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Student Rewards


Help custodian clean cafeteria

Work in the lunchroom

Be the teacher's helper

Pass out materials for teacher

Feed the class pet

Pledge leader

Room messenger

Make deliveries to and from the office

Assist in office sorting mail for one week

Work as the Principal apprentice for 20 minutes

Read the morning announcements over loudspeaker to the school

Operate the remote for a PowerPoint lesson

Run the smart board for the teacher.

Help a specials teacher (e.g., art, music, gym)

Help the library media specialist

Be a helper in another classroom

Older students help in school store (application process for 5th graders)

Show a new student around the school

First pick

Have first pick for playtime for a day

Have first choice in selecting work materials (e.g., scissors, crayons, paper) and/or seating assignments

Let student be first in line for lunch, recess, and/or bus


Select a fun class activity from a list of choices (e.g., Heads-up 7-up)

Let student choose a story or earn extra story for class

Choose any class job for the week

Choose music for the class to hear

Choose the game during physical education/recess

Choose which homework problem the teacher will give the answer to for a freebie

Select a fun class activity from a list of choices (e.g., Heads-up 7-up)

Let student choose a story or earn extra story for class

Pick a game at recess that everyone plays including the teacher

Choose the center that they want to go to first

Choose the order of assignments for the day

Get “free choice” time at the end of the day

Special Privileges

Walk with a peer in the hall instead of with an adult

Use the computer for typing up assignments

Audio record a story instead of writing

Technology pass

Front-row seating @ sports events

Have a tardy forgiven.

An extra hallway pass

Teach a lesson

Hold teacher’s microphone

Visit with a favorite staff member

Be the line leader or the caboose

Be the scout (person who goes ahead of class to tell the special teacher they are on the way)

Let student work near a class pet or have caged pet on desk for the day

Be the leader of a class game

Sit near the teacher

Be allowed to sit, stand, or lie down anywhere in the classroom during story time or independent seat work

Move the teacher’s chair to your table and sit in it for15 minutes

Borrow the principal’s chair for the day

Do work at the teacher’s desk for 15 minutes

Sit in the rocking chair during story time

Bring slippers to school and wear them in class

Wear your favorite hat for a work period

Be selected by the teacher to accompany another student to a fun activity

Dance to favorite music in the classroom (Have top grade come down and teach lower grade how to do a dance

Listen to music while working

Take off shoes in class

Draw on the chalkboard/whiteboard/easel

Get a drink from the cold water fountain

Keep a stuffed animal at desk

Read outdoors

Select a paperback book to take home to read from the teacher’s personal library

Take care of the class animal

Take home a class game for a night

Teach the class a favorite game

Play favorite game or puzzle

Use colored chalk

Watch a video instead of recess

Have Fun Friday

Choose seat in class, cafeteria, bus

Longer lunch periods

Special Days (CD, Movie, Field)

Pajama day, dress down day, sport shirt day, hat day

Special cushion on student’s chair

Get to play dress up at lunch time and sit at a special table (suits and dress hats)

Special Privileges/

Attention involving others

Have an older student come to class and read to you.

Invite an adult “reading buddy” of student’s choice to classroom to read with student.

Help in a lower level class

Read to a younger class

Playing a board game with school counselor or other preferred adult.

Play a game with a friend.

Have lunch with the principal, teacher, etc.

Eat lunch with a preferred adult or invited adult (grandparent, aunt, uncle)at school.

Eat lunch outdoors with the class

Eat with a friend in the classroom (with the teacher)

Seating (with a friend) in a reserved section of the lunchroom.

Sit with a friend at assembly, etc.

Enjoy a positive visit with the principal

Help the secretary with stuffing envelopes, etc.

Enjoy class outdoors for the whole class

Earn the privilege of emailing a parent at work telling of accomplishments

Go on a walking field trip (earn privilege for whole class)

Receive a 5-minute chat break at the end of the class or at the end of the day

No tardy party: carnival like atmosphere

Get one minute to share a story/joke with entire class

Take attendance & other paperwork to the office

Cut the principals tie off and have your picture featured on a bulletin board with neck part of tie as the frame (ties are donated)

Duct tape the principal to the wall during lunch or an assembly

Get to eat lunch with a special teacher

Have a drawing lesson from the art teacher

Special Privileges Related to the Curriculum

Let student dictate a story that someone types and prints for the student to illustrate.

Coupon for free test answer-like phone a friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Illustrate the story being read on the board

Get a free computer lesson from the computer teacher

Get to go read in a special place (i.e., a bathtub filled with pillows)

Have a reading party- bring slumber bags, pajamas, flashlight and favorite books go into gymnasium and get everyone situated – then turn out the lights and let everyone read inside their sleeping bags for an hour or two.

Play secretary at the board for the teacher (write what the teacher tells student to write)

Write with a special pen for the day

Write with a special pencil for the day

Write with a marker for the day

Earn free tutoring time from the teacher (spelling secrets, math secrets, writing secrets)

Write or draw on blackboard/whiteboard/easel paper.

Design and/or make a class/school bulletin board

Post drawings or other artwork in a public place.

Post writings in a public place.

Homework due date extended for one day.

Get a “no homework” pass

Do half of an assignment

Let student use computer.

Play academic computer games.

Spend time (with appropriate supervision) on the Internet at academic sites.

Write a story for a younger grade and read it to the class or put the story in the library

Listen to books-on-tape (with headset)

Read a book of his/her choice.

Go to the library to select a book.

Read a book aloud to class.

Choose a book for the teacher to read aloud to the class

Select a friend as a “study buddy” on an in-class work assignment.

Learn how to do special graphics or sound on the computer

Learn how to draw something that looks hard, but with help is easy

Enter a drawing for donated prizes among students who meet certain grade standards

Get a flash cards set printed from a computer

Read morning classroom announcements

Teach the class a lesson

Have teacher share a special skill (e.g. Sing)

Getting to design school gotchas and have them printed for the whole school

Positive Public Recognition

Have class give student applause at end of day.

Rent space on a hallway bulletin board to display work

Secret cupid (leprechaun, bunny, pumpkin, Johnny appleseed) this person remains anonymous. This person watches all day and then reports to front office who had the best behavior witnessed in the school all day. That student is announced at the end of the day to come down for a 25 point gotcha. Keep the mystery spy a secret.

Congratulate student in front of class.

Getting a yard sign to put in your yard about your “excellent behavior”

Allow student to tell a joke or riddle to the class.

Student shows or tells the class something they have or done.

Name put on school marquee outside with specific message about the student

Take student’s picture and post it in public place in the school

Take glitter eye shadow and touch top of children’s hands and tell them they sparkle

Get picture of self and friend on scrolling picture frame or hung in the hall on a bulletin board

Post banner or poster with student’s name and accomplishment.

Be praised on school-wide announcements for good behavior or caring attitude.

Give student a paper crown /super cape to wear.

Earn/Receive a paper award/certificate/trophy/plaque/ribbon

Identify student as “special student of the day” with a badge they can wear.

Allow student to keep a special trophy or stuffed animal on desk for the day.

Grade level picture in the hall for class/person exceptionally meeting expectation they focused on that 6 weeks

Reward banquet


Looking for what is right and giving tokens loudly to influence others

I Spy caught them doing well

Positive Private Recognition

Be praised privately by the teacher or another adult.

Note to preferred adult, either at school or at home (i.e. aunt) about good behavior

Get a silent “thumbs up” or other sign from teacher indicating praise and approval

Have teacher make positive phone call home.

Allow student to call/email parent(s).

Receive a note of recognition from the teacher or principal

Special Activities/


Listen to music.

Play non-academic computer games; Spend time on the Internet at pre-identified recreational sites.

Earn time with a friend to play WiiFit (get one donated through

Select fun activity from “Activity Shelf” (stocked with play materials, games, puzzles, arts & crafts materials).

Earn a free pass to a school event or game

Watch part or all of a video

Give free passes to elementary students for high school basketball/football games, which benefit high school because parents purchase tickets to attend with child.


Extra time for lunch/breakfast

Extra time at a preferred center

Earn a free story for the whole class.

Let the student earn extra minutes of recess for entire class.

Get extra gym time with another class.

Get extra recess time with another class.

Earn extra computer time

Earn extra credit

Get extra art/music time

Token systems/


Earn a gift certificate to the school store or book fair

Earn a pass to the zoo, aquarium, or museum

Earn an item such as a Frisbee, hula hoop, jump rope, paddleball or sidewalk chalk, which promote physical activity

Earn play money to be used for privileges

Earn points for good behavior to “buy” unique rewards (e.g. Autographed items with special meaning or lunch with the teacher)

Get a video store or movie theatre coupon

Receive a “mystery pack” (gift-wrapped items such as a notepad, folder, puzzle, sports cards, etc.)

Receive a plant, seeds and a pot for growing

Receive art supplies, coloring books, glitter, bookmarks, rulers, stencils, stamps, pens, pencils, erasers and other school supplies

Take a trip to the treasure box (non-food items such as water bottles, stickers, key chains, temporary tattoos, yo-yo’s, bubbles, spider rings, charms and pencil toppers)

Class contingency “class cash”

Raffle tickets entered at lunch, drawing at end of the day; Grade levels with own color ticket

“Be Real” Certificate: caught doing the right thing – goes into a lottery


Front of snack line

Have a free serving of milk

Ice cream, cookies, pizza, popcorn, snow cone

Purchase snacks at school store

Ideas for identifying/

obtaining reinforcers

Donations from Universities/Colleges

Business partners,

Relationship with Kiwanis Club, Lions, etc.

Target , Wal-Mart, Kohl’s Cares

Identify parent at school who own local businesses,

Asked faculty members to brainstorm,

Local store provided tickets,

PTSA involvement,

Ask neighboring restaurants to donate items,

Ask for free items to auction off (tickets to the movie, gift certificates, etc.),

Garage sale type activity (donations),

Auction (donation from local businesses),

Flea Market (teachers donate items)

Awards Specials Staff Can Give to Whole Class

Book-Shaped clock for best manners in library

Gold or Platinum LP Record for class with best manners in music for the week

Golden Apple Award for class with best lining up at recess

Golden Maracas Award for class with best manners in Spanish class

Golden Mouse Award for class with best manners in computer class

Golden paintbrush Award for class with best manners in Art class

Golden Plunger Award for cleanest classroom (given by custodian)

Golden Spatula Award for class with best manners in cafeteria

Golden sports trophy for class with best manners in PE

Golden Trash Can Award

Platinum of all the above – since platinum is the new “gold”

Shelf Elf for best manners in library – sits in winning classroom for a week

Sock it to Ya –Best manners in PE class


**In addition to the ideas listed below, review suggestions for elementary students for rewards that can be tweaked to be developmentally appropriate for secondary students. Many of the elementary ideas apply to secondary students as well (e.g., homework pass).

Earn gas coupons

Assigned parking space up front

Dismissed early (e.g., 5 minutes)

Reserved seating at a school event for student and five friends

Free passes to extracurricular events/ Tickets to sports events, dances

Movie & Popcorn

Game day

Free time to socialize.

Permission to use Walkman or IPod for a period of time.

Fear factor

Adult volunteers to write a job recommendation for the student

Let student teach a portion of the lesson.

Extra time to hang out in halls before school starts

Getting to shoot a video about the school’s expectations to show on CC TV

Let student make a bulletin board in the front hall highlighting an event of choice

Make the morning announcements

2 points on test, or 3 points on quiz

Get out of homework or ½ off pass or an extra day extension

Post drawings or other artwork in a public place.

Post writings in a public place.

Choosing what assignment the class does for homework

Student gets to pick which problem the teacher will make a freebie answer on homework

Free library pass to research a topic of interest

Choosing to do a PowerPoint for the class on subject of interest

Café in cafeteria, teachers serve lunch

Dress as the school mascot during a game

Get out of one tardy free pass

Get out of assembly/pep rally pass or if students are limited get a pass to an assembly/pep rallly

Opportunity to eat lunch outdoors at a special table

Hall pass to leave class 5 minutes early

Opportunity to wear jeans instead of school uniform for a day

Privilege of leaving book in class overnight instead of having to lug to locker

Office aid for a period

Opportunity to be part of a brainstorming adult team at the school (e.g., help PTO develop ways to reward teachers who go out of their way to help students).

Opportunity to shadow business owner for a day- credit for writing about the experience

Opportunity to shadow the principal for an hour or the day

Opportunity to take care of lab animals in Science class

Serve as a student ambassador if visitors come to the school

Sit at score table in basketball game

Sit in score box at a football game

Sitting in the teacher’s chair for the period

Principal grills hotdogs for students who have 0 tardies in the month & this student helps

A set amount of money off prom/homecoming ticket, ticket to a school even

Privilege of seeing embarrassing photo of teacher/principal that no one else sees (Senior Portrait)

Special recognition at any school event- Guest DJ one song at dance etc.

Student plans spirit week activity for one of the days (hat day, sunglasses etc.)

Send home a postcard about positive things the student has done this week or what they admire about the student

Shake student’s hand and congratulate in a very “adult-to-adult” manner.

Sent student or parent(s) a letter via the mail.

‘Adopt’ a younger student and earn (through good behavior) daily visits to check-in with that student as an older mentor.

Be appointed timekeeper for an activity: announce a 5-minute warning near end of activity and announce when activity is over.

Be given responsibility for assigning other students in the class to helping roles, chores, or tasks.

Earn a class party.

Allow students to have input in sort of events/reinforcements they want

Assisting coach for any sport

Sing karaoke during lunch (approved songs)

Call in to radio station and make a request and teacher plays station in the classroom during appropriate time

Chance to go to grade school and teach students about a topic of interest

Designing theme for school dance, ice cream social, game night

Earn the chance to apprentice on Saturday at a local store or business

Earn the chance to be the water/towel person at a sporting event.

Earn the chance to do stagecraft for any school performance (lights, stage design, props)

Earn the chance to scoreboard assist at a game

Earn free tutoring from the teacher

Have computer teacher teach special computer skills (animation, graphics, CAD, gaming skills, etc.)

Learn how to play a sport even if they didn’t make the team

Serve as door greeter for parent night at school with badge of honor to wear

Serve as a teacher aid for a special needs classroom

Get to paint a ceiling tile to go in the hallway

Get a golf cart ride from the student parking lot up to the school in the morning and then again at the end of the day

Getting picture on school poster about school expectations

Buzz cut a design into the principal’s/custodian’s, etc. hair

Listen to music in class

Getting to scoop food at the cafeteria for lunch period (social opportunity)

Getting to stay after school and shoot hoops with a teacher of choice or a few friends

Give students template for a PowerPoint game (tons available for free online) “are you smarter than a fifth grader”; “who wants to be a millionaire”; Jeopardy”, etc. Let them make up a review for a test using the template

Learn how to play chess

Opportunity to introduce players over the PA during a home game

Serve as a “page” for a local politician for the day

Teaching special needs students how to play a game

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