 0713637684

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Games Simple Maths A & C Black 0713637692

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Facts & Figures Simple Maths A & C Black 0713637676

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Numbers Simple Maths A & C Black 0713637668

Kirkby, D Numbers Mini Maths Heinemann 0431079609

Kirkby, D Number Play Mini Maths Heineman 0431079579

Pluckrose, H Pattern Knowabout Watts 0749616725

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Boxes Simple Maths A & C Black 0713636262

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Printing Simple Maths A & C Black 0713636289

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Railways Simple Maths A & C Black 0713636297

Griffiths, R

& Millard, P Circles Simple Maths A & C Black 0713636297

Kirkby, D Shape Mini Maths Heinemann 0431079595

Pluckrose, H Holes New Look Watts 0749618906

Gordon, M Day and Night Simple Science Wayland 0750212950

Key Stage One/Two

Author/Illustrator Title Publisher ISBN


Number/Counting Stories:

Edwards, Richard Ten Tall Oaktrees Julia Macrae 1856811379

Kitamura, S When Sheep cannot sleep Beaver 0099505401

McKay, Fiona Olwen Twelve pocket, Ashton/Scholastic 1869431669

Onyefula, I Emeka’s Gift Frances Lincoln 0711209340

Pirotta, Saviour &

Simpson, Kate But no cheese! Hodder&Stoughton 0340565985

Baker, Jeannie Window Julia Macrae 1856810100

Brown, Jeff Flat Stanley Magnet 0416572901

Impey, Rose The Flat man Young Lions 0006748538

Ives, Penny Granny’s Quilt Puffin 0140545603

Allen, Jonathon B.I.G Trouble Orchard 1852135298

Anholt, Laurence The rather small tunip Orchard 1860391745

Beresford, Elizabeth The smallest whale Orchard 1860390633

Morgan, Alison The biggest birthday

card in the world Walker 0744536650

Ryan, Margaret &

Smith, Jamie The littlest dragon Collins 0006746241

Waddell, Martin The big, big sea Walker 0744525217

Young, Selina Big dog and little dog

visit the moon Mammoth 0749718714

Young, Selina My Grampa’s got big pockets Macmillan 0333593154

Birch, B & Gardener, S Suzi, Sam George and Alice Red Fox 0099187515

Blacker, Terence Time Flies for Ms Wiz Young Piper 0330325620

Blundell, Tony Joe on Sunday Puffin 014050298x

Foster, John Night Poems O.U.P 0199166021

Hutchins, Pat Clocks and more clocks Puffin 014050091x

McKee, David Watts The School bus comes at

Eight O’Clock Red Fox 0099501910

Troughton, Joanna How night came Blackie 0872260933

Vendrell, M.M Let’s talk about after dark Magi 1854301055

Duffey, Betsy The maths wiz Puffin 014034764x

Author Title Series Publisher ISBN

Grant, D Counting Moonlight/First

Discovery 185103210x

Heinst, M My First Number Book Dorling Kindersley 0863187862

Owen, A Out and About Every day Maths Wayland 0750213957

Hewitt, S Sorting Take off with Evans 0237515881

Kirkby, D Sorting Mimi Maths Heinemann 0431079552

Bryant-Mole, K Measuring Starting maths Wayland 0750205814

Kirkby, D Measuring Mini-Maths Heinemann 0431079587

Kirkby, D Patterns Mini Maths Heinemann 0431079560

Motisi, F Patterns Criss Cross Wayland 0750213655


Dalzell, R We can Shape It Bright Sparks Cherrytree 0745151302

Dineen, J Shapes Starting Maths Wayland 0750205830

Davies, K &

Oldfield, W Day and Night Wayland 0750203110

Llewellyn, C Day and Night Why Do We Have? Heinemann 0600587797

Llewellyn, C My First Book Of Time Dorling 0863187846


Key Stage Two

Author/Illustrating Title Publisher ISBN


Number/Counting Stories:
Danziger, Paula Amber Brown goes fourth Mammoth 0749721790
Brown, Ruth If at first you do not see? Andersen Press 0862640210
Clements, Andrew

& Yoshi Big AL Picture Book Studio 0887080758

Gregory, Philippa Florizella and the giant Walker 0744530830

Walker, Barbara Teeny-Tiny and the witch woman Puffin 0140502564

Smith, Alexander

McCall Calculator Annie Young Corgi 0552526649


Author Title Series Publisher ISBN


Bryant-Mole, K Adding /Subtracting Understanding Maths Wayland 0750202203

Bryant-Mole, K Multiplying/Dividing Understanding Maths Wayland 0750202203

Bryant-Mole, K Numbers Understanding Maths Wayland 0750202203

Challoner, J Numbers Mr Science Book of Dorling Kindersley 086318796x

Challoner, J Big and Small Start up Science Belitha Press 1855615096

Knapp, B Measuring Science in our world Atlantic Europe 1869860667

Bulloch, I Patterns Action Maths Two-Can 1854341774

Kirkby, D Patterns Maths Live Heinemann 0431068984

Knapp,B Patterns and Shapes Science in our World AtlanticEurope 869860810
Hewitt, S Shape Take off with Evans 0237515873

Morgan, S Circles and Spheres The World of Shapes Wayland 0750212853

Morgan, S Spirals The World of Shapes Wayland 0750212861

Morgan, S Squares and Cubes The World of Shapes Wayland 0750212829

Morgan, S Triangles & Pyramids The World of Shapes Wayland 0750212837
Davies, K & Oldfield, W Time Super Science Wayland 0750204249

Ganeri, A From Candle to Signs of the Times Evans 0237515342

Quartz Clock

Marshall, D Time Facts at your fingertips Simon & Schuster 0750012986

Williams, J Time Starting Technology Wayland 185210922x

Key Stage Two/Three

Author/Illustrator Title Publisher ISBN

Number/Counting Stories:

Swindells, Robert Room 13 Yearling 0440862272


Atterton, Julian The Shape-changer Walker 0744513855

Flournoy, Valerie The Patchwork Quilt Puffin 0140554335

Pullman, Philip Clockwork or all wound up Doubleday 0385407556

Author Title Series Publisher ISBN

Blum, Raymond Mathemagic Sterling 0806983558

Ganeri, A From Abacus to Signs of the times Evans 0237515334


Kirkby, D Games and Puzzles Maths Live Heinemann 0431069018

Kirkby, D Handling Data Maths Live Heinemann 043106900x

Kirkby, D Numbers Maths Live Heinemann 0431068976

Vorderamn, C How /Mathematics Eyewitness Science Dorling Kindersley 0751303100

Works Guides

Bryant-Mole, K Measurement Understanding Maths Wayland 075020012x

Kirkby, D Measures and Space Maths Live Heinemann 0431069026

Taylor, K Pattern Flying Start Science Belitha Press 1855611562

Bryant-Mole, K Shape Understanding Maths Wayland 0750200162

Gibson, G Making Shapes Science for Fun Watts 0749621133

Kirkby, D Shapes Maths Live Heinemann 0431068992

Knapp, B Shapes

and Structures Scence in our World Atlantic Europe 1869860802

Patilla, P Triangles, Pyramids

and Cones Shapes Belitha Press 1855612739

Robson, P Shapes, Structures

and Materials Science Workshop Watts 0749614455

Taylor, K Structure Flying Start Science Belitha Press 1855611112

Gribbin, J & M Time and Space Eyewitness Science Dorling Kindersley 0751310468

Haslam. A Time Make it Work Two-Can/Watts 1854343599

Knapp, B Time Science in our World Atlantic Europe 186986056x

Newson, L Time Science Mysteries A & C Black 0713640251

Robson, P Clocks, Scales and

Measurements Science Workshop Watts 0749620811

Key Stage Three

Author/Illustrator Title Series Publisher ISBN


Danziger, Paula Not for a Billion Gazillion Dollars Piper 0330331655

Tapson, F The Oxford Mathematics OUP 0199145512

Polllard, M The Clock and How it

Changed the World History & Invention Simon & Schuster 0750013877

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