Story Skeleton Book Report

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Story Skeleton Book Report

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*For this book report, you will need to read a mystery book. In this project, you will tell about the “body of the story.” Put together a “skeletonish” mobile. Use the pieces of the body that are provided. Put the skeleton together with brass fasteners, string, or yarn. All sentences need to be typed, cut out, and glued to the part of the body in which it belongs.
Head: On the front, draw and color the face of the main character. On the back of the head, write your name, title of the book, author, and number of pages.
Chest/Upper Torso: On the front, draw and color where the story mostly takes place, (the setting). On the back, have 2-3 sentences about the setting- where and when the story takes place. (Use details about your setting) They must be complete sentences.
Abdomen/Hips: 3-5 sentences that explain the main problem/mystery or adventure in the book. They must be complete sentences.
Upper Arms: On the front, draw a picture of other important characters. On the back type the character’s name and why they were important. (add atleast 2 more characters per arm)
Lower Arms: Provide interesting details from the book. Write two per arm.
Hands: On the left hand, state the author’s purpose. On the right hand, give the genre of the story.

Thighs: Write other problems that the character must solve on the way to solving the main problem.
Lower Legs: Give 3-5 sentences that explain how the main character solves the main problem/mystery or gets out of the adventure.

Feet: State one thing you like about the book on each foot. If there was something you didn’t like, you can write that on one of the feet.

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