Story Notes What About Me How are the matchmaker and the boy alike?

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Story Notes

What About Me

  1. How are the matchmaker and the boy alike?

  • They both wanted knowledge.

  1. Why was the Grand Master most helpful to the boy?

    • He sent the little boy on a journey that gave him knowledge.

  2. Why do you think the boy got what he needed?

  • He got what he needed by helping others.

  1. The author used so many people in the story to show that all people have needs.

  2. The boy offered to help the merchant because he was trying to be kind.

  3. The merchant’s daughter told the boy her secret because she thought she could trust him.

  4. The boy could return to the Grand Master when the carpet maker made him a small carpet.

  1. The author wrote this story probably to teach a lesson.

  2. The boy first spoke to the Grand Master after he decided he needed knowledge.

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