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Monday 16th Oct Liam dates Maria, Charlie lays into him
Monday 6th Nov Liam looks to buy Danny’s share of the factory
Wednesday 8th Nov Danny tells Liam the factory sale is off
Sunday 12th Nov Liz wants to sack Michelle, Steve pulls rank to keep her
Monday 13th Nov Michelle angry with Steve when he uses her to get Bev out

Monday 4th Dec Michelle and Steve kiss under the mistletoe

Steve bottles it when he tries to ask her on a date

Monday 11th Dec Neither Steve or Michelle will make the first move
Friday 15th Dec Michelle finally arranges a date with Steve
Monday 18th Dec Steve agrees to go to Michelle’s gig as their date
Friday 22nd Dec Steve and Michelle’s date is a disaster

Michelle goes off with sonny

Sunday 24th Dec Sonny asks Michelle to a New Year’s Eve party
Friday 29th Dec Steve engineers Michelle working on New Year’s Eve

Sunday 31st Dec Steve plan backfires when sonny comes to the pub

Monday 1st Jan Michelle fed up of Steve’s games
Fri 5th jan steve cultivates his love ally ryan
Sun 7th jan steve deleivers a surprise visitre to michelles date
Mon 8th jan michelle wont forgive steve and bicker during the quiz
Wed 10th jan steve feels michelle is slipping away
Fri 15th jan michelles date with sonny is interrupted by carla and paul
Wed 17th jan carla approves of sonny
Fri 31st jan steves hopes for michelle start to wither
Sun4th feb michelle serious about sonny
Mon 5th feb sonny is no stranger to sean- hes an ex!-sean confronts sonny
Wed 7th feb tracy kisses steve,sean awkward around sonny
Fri 9th feb steve and tracy get closer, blanche notices

Sun 11 feb steve and tracy shag
Mon feb 12th michelle mocks steves shag with tracy-he tries to make her jealous.michelle asks sonny to stay the night

Wed 14th feb sonny flirts with sean

Fri 16th feb steve paints a picture of romance to michelle
Sun 18th feb steve sows seeds of doubt in michells mind.she asks sonny about his past relationships
Wed 21st feb steve feels the needs for a night away from tracy
Fri 23rd feb sonny sees sean on night out .steve sees them snog
Sun 25th feb Jamie learns that sonny is seans mystery fella
Mon 26th feb sonny and sean meet.-they kiss again. Seans heart breaks as he watches sonny with michelle
Wed 28th feb michelle thinks sonny will ask her to move in
Friday 2nd march michelles engagement forces steves hand
Sunday 4th march seans lies to michelle face about sonny
Monday 5th march sean is forced to come clean to paul and liam/michelle hurt by seans betrayal
Wednesday 7th march steve misjudges michelles mood
Friday 9th march sean finds sonny too hard to resist

Sunday 11th march sean tells sonny its best they don’t see each other

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