Study Guide for “The Cask of Amontillado” Name

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Study Guide for “The Cask of Amontillado” Name__________________

1. Who is the narrator?

2. Why did Montresor seek revenge on Fortonato?

3. How does Montresor insure that his house would be empty?

4. List three preparations that Montresor has made that show his intent to harm Fortunato.

5. - 6. Where and when is the story set? Explain why the setting is important to Montresor’s success.

7. Why does Montresor make sure Fortunato has drunk a lot of wine?

8. How does Montressor lure Fortunato into his revengeful scheme?

9. What is Luchresi’s role in the story?

10. Explain the irony in Montresor’s concerned about Fortunato’s health?

11. Montresor gives Fortunato several opportunities to turn back, what continues to drive Fortunato?

12. Describe Fortunato’s character.

13. At what point does Fortunato become aware of his fate.

14. What is Fortunato’s tragic flaw?

15. – 16. Describe Montresor’s coat-of-arms, his family crest. What does this tell you about Montresor and his family?

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