Storytelling Evaluation Sheet Name Basic Considerations

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Storytelling Evaluation Sheet

Basic Considerations (Passing Work)
Narrator Looks at Individuals

Eyes up Half the Time

Volume Loud Enough to be Heard

Movement Broad Enough to be Seen

Unconnected Behavior "Bracketed"

"Leads" Audience to Relax
Story Structure (Adequate Work)
Episodic Structure
Major Episodes of the Story Clear

Logical Story Progression

Clear Beginning and Ending

Story Visualization (Good Work)
Character Realization
Clear Characters

Distinct Voices for Characters

Distinct Posture & Behavior for Characters
Descriptive Details
Setting Described Vividly

Characters Described Vividly

Action Described Vividly

Performance Quality-Connecting w/Audience (Excellent Work)
Performer Exaggerates for Performance Effect

Performer Varies Rate for Audience Interest

Performer Employs Dramatic Pauses Effectively

Performer Employs Comic Timing Effectively

Audience Responds to Performer

Performer Allows Audience Time to Respond

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