Storybird Tutorial (Script)

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Storybird Tutorial (Script)

Welcome to the Storybird Tutorial. Storybird is a collaborative web tool that allows the users to create their own stories using the artwork provided on the site. Storytellers can invite others to work on developing a story with them as well.
To access the Storybird site, first type in the web address This will take you to the Storybird homepage. You can sign up for an account here. Once you have an account, sign in with your account name and password.
We are now ready to explore Storybird. If you would like to read the Storybirds that others have created, then click here on READ. You can see here that there are different stories to choose from. Click on a story to read and the cover will appear on your screen, as well as the thumbnails of the pages in the book. To read a story, click here and then read the story. When you are finished with a story, click on the escape button. Underneath the story are comments from readers. You can add your comments here.
When you are ready to create your own Storybird, click on the CREATE button. This brings you to a page that shows a variety of artwork. Choose a theme or art that you like and click on it.
Now you have been brought to your storyboard to begin writing. Choose from the variety of related images on the sides. You can drag and drop an image and change it if you choose. Move the image around to place it where you would like on the page. Now begin writing. To add a new page just click here on add a page and continue in the same manner.

To save your story click on save. Under menu you have the option to invite a friend to help you in writing your story. You can also save the story and publish it. Until it is published, it will be kept private. You can share this story with friends and family.
Now you have created a Storybird. Enjoy!

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