Story Of Stuff Questions

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Story Of Stuff Questions:

1. According to Annie, we are using too much stuff (trees, water, soil animals etc.). What percentage of the worlds natural resources have been consumed in the past three decades?

2. One example of the overuse of stuff in the U.S. is the exploitation of the forests. According to Annie, what percentage of forests that were here when Europeans arrived remain untouched?

3. According to Annie, our economy is based on keeping costs of stuff low so it continues to sell. But the way we keep costs down is to "externalize the true costs". Which groups of people pay these costs according to Annie?

4. When the U.S. was in shock after the attacks on 911, the President of the United States called for all Americans to take an action. What was that action?

5. What percentage of the materials that flow through the system described by Annie is still in use 6 months after their date of sale in North America?

6. According to Annie, there are lots of ways for individuals to get involved to change things for the better.  However she claims that the greatest change we can make is in our way of thinking.  Our current system of extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal is based on a linear way of thinking.  Annie claims that thinking must be transformed to value cyclic processes which will use new ideas such as; sustainability, equity, green chemistry, zero waste, closed loop production, renewable energy, and local living economies. Can you think of examples of how your own thinking has changed and what actions you have taken based on this new way of thinking?

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