Study Guide: call of the wild

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Chapter One

  1. The story opens with a four-line poem. It refers to the awakening of the sleeping animal instinct. How does the poem relate to what happens to Buck in Chapter 1? How does the chapter title, “Into the Primitive,” refer to Buck?

  1. Describe the setting as the story begins.

  1. Buck’s life style? How did he feel about Judge Miller?

  1. Why are dogs needed up North? How were many of them obtained?

  1. Who is Manuel? What was Manuel’s bad habit?

  1. What happened between Manuel and Buck?

  1. Describe the train trip.

  1. In the story Buck has an unforgettable confrontation with the man in the red sweater. Buck “learned the lesson, and in all his life he never forgot it.” What happens to Buck? What is it that Buck learns?

  1. What does the color RED stand for? Give some examples.

  1. How does the setting of the story change by the end of Chapter 1?

  1. What does Buck see for the first time at the end of the chapter?

Chapter Two

  1. Buck learns something new in each chapter in order to survive. What is the next important “law” that Buck learns in Chapter 2?

  1. How did he learn this “law”? Why is Curly? What horrible thing happens to her?

  1. On the first night in camp, Buck learns a quick lesson about sleeping. What was it?

  1. What does he learn about pulling a sled?

  1. What does he learn about eating?

  1. How is he changing, both physically and mentally?

  1. A bitter hatred is developing between Buck and another dog. Name the dog, describe him and his personality, and tell why Buck hates him so much.

  1. Who are Perrault and Francois? How did they treat the dogs?

  1. Who is Charles Darwin? What is his significance to this story?

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