Storytelling Skills The Inspiring 21st Century Communication Tool

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Storytelling Skills - The Inspiring 21st Century Communication Tool

Now more than ever we all have to maximise our resources and the positive impact we have on our work and colleagues. Despite smaller budgets and smaller teams there is often a greater need to deliver concise yet positive, meaningful and memorable explanations and presentations. Storytelling skills allow you to achieve this again and again.

There has been a growing resistance from individuals despite their level of education to the so called ‘Gobbledegook' and ‘management/corporate speak'. There is a desire from professionals and individual community members for plain speaking and the ability for those who need to get information to them to be able to do it in a plain, simple yet effective way.

Storytelling skills have been successfully employed to do this from large public meetings to one on one consultations.

By attending this course and learning storytelling skills you will be able to enhance your communications skills and enjoy doing it.

You will also be learning how storytelling skills can help you with:

  • Communicating memorably

  • Engaging people's imagination

  • Bringing out the best in others

  • Grabbing and keeping people's attention
  • Accessing skills that will increase your creativity, allow you to create new and imaginative ways of communicating with people and allow you to challenge stereotypes and perceptions in a fun and productive way

  • Identifying connections

Understand how you can use storytelling skills to bring your professional communications, presentations and conversations to life making them interesting and memorable.

Learn how storytelling can be used as a communication tool to cut through organisational language, and allow people to really connect with each other.

Consider how storytelling can allow people to express themselves, no matter what their accent or how they speak.

Understand that storytelling values difference, allowing us to communicate with people who may not have the best literacy skills, may have sight or hearing impairments, or for whom English is their second language.

To consider how to use storytelling skills in your own role and to encourage others to use them where appropriate.

Who Should attend
Anyone who wants to improve their communication with other professionals and to a wide range of individuals and leaders within communities.

Councillors, Managers, Team leaders and particularly anyone who has responsibility to directly communicate with colleagues, the public and media

During the session you will:

  • Be coached through some basic storytelling skills

  • Be told a story

  • Tell your story from your first exercise

  • Learn and practice more advanced storytelling skills

  • Re-tell your stories
  • Develop your own stories

  • Be coached on how you are going to use these skills in your work

A level 1 storytelling skills certificate from the course leader will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete the course. This certificate from one of the leading storytelling skills trainers in the UK is seen as a genuine benchmark in a fast growing area of communication.


One day (9.30 – 3.30)


Richard O’Neill, North West Employers Associate

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