Story of creation

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In a beginning GOD and the WORD, who is also GOD, lived alone.

Then, using the power of His Spirit, GOD created angels.

But one angel, named Lucifer, began to want things that didn't belong to him.

Lucifer wanted to rule the universe.

After talking some of the other angels into joining forces with him, Lucifer and his army of rebellious followers went to the third heaven and tried to take GOD'S throne away from HIM.

War filled the universe.

But no one is stronger than GOD.

Lucifer and his followers lost the fight and were cast back down to the earth.

GOD changed Lucifer's name to Satan, the enemy of all good

When there's a fight things get hurt!

The earth that GOD had made beautiful had become dark and covered with water.

GOD looked at the waste and confusion Satan had caused and decided to make things right again.

As GOD moved through the thick blackness He considered the hurt and ruin Satan had caused.

GOD loves light and beautiful things, so GOD began His work of making things right again by saying,



Suddenly there was light all around.

But GOD didn't take away all the dark.

He made the light for daytime and kept the dark for nighttime.

GOD looked at what He had done and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the first day of creation.


GOD had created light, but water still filled the air and covered the earth.

On the second day of creation GOD separated the waters above the earth from the waters on the earth, giving us the air we breathe.

GOD called the sky above heaven.

GOD looked at what He had made and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the second day of creation.


On the third day GOD moved the land.

He raised up tall mountains and pushed land down to make deep valleys.

Water from the higher ground began to flow downward.

Seas, rivers and lakes were formed.


On the dry land GOD caused trees and grasses, plants and flowers to spring up, making everything green and beautiful.

GOD looked at what He had created and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the third day of creation.


GOD had made two lights to fill the sky. The greater light, the sun, to shine during the daytime hours, and the lesser light, the moon, to shine during the nighttime.

On the fourth day GOD caused the sun, moon and stars to once more shine down on the earth.

GOD looked at what He had made and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the fourth day of creation.


GOD had been getting the earth ready for living creatures.

On the fifth day God created all the animals that live in the sea.

Both large - and small -

Then He created the birds that fly through the air.  

GOD looked at what He had made and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the fifth day of creation.


On the sixth day GOD made the animals that live on the land.

Each kind of animal was made to have babies that would be just like their mothers and fathers.

The cat kind would have kittens.

The dog kind would have puppies.

The bear kind would have cubs, and so on throughout the animal kingdom.

After GOD had finished making the animals He did something very special.

All the work that GOD had been doing had been leading up to this, GOD'S most important creation!

GOD made man to be after the GOD kind, in the form and shape of GOD, GOD created man.

But where GOD is spirit, man was made from the dust of the ground.

GOD brought every beast of the field, and every bird of the air to Adam, to see what Adam would name them, and whatever Adam named them, that was their name.

But none of them was a suitable companion for Adam. 

GOD knew that it wasn't good for a man to be alone.

GOD caused a deep sleep to come over Adam.

While Adam slept, GOD took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh.

Then from Adam's rib GOD made a woman.

GOD brought the woman to Adam.

Adam said, "This is now bone of my bones

And flesh of my flesh:
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man."

Adam later named the woman Eve, the mother of all living.

GOD looked at what He had made and knew that it was good.

And so the sun set on the sixth day of creation.


On the seventh day GOD rested, not because He was tired, but to set us an example.

For GOD knew that His children would soon forget about Him and all He had done, if they weren't reminded.

So GOD created the Sabbath Day, blessed it, and said it should be remembered.

As GOD instructed, we use the Sabbath to think of GOD and His wonderful creation.

Also, on the Sabbath we set aside special time to talk to God through prayer.

On the Sabbath we let God talk to us through studying His Words in our Bibles.

At the end of the Seven Days of Creation,
GOD looked at all He had made and knew that it was very good.

And so the sun set on the seventh day of creation.

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