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Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2006

How does GWEI work

We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on a network of hidden Websites. With this money we automatically buy Google shares.

We buy Google via their own advertisment! Google eats itself - but in the end "we" own it!

By establishing this model we deconstruct the new global advertisment mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model.

After this process we hand over the common ownership of "our" Google Shares to the GTTP Ltd. [Google To The People Public Company] which distributes them back to the users (clickers) / public.

What is happening

Basically what happend...

We opened our first accounts – it worked perfectly.
In may we received our first press (La Liberation, El Pais & Village Voice)

And a massive flow of Blog entries (starting with Guerilla-marketing Blog and John Battelles Search-Blog)

Then we received a strange invitation to a Conference in Los Angeles about Google Programming – but we didnt go there
In may our first Adsense Account was closed due to high percentage of clicks
The ratio is to respect if you do Adsense-Advertisment

We decided to make the clicks invisible.

And we started to make our network/system of robots more intelligent, a mix of human-software interaction so the clicks were not detected by Google fraud.
Strange concept – the invisible click.

History of GWEI

GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself and it`s mechanism was officially released March 3, 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Bari, Italy. The process of creation started at the Read_Me 2004 software art festival which was held on the 23-27 of August 2004 in Århus, Denmark. So the incubation process took us more than half a year – to focus on the core-principles of Googl, to reduce, to remove all interfering material and to piece together the story.

Then in March the actual programming and the production started and the first version of the Web-Site went online April 3, 2005 and the first Google-Share was bought April 19, 2005. The first Exhibition was at The Premises Gallery in Johannesburg, April 2, 2005.


The first informal emails to opinion leaders around the world were sent out right after the release of the Web-Site during a 2 month period. The first official press-release was issued December 26, 2005. So GWEI was practically non-existent, at least officially, although we received a honorary mention from the Prix Ars Electronica, a Comission, featured on – the Software Art Repository and are nominated for the Transmediale Award 06 and the Viper Award 06.

Exhibition of GWEI

One of our main tasks – parallel to running the online project – is to transform material from and about the piece for gallery and museum exhibitions. GWEI is a highly conceptual piece. The visualisation of Google Will Eat Itself through diagrams was practical – explain the mechanism and represent the whole project in a pure & aesthetic form. A minimalistic visual approach to a minimalistic business art & lega art project. The use of the overhead projector -each projector is individual in color and intensity of light- brought a sensitive do-it-yourself light-sculpture into the white-cube.


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