Storyboarding your ad

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Storyboarding your ad

To make a good ad you must prepare carefully what you will need to shoot before you go out and start filming with your camera.
Your task is to produce a storyboard segment of your favourite ad from the ones studied in this module.
Think back on what shots stood out to you and how the product was presented.
You must use between 8 and 12 shots for your segment. Within your storyboard you should aim to get a variety of shots, angles and camera movement.
Don’t worry about drawing works of art, stick figures are fine. It is more important that you are “setting the mood” and “selling the product” in the shots and techniques you chose to use.
A successful storyboard will include:

 a ‘pack shot’ – that is, a close up of the product

 at least one WS, MS, CU or ECU

 a high angle, a low angle and an eye-level shot.

 a P.O.V shot

 shots that last different lengths of time

 shots that incorporate, panning / zooming and possibly tracking and/or tilting

 voice over, jingle or dialogue that catches the audience’s attention.

To jog your memory....
Mum deodorant, L & P, Brylcreem, Meal Mates, Gregg’s Coffee, TV3, KFC …

Shot #

Shot #



Shot #

Shot size:


Camera movement:

Sound / Dialogue:

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