Student Senate Agenda Date: October 6, 2010 Time and Location: 6: 00 pm; Port O’ Call; Cartwright Center


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University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Student association

235 Cartwright Center 1725 State Street La Crosse, WI 54601 (608) 785-8717

Student Senate Agenda

Date: October 6, 2010

Time and Location: 6:00 PM; Port O’ Call; Cartwright Center

  1. Call to Order

    1. 6:01 p.m.

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Roll Call

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. Verhoeven/Cruz

    2. Motion to suspend the rules in order to allow a new resolution to be moved under discussion

      1. Cruz/Holen

      2. Point of Information: Is this time sensitive?

        1. Yes

      3. Vote

        1. Passed 22/2/1

    3. Vote

      1. Passed

  5. Approval of Minutes

    1. Passaro/Cruz

    2. Vote

      1. Passed

  6. Guest Speakers

    1. Josh Whitman, Athletic Director

      1. Hello, I appreciate the invitation to come meet with you today. I have only been on campus so far three weeks. I thought I could give you a little bit of information on my background as well as my vision for the athletic department.
      2. I grew up in Indiana and went to the University of Illinois. I played football there in the 90’s. I played professional football for 4 years. I went to law school then took a job with a clerk. I worked for a firm known for its sports law practice. Every decision I have made since becoming a professional has been with an eye towards putting myself in a position like this one. I have always felt strongly about college athletics. I believe very strongly in the educational mission of college sports particularly at the division 3 level. In division one football, there were a lot of trade-offs between your personal life and educational career. I feel that in a division three environment, there are appropriate bounds to all of these aspects. This position here in La Crosse seemed to match my own values and beliefs.

      3. As a new athletic director, there is nothing better than to see a brand new beautiful football stadium. It is a tremendous benefit to the sports program but also the campus and community. I see us working hand in glove for the betterment of our university and community. I really believe in connecting as opposed to student athletes living a segregated existence. Our student athletes are your friends, they live in the dorms, and they are the peers who are eating with you. We are extremely appreciative for your assistance and help. I am available at any time to provide any information or answer any questions that you may have.

      4. Question: What do you see for the future of the athletics budget? What are you going to do to work to not lose sporting events in the light of the current budget crisis?

        1. One of the primary responsibilities that I have been charged with is development and fundraising. We have refocused our responsibilities; Kim Blume is taking up the internal responsibilities of our department which has freed up my time to work out in the community with donors to try to increase our resources. As you know, our operating budget is almost entirely paid for by students’ segregated fees so we are that much more committed to paying attention to students needs. I hope everyone appreciates that we here at UW-L have one of the country’s most elite division three sports. We finished 7th in the country out of 400 division three schools. We have the best public school division three (we were the only public school in the top 7). Unfortunately I believe our margin is diminishing and it my job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

      5. Are there other events that you are looking to bring to campus?
        1. I’m thrilled about the state track meet. We have looked at concerts and different types of sporting events. Almost every night of the week there are high school football games, semi-professional games or REC games. There are some warranty issues of what we can and can’t do on the field. We’re trying to find some alternative ways to do some of the things we want to. I haven’t been here quite long enough to know what exactly those things are.

      6. In years from now, do you see a need for independent donations to be factored into our budget to get the things we need?

        1. I’m always hesitant to make private dollars which are contingent on the whims of donors. We are not at a point where we can count a regular stream of money. We can look for ways to tweak it and build it but it will be down the road a ways if it does happen. We would really have to change the culture within our program rather than go out repeatedly and solicit donations because we do not have the people power. If we can ever be of service or assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    2. Eric Schmidt, City Council

      1. Alternate side parking changed this year if everyone isn’t aware, everyone needs to re-enter their phone numbers again. If anyone has any questions about the alternate side parking, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      2. The decriminalization of marijuana is happening this week. It’s giving prosecutors another option. Say someone is caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana. This would give the prosecutors to charge offender with a fine as opposed to a crime. It’s a pretty tight issue; there has been a lot of discussion about how this affects students. This is one topic that students’ voices will really be taken into account. You may want to get your voice in on this.

      3. I hope you look into the buses in the city. If we would like to get the city circulator started, I challenge you to get out and voice your opinion so we can move forward.

      4. If you guys have any questions, Brad and I are good resources for that. We will probably be the only politicians you’ll see in the next month not asking for a vote, but just to hear information from you all.
      5. Question: how is the high speed route going?

        1. The city voted to pass the route going on in La Crosse but now it goes through to the state. We haven’t gotten to see if the state will fund it.

      6. Do you know anything about the bus route from campus to the mall in Onalaska ending?

        1. I have not heard anything about that. I will look into it though.

      7. Are there any issues with the fire department in La Crosse and them being understaffed? Is there any new news? Is the community in danger?

        1. From June there has been a hiring freeze. There are a lot of politics of butting heads between the chief and the mayor. There will not be much change in this area, if anything it would be on the north side. But there are still providing the same services.

      8. Is the vote on the decriminalization of marijuana tomorrow or next Thursday?

        1. It is tomorrow. It is very important to get students opinions on this. It is a very close vote, 6-8.

      9. Where is the vote tomorrow?

        1. It will be at the city hall at the end of La Crosse St.

      10. How do you see the upcoming elections and the clash of interest between parties affecting La Crosse?

        1. I have had conversations with both of them; they have been more than helpful to me and helping the city. I have found them both to be helpful at a city level.

    3. Brad Konkel, County Board
      1. There are just a couple things I wanted to share with you guys. In November we will be voting on our budget. I encourage you to show up and voice your opinion because there are key issues affecting UW-La Crosse. That will be November 8 at 6 pm. That will be the public hearing, immediately following we will move into voting. I look forward to seeing some of you there. That is right next to City Hall on 4th St.

      2. Last year we had prescription discount cards, we still have those. This year we have reached an agreement with NACO, we will be receiving dental discounts. It will be about $20-25 for a teeth cleaning with the dentists that are working with us.

      3. High speed rail: We have been in discussion with DOT and what is going on with high speed rail. It has been kind of put on hold due to the gubernatorial race. It will be interesting to see what happens. We have started talking about getting RTA’s in place (Regional Trains Authority). Eau Claire is working on a light rail project lately. It is looking more and more like La Crosse will get it if the state decides to move forward with the project.

      4. Question: With the dental card and the prescription card, is that state wide or county wide?

        1. It is county wide. There is a little bit of a fee for NACO but they offer training and guidance for our faculty and staff. There are some nice features to give back to our community. Those should be arriving in the next couple of weeks.

    4. Tim Keneipp, Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition
      1. I am the president of the board of the Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition which is a grassroots organization advocating for bicycling conditions. We have been trying to improve the bicycling conditions for the community as well as this whole campus. We are hoping that by next year of some time we will be working with the university and have some more adult education. We made a decision a few months ago deciding about what our next projects were. We made a decision to work on a broad policy base. Complete Streets is more of a philosophy instead of a concrete things but it is building streets for all users. It is all about moving people whether its transit, car, walking or biking. We want to bring this state level law down to the community level. About 20% of roads are state funded. 80% of roads are not covered by state law. We need local level laws.

      2. I want you to get involved. It is a great opportunity, we welcome students have great student membership. I’m not sure if you need a motion or how it works but we have spoken with the chancellor of the university. We have national organizations sign on supporters but we would like to see the university stand up and say that the safety of our students and community members is important. It’s necessary to tell your chancellor that this is something important to you. We are having public meetings in La Crosse; we have one coming up on the 13th at the Onalaska public library.

  7. Officer Reports

    1. President

      1. I encourage all students to attend the political debates that will be every Tuesday in the month of October. Next week it will be the 95th and 96th assembly districts which represent campus.

      2. Oct 3-9 is fire prevention week. I recommend viewing the video that is on the homepage about former student Peter Talen who passed away in a fire in November 2007

    2. Vice-President

      1. Please remember that being a senator is not just coming here and sitting here but also being actively engaged in your committee meetings as well as this meeting. When you’re engaging your constituents please bring their issues forward in the form of resolutions and stuff.

      2. If you are unable to make one of the meetings for your committees, please contact your chair.

      3. OMSS retreat was this weekend, Dorothy and I had a fantastic time!

    3. Chief Financial Officer
      1. An additional $201.68 was charged to the Student Association account for Food & Food Services Contract with Chartwells. It is a controlled blanket order as expected in the budget.

      2. The current balance of Student Association agency account is $423.01

      3. SUFAC has decided (unofficially – not submitted to Senate yet) that SA carry over $0.00 from $5,000 last year.

      4. SA is requesting for $2,700 to purchase 2 new Dell laptops for the Secretary and the Campus Lawyer. If Senators have any question regarding the quote (later in discussion), do not hesitate to ask me.

      5. Reminder – Capital fund /One-shot request is due Oct 15th.

    4. Shared Governance Director

      1. The IT Task force is looking for a new IT coordinator

      2. Provost Kathleen

        1. Kaplan Enterprises – Global Pathways

          1. Looking for a discussion about exploring this as a possibility

          2. Looking for a way to leverage the recruiting expertise to international enrollment for UW-L

          3. Program on campus is highly specialized for the campus

          4. Limited as we are for recruitment, cannot grow in number of students without having more staff

      3. Update on Chartwells

        1. Starting Oct 17th Happy Hour at Murphy’s Mug from 7-10 pm and Cyber Café from 4:30-6:30 pm

        2. Cooking classes starting: Wed Oct 13th at 7 pm, Indian cuisine will be the first type of food made

      4. Board of Regents meeting is on Friday!

    5. Legislative Issues Director
      1. Thanks to everyone that came to the Political Debate yesterday. Cheryl Hancock and Mike Huebsch were here. There will be a debate every Tuesday at 7pm in Port O Call, with all the different candidates that are running for election on November 2nd.

      2. Ron Kind and Jennifer Shilling were on campus yesterday and talked to us about their campaigns also.

      3. That brings me to GOTV (Get out the Vote). Thanks everyone who has started doing work for this campaign. We started our tabling yesterday. I realized on the signup sheet I made a mistake and the tabling is in Cartwright not at the clock tower…very sorry. We will be doing more tabling next week Tuesday and Wednesday, at Cartwright and Whitney. If you still want a shirt or need more voter registration forms just let me know.

      4. We will be doing some dorm storms hopefully Sunday, October 10th, Monday, October 11th, and Tuesday, October 12th and lastly Wednesday October 13th …look out for an email with the definite information.

    6. Social Justice Director

      1. OMSS Leadership Retreat this past weekend.  Missy and I did a session on First- Order Change VS. Second-Order Change; a huge part of this was to draw some concrete action plan(s) on how to centralize diversity into our institution as well as action plan(s) on inclusive excellence.  The retreat consisted of many leadership and team building sessions, workshops, and games; around 60 people all from the multicultural organizations, DOC, Student Senate, and GREEK Life attended.  I strongly encourage student senators to cease this opportunity next school year.

      2. DOC this Monday, October 11th in 263 CC

        1. We will be focusing on what social justice changes we want to see occur on our campus and how we are going to make that happen: action plan(s)

        2. Also narrowing down our ideas on campaign work
      3. Silent Rally For Equality

        1. Saturday, October 16, meet at 11:30 a.m. in Cameron Park, King and Fifth Street, La Crosse, WI.

        2. Feel free to bring signs, rainbow flags, and other symbols of Pride & Equality to display during our Silent Rally. We will walk in unity to stand silently on the bridge from noon-12:30 ish. This is one of our events in recognition of National Coming Out Day.

    7. Public Relations

      1. Finishing up design for Vote Campaign

      2. now that we have the new freshmen seats taken it would be nice to get an entire group picture so if everyone could dress up for the next meeting

      3. Also please come see me after this meeting if you have not had your individual pictures taken

    8. Local Affairs

      1. Tenant Advocacy group, Meeting later on in October. (October 20)

      2. Thanks again to Brad Konkel and Eric Schmidt for coming in and talking with us.

      3. Just a reminder that attending City Council Meetings like the one tomorrow night at 7:30pm counts towards our Civic Engagement hours goal for Student Association.

    9. Gender Issues

      1. Next Tuesday and Thursday, at the La Crosse Library on Main Street, New Horizons is sponsoring a showing of the documentary on domestic violence called “Amy’s Story”, which will be followed by a discussion with a panel including the La Crosse County DA, Judge Gonzales, Sgt. Neumann from the La Crosse Police Department among others.
        1. The documentary is really good, and the event should be really cool, so I am working on getting the word out here on campus to try and get some students to attend

        2. I’ve notified the Women’s Studies faculty and they plan on sending out an e-mail to all of the majors and minors

        3. Our PR Director was kind of enough to help me create a flyer

      2. Also. Fair Wisconsin is an advocacy organization for LGBT equality. It basically seeks to educate Wisconsin voters on LGBT issues at the state level, and to educate voters on where the various candidates stand on LGBT issues during Wisconsin elections. I believe that Fair Wisconsin has a chapter of volunteers and organizers at most of the UW schools, and there is Fair Wisconsin group at UW-L

        1. I spoke recently with the coordinator of Fair Wisconsin efforts here at UW-L, and she was in need of a volunteer to be a Ward Captain for the voting ward that basically encompasses most of the student housing around campus

        2. So, I volunteered to do that. I’m not entirely sure of what all of my responsibilities will be, but I know that I will be canvassing student housing, coordinating volunteer efforts, working to get students registered to vote, and things of that nature.

    10. Others

  8. RHAC Report

    1. We are right in the middle of Kraze Days week on Drake Field.

  9. Advisor Reports
    1. Paula: We did have two young men that were arrested a week ago Monday. They were in court today and were officially charged with first degree sexual assault. It is not my place to be talking about it or influence your perceptions or the courts perception so I am going to be very protective of the individuals involved. Quite honestly, I don’t know where the truth lies. The alleged incident did involve two young men against another young man. The university police thought it appropriate to be taken to the court system. It is important to communicate with the campus community. We have done an emergency suspension which really means it is temporary that was placed on them the day following the event. They have a right to the hearing within 21 days of that emergency suspension. The court has ruled that they cannot be on campus. Our intention is to remove the emergency suspension and reviewing them on their code of conduct. With a regular conduct case we would typically have 45 days to take action and make sure that we are offering a fair process to all those involved. We are not trying to assign blame at all that is not our role in the process. This is sad and serious and we have a lot of lives that are harmed in this situation. I think as the case unfolds you’ll share my sadness in watching it. I want to say that I do not think anyone involved is inherently evil.

    2. This situation has enforced the necessity of discussing sexual assault. Typically sexual assault happens between a male perpetrator versus a female. This is a different case. It is important to say that sexual assault is not about sex or relationships; it is about power and control. As we move forward I would like to suggest that this is really an issue of masculinity, we have had no clues that this was a hate incidence. Young men in the room, I think it’s important to step up if you see something inappropriate going on. In this case, it was reported rather quickly and the campus police were able to gather information and talk to witness and explore the facts.

    3. I challenge you to think about what and how would you communicate this situation knowing all of the implications. I have received several emails from either end of the spectrum of thanking me for communicating this and others saying they do not think it’s appropriate to hurt those involved.

    4. Questions: Are the details of this incident public?

      1. Part of the reason for the real limited information is because it isn’t public record. Once it is officially charged, it does become public record. I do not think, out of respect for the individuals this information and a lot of the details will not be made public. Please be critical thinkers and be sure that anything you hear is from an accurate source.

    5. There was a racquet article released recently, what is the accuracy of that article?

      1. I’m going to ask your forgiveness because I have not had a chance yet to read this article. I do know that the racquet was looking into it so we did have a conversation with them about the proper investigation methods. I’ll have to get back to you.
    6. Speaking of rumors, I was informed by other students that students are leaving the university because of this incident?

      1. We have students who have decided to leave the university because of this incident. Which is why I’ve been saying that a lot of people have been negatively impacted by this incident. What we have done is to make sure that there are no problems with transferring credits.

    7. Did this involve the wrestling team?

      1. Wrestling has not started yet so they were not on the team but they were aspiring wrestlers.

    8. Was this in a happy triple room?

      1. I would just as soon not go there in order to protect the identity of all those involved. I haven’t been sharing these kinds of things with anyone.

    9. Have there been any efforts in the residence halls to hold sessions educating others about sexual assault?

      1. We have been holding sessions about bystander intervention and homophobia issues. We talk about alcohol and wellness and violence prevention. We have been addressing what is sexual assault. We have been trying to do some education, if any of you have any areas where you would like to see education being increased, please let us know.

    10. Were you made aware that the students’ names were included in the racquet article?

      1. I think that is a journalistic call, it does not surprise me because the names were released in the community and local media. We have asked the local media to not pursue something to not further harm anyone involved in these incidents. Theses students names were released last week as their names started circulating in the court system

    11. Will this be brought to the RHAC tomorrow?

      1. I certainly can, if you guys want to get me on the agenda, I’ll certainly be there.
    12. How does the university feel about having UW-L students in the headlines for the paper? I don’t feel that’s a fair thing that should be happening.

      1. I feel that this is part of sensationism that is such a big part of the media. I don’t agree with it, but I think that that is a natural aspect of media.

    13. Where is the line of malice coming into play?

      1. I think that as long as they aren’t intentionally trying to cause them harm then it wouldn’t be considered be malice but there is certainly a factor of sensitivity that needs to be taken into consideration.

    14. Was the La Crosse tribune purposely not put in residence halls last week because of the front page headline?

      1. I did not know that newspapers were normally placed there and that it didn’t happen last week. It was not our intention to hide information.

    15. Who would we need to talk to, to have people come into our organizations and provide education?

      1. It depends on what aspect you would like us to talk about. If you contact the office of student life and express the areas you would like addressed we can point you in the right direction.

    16. I feel it is important to go to the residence halls even if they do not ask for it to provide these educational messages.

  10. Committee Reports

    1. SUFAC

      1. Discussed carry-overs for main accounts. We will have a document in front of you next week to go over.

    2. Undergraduate Research Committee

      1. We went over the budget a little bit and it looks like it will be up $70,000 from where it was last year. There are looking at setting up something so that all applications will be online.

    3. Textbook Oversight Committee
      1. They are talking about changing the policy for late fines for books. Currently it is a $5 fine for books. After 60 days we buy the cost of the book from the book store. We have been having issues with students not returning books in a timely fashion because of these lax late fines. It has been causing many problems for the book store because they will order more books and then the book store will have ordered more and has more books than necessary. I want to gather students’ opinions on this issue. I will bring this next week in discussion.

    4. Joint Legislative and Regents Committee

      1. We went over what we want to cover as a committee. We have a 3.1 billion dollar deficit. We are going to start meeting with our legislators. We did miss some student for this meeting so please contact Mark Gibson to let him know if you’re still interested.

    5. Campus Community Enrichment Committee

      1. We elected James Bushman as our interim chair

    6. Planning and Process Committee

      1. We elected a chair

    7. Smoking Policy Committee

      1. Right now we are just introducing the issue. We are hoping to have someone come to all of the governing groups. We would like to have the policy done by April 1st to bring forward to all of the groups.

  11. Organizational Reports

    1. LASO

      1. We are considering creating a Latin American studies minor. We are thinking about going around to Spanish classes to ask for student feedback. If you guys have any opinions about it, please let me know.

      2. We are having meetings on Thursday nights.

      3. We are making changes this year.

      4. Hispanic Heritage Month is going on; we’ll be doing a lot more fundraising here on campus.

      5. I also wanted to ask opinions on different things you would want to see. Such as more ideas for fundraising downtown or doing a bake sale with nontraditional items.

    2. Winners Council/SAAC- Student Athletic Advisory Committee

      1. We have reorganized big time, we have elected all of our officers and new members. One of our main goals is to become more involved on campus.

    3. Alpha Phi

      1. Having a philanthropy pancake breakfast this Saturday.

    4. NASA

      1. I just wanted to talk about the diversity orgs that want to meet and get together. Our first meeting will be on the 15th at 6:15. If anyone is interested, let me know.

    5. Black Student Unity

      1. We meet Thursdays at 6:30. We are having an open mike night and a social.

    6. Asian Student Organization

      1. In the past we’ve focused more on education on diversity issues. This year we will be having Asian Awareness week.

    7. HOPE

      1. This year is the Hmong New year and HOPE will be having culture tours for visitors. Sunday at 12:00 we will be having a short skit.

  1. Consent Agenda

  2. Unfinished Business

  3. New Business

    1. SA1011-008: Resolution Approving the Election Results for the Two (2) Vacant Freshmen Senator Positions for the 2010-2011 Academic Year

      1. Holen/Herbst

      2. Vote

        1. Acclamation

    2. SA1011-010: Resolution Appointing Graduate Student Senator and SAH Senator to Vacant Seats

      1. Krug/Rykal

        1. When was the email sent out for both of these positions?

          1. I contacted the dean of the SAH to contact all students in SAH, the application period was open for 2 weeks. Grad Students were contacted similarly.
        2. I was concerned that two of my roommates in SAH heard about the open seats. I don’t think it is fair if not all students received the emails.

          1. I sent an email to Bruce Riley to send out, I can’t be sure if he did. We had applications outside our door and we also handed them out at Involvement Fest and New Student Orientation.

      2. Vote

        1. Passed 29/0/0

  4. Discussion

    1. Safety On Our Sidewalks Discussion (Non-Action Item)

      1. Author’s Note: I am bringing this to you because for those of you on student senate last year, you may remember that our City Affairs director last year started this up again. The program was cancelled two years ago because it was not being used as much as it could have been and it was costing money, the returns of which we had not been seeing. Student Association was responsible for coordinating volunteers last year or rounding up the volunteers if no others could be found. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was going to take it over but recently SAE does have enough members to help sustain the program to help provide the back-up. We are looking at whether or not we want to continue down the path of SOS. I really just want this discussion to be whether or not it should continue.

      2. Is it true that the UW-L police services also handle this type of service?

        1. They will respond to escort calls but only if other things are not going on. They will accompany students on reasonable distances and also escort to hospitals if necessary.

      3. I belong to SAE and we were looking forward to helping with this program but we just don’t have the manpower to handle it by ourselves although we still feel strongly that this program stay on campus. We still want to help out as much as possible; we do need more women volunteers.
      4. I feel like the concept is great but after implementing it and volunteering for it, I don’t think it’s necessary on our campus. There were no calls when I volunteered.

      5. I don’t have personal experience with SOS but my only concern is that it is an underutilized program that we have. I have never felt unsafe walking on or near campus. My only issue is that I don’t necessarily think it fits our campus. Maybe so in Milwaukee or Madison. If we can get the volunteers and get people to use it while still keeping down costs. I just don’t think at this time the cost benefit ratio is there.

      6. I can’t help thinking of last year when so many people worked very hard to bring this back and how it is a great service provided on campus but I understand the sentiments of other senators that it may be underutilized. We can make it something. There are enough of us, we can make a difference. If we can commit to it, we could do it.

      7. I don’t know how useful it actually is but I think the image that it gives us is pretty big. Just the fact we have a program to help walk others home says a lot.

      8. How many days in a week does this go on? How many hours does it go?

        1. SOS is Sunday-Thursday.

      9. We could possibly cut it down if we can’t get enough volunteers.

      10. I think we should still have this. One personal experience was during Oktoberfest Weekend. I disagree that this is something only inner cities need than here in La Crosse on the streets.

      11. SOS is a great program. We need better lights on campus. It’s a very dark walk from my house on West Ave to campus.

      12. This sheds a positive light on our university. I just don’t know if this is the first thing people think of while students are walking home alone at night. I was talking to someone, and they mentioned running to the blue lights or calling campus police. Maybe we just need to get the word out more.
      13. When we think about this program, I don’t think we should worry about staffing enough volunteers; there shouldn’t be a problem with all the organizations and volunteers. We need to think about if this is a program that will actually be utilized.

      14. I think we should take over this program. For us to do that, we need to advertise. It’s very essential especially when it’s dark outside. La Crosse has changed over the years and has become more like an “inner city”

      15. Can anyone remind us what the coverage area is?

        1. La Crosse St to 8th or 9th St to Cass St and Losey Blvd. There has been a lot of conversation about whether we should make it bigger or smaller.

      16. It’d be interesting to get the numbers how many people used SOS or used the blue lights.

      17. In my opinion Milwaukee’s program is so much more efficient. They have specific times and days where they use a vehicle that will go within the region. A person will call and a volunteer will be dispatched to go pick them up. There are more blue lights on that campus as well as panic alert buttons to press that will make a very loud noise. I think a program like this can be modified to fit La Crosse. I can see how someone from a small town can see this as a big city. Most of this is awareness and knowing that it’s out there and that it’s an option.

      18. I worked at SOS a couple times last year and I never walked anyone home but I think it’s another thing about publicity. I had never heard about it until Winners Council was asked for volunteers.

      19. I think another point that we really need to remember is to not shut the program down so quickly but instead give it a chance while giving a harder effort to get the word out. We should try to maximize its potential by getting the word out there. Its presence on campus says a lot and it speaks for itself regardless of how many people use it.
      20. When we met with Tyler last year, he said he had no problems with finding volunteers. There is practically no cost, there is a cell phone but its a few dollars a month at most. It can be bigger, when I went around trying to find volunteers, I didn’t need to explain it to anyone which shows that people have heard of it. It ran 8-12 last year. The 8-9 periods was almost not used at all. Tyler’s suggestion was to make it 9-12. Organizing volunteers is the main part to be done.

      21. I don’t think that because it’s not being used very much it just may be because it may not be needed right now. I think we should keep it going because if it does become more needed we’ll already have it set up.

      22. Someone had asked the average- from the numbers I was provided with, an average of 5 students per week were escorted on campus last year.

    2. SA 1011-011: Resolution Approving the Contingency Reserve Request from Student Association for $2,700

      1. Author’s note: Last year student senate and SUFAC passed a policy on one-time spending. The contingency reserve is for unplanned requests and emergencies. Student Senate had requested to fund two laptops. One of the laptops would be used by the secretary and the other would be used by the campus lawyer to review legal documents with students. Currently the secretary is using her own computer.

      2. I just wanted to clarify the reason for the students attorney’s laptops are covered by student association because those positions are funded within student senate.

      3. Why is it inappropriate for the campus lawyer and the secretary to use their laptops?

        1. In the past we’ve always provided a laptop for the secretary so all of the documents can be stored on that computer. The president and vice president have had access to that computer to make it easier for record keeping. A lot of us assume that everyone has a laptop but not everyone has that. I know there are some of us in the room that have had desktops. The attorney is located in the office of student life; we’ve done some updating as far as technology. Our old equipment won’t allow us to continue so the attorney needs a new computer.

      4. Who was in charge of pricing and specking out these laptops?
        1. I believe the quotes were done through Gary Johanson. Gary specked things out according to university standards and our software and hardware needs. We really can’t go to Best Buy and just buy a computer. We go through Dells that come with good warranties so we are able to get them fixed in event of a problem.

      5. Are these laptops that are being replaced are still functional?

        1. The secretary’s laptop is no longer functioning and there is not a functioning situation going on in the attorney’s office.

      6. So is the laptop that does not work for the lawyer is functional for the secretary?

        1. That is an old Gateway that is being used as a boat anchor, so no.

    3. SA 1011-012: Resolution Opposing “UW-L Homecoming Shits, Homeboy!”

      1. Author’s Intro: This is about the UW-L homecoming shirts, homeboy. This was put onto Facebook by 4 students on campus. I talked to many students on campus; a lot of them are hurt by this. They felt this was belittling sexual assault and racism. A discussion group was created in response to this shirt. Basically the gist of it is, it has a picture of Antoine Dodson, his sister was a survivor of sexual assault and it also depicts a picture of a black man stealing liquor.

      2. Question: Can someone please explain the background of this shirt? I’d also like next week when this is moved to new business to have some sort of a better picture of why this is wrong. We can’t just off this resolution as something bad because I have no idea.

        1. I have access to the picture of the shirt that is available via the Facebook event where people were ordering the shirts.

      3. I wanted to know who is behind the production of these t-shirts or who they are affiliated with?

        1. They are four UW-L students affiliated with this. They are not representing any organization.

      4. Besides the university making an official statement by the administration, is there any way that we can stop them?
        1. They were asked to take off the UW-L logo from the shirt and asked to take off any UW-L. We can prohibit them from putting the logo on it or anything like that.

      5. I guess to the previous senators that weren’t informed on what happened, there is a news clip, this has to do with the way the person was portrayed. You can look through the news articles to fully understand why this is so offensive. I encourage you all to do that.

      6. What is the action item of this resolution?

      7. As a senate body we really need to be wary of when we oppose or condone or support things. Maybe not necessarily in this instance but in general because that just isn’t a very good path for a student association to go down because it can get to a very personal place when you talk about supporting things. I definitely think though that racism and sexism is something we should oppose. But we need to be wary in the future because we don’t want to be partisan.

      8. I’ve had a couple people who I’ve known who are members of UW-L community. The two main issues are that you get the vote and you get the parody of a song about rape. I don’t think that this is funny or something that UW-L should support. What you see if you don’t understand the joke is a racist characterization as a person of color stealing alcohol. I don’t think that there was racist intent but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have racist impact. People who are coming to campus on campus tours. As a survivor of sexual assault, I don’t like that I’m going to have to be consistently reminded of. I think it’s important for you guys as leaders as our campus to say something about it. If we as students say we don’t support this, I think that’s more helpful.

      9. I live off campus; I heard there was some controversy of the shirt. When I saw the shirt right away, there is a pretty blatant racist message. This is something that does hurt members of our community. I think that we should absolutely take a stand against this.
      10. As a student of color, seeing this did really hurt me and also as an ally and a survivor of sexual assault, this is extremely offensive. This resolution shows that student senate does not support this at all, by no means. We are trying to create an inclusive community and I feel that if we don’t take a stand to say that students don’t support this, it would be a huge mistake.

      11. This is an exercise of the power and privilege that others don’t have. In extraordinary circumstances like this, it is our social responsibility to promote inclusive excellence and take a stance against this.

      12. I’ve seen similar kinds of t-shirts like this before. This shirt is taking it a step further than any of the offensive shirts I have seen for Oktoberfest.

      13. For those of you who haven’t watched the video, you may not know the context of the situation. Antoine said a really powerful statement, to hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your daughters, and hide your brothers, because they are raping everyone out there. As an African American man, I didn’t have to see the story, I just had to see the shirt, I just got that it was a negative image of a person of color stealing alcohol. This shirt makes the situation for people of color even worse. I was in appalled that I saw student association members a part of this group. The University talks about inclusive excellence and this shirt makes everything that we’ve been doing look like it’s not working.

      14. I know for a fact that Antoine Dodson has made it a point to go after a people who are doing things like this. If this institution wants to stay at its high standards we need to take a stance against this shirt. When students come forward with this shirt and UW-L on it, it doesn’t just make students look bad, it makes the whole university look bad.

      15. People have identified our organization as UW-L, we need to separate ourselves from this shirt and the message it sends.

      16. If a senator has purchased this shirt, what would this resolution mean for them?
        1. There was a lot of discussion last year, as who you are as a senator and your different roles. I don’t think it would directly affect those senators because they still have the right as an individual to do things. A person wouldn’t be able to be impeached for wearing a t-shirt.

      17. If we support this resolution, is there any real action we can take?

        1. Larry said that the university has already talked to them and said that there should be no reference to UW-L or La Crosse at all.

      18. I remember Antoine Dodson has prosecuted people using his likeness; can we let him know about this?

        1. He has already been contacted.

      19. Point of information: Can we disallow the use of our university’s colors as well as our name and logo?

        1. We do not have any legal rights to address the colors. Those are trademarked or licensed in anyway. That’s getting into a free speech issue.

  5. Announcements

    1. All the SAH senators stay after for a few minutes.

    2. I just wanted to keep reminding people to do their tabling. If you have any questions about GOTV let Micah know.

    3. Monday is Indigenous Peoples Day. There will be a rally from Hoeschler Tower to Myrick Park as well as a speaker at 7:00 in Valhalla.

    4. -Panhel, the sorority governing council, will be showing "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." The movie will be shown on Tuesday, Oct. 19th at 6pm in Valhalla. It will also be shown on Wednesday, Oct. 20th at 7pm in 339 CC. If I didn’t get your picture and you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, I can take your picture today otherwise we will be taking our group picture next week

  6. Adjournment

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    2. 8:41 pm

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