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Required Reading:
Where the Red Fern Grows

Wilson Rawls

Billy Coleman, the main character of Where the Red Fern Grows, works for two years to save enough money to buy two coon dogs. Listening to his grandfather's stories about the behavior of coons and how to train dogs to hunt, Billy and his dogs become the finest hunting team in the area. An exciting tale of adventure and love you’ll never forget.

Among the Hidden

Margaret Peterson-Haddix

Born third, at a time when having more than two children per family is illegal and subject to seizure and punishment by Population Police, Luke has spent all of his 12 years in hiding.

Books from the Harry Potter Series

J.K Rowling

Harry Potter Series

Bud Not Buddy

Christopher Curtis

This is the story of a ten-year-old boy in Depression-Era Michigan who sets out to find the man he believes to be his father.

Call Me Maria

Judith Ortiz Cofer

Maria is a girl caught between two worlds: Puerto Rico, where she was born, and New York, where she lives now in a basement apartment in the barrio. While her mother remains on the island, Maria lived with her father, the super of their building. As she struggles to lose her island accent, Maria does her best to find her place within the unfamiliar culture of the barrio.

Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

Phillip Hoose

On March 2, 1955, an impassioned teenager, fed up with the daily injustices of Jim Crow segregation, refused to give her seat to a white woman on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Instead of being celebrated as Rosa Parks would be just nine months later, fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin found herself shunned by her classmates and dismissed by community leaders. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Closed for the Season

Mary Downing Hahn

When thirteen-year-old Logan and his family move into a run-down old house in rural Virginia, he discovers that a woman was murdered there and becomes involved with his neighbor Arthur in a dangerous investigation to try to uncover the killer. Reading Olympic Book 2012


John Coy

In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the high stakes world of high school football, where doing what it takes to win doesn't always mean doing the right thing, and a young man discovers that the hits he takes on the field don't compare to the ones he faces in life.


Norristown Hometown Author

Jerry Spinelli

Growing up, Jerry Spinelli wanted to be a shortstop in the majors long before it occurred to him to be a writer. Crash came out of his desire to include the beloved Penn Relays of his home state of Pennsylvania in a book.

Double Identity

Margaret Peterson Haddix

In this thriller by a master of suspense, Bethany, who will soon be thirteen, is confused when her overprotective parents suddenly take her out of state to leave her with an aunt she doesn't know. Bethany becomes determined to uncover secrets about herself. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Flawed Dogs

Berkeley Breathed

Sam the Lion is actually a priceless dachshund, bred to be a show dog. More important, he is Heidy's best friend—and she needs one like never before. Living with her reclusive uncle is hard, but Sam has a way of making her feel soft and whole. Until the day Sam is framed by the jealous poodle Cassius. Reading Olympic Book 2012


Walter Dean Myers

Seventeen-year-old Lonnie Jackson sees the city-wide basketball Tournament of Champions as a possible escape from Harlem, but fears the pressures that have sidelined his coach, Cal.

House on Mango Street

Sondra Cisneros

This is the story of a young girl growing up in the Latino section of Chicago. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous, this novel depicts a new American landscape through its multiple characters.


Kiki Barber

When twelve-year-old twins Tiki and Ronde Barber make the third string of their junior high football team, they find themselves working hard to prove themselves on and off the field.

Lion Boy, The

Zizou Corder

When his parents are kidnapped, what's ten-year-old Charlie Ashanti to do? Rescue them, that's what! He doesn’t know who has taken his parents, or why. But he does know that one special talent will aid him on his journey his amazing ability to speak Cat. Charlie calls on his clever feline friends from stray city cats to magnificent caged lions for help. With them by his side, Charlie uses wit and courage to try to find his parents before it's too late.

Mariah Keeps Cool

Mildred Pitts Walter

A challenging summer is ahead for a young girl as she faces sibling problems and the upcoming all-city swim meet.

Misfits, The

James Howe

Skeezie, Addie, Joe, and Bobby call themselves the Gang of Five. Wonder why? Their name is a welcoming to any other kid out there who may find him/herself to be a misfit. Together, they want to survive the seventh grade and the one-word jokes their classmates have tried to reduce them to. By the end of the school year, they have survived, and also, learned to see themselves as the full, complicated human beings they truly are.

My Side of the Mountain

Jean Craighead George

Every kid thinks about running away at one point or another; few get farther than the end of the block. Young Sam Gribley gets to the end of the block and keeps going—all the way to the Catskill Mountains.

On the Blue Comet

Rosemary Wells

Oscar Ogilvie is living with his dad in a house at the end of Lucifer Street, in Cairo, Illinois, when world events change his life forever. The great stock market crash has rippled across the country, and the bank takes over their home — along with all their cherished model trains. Oscar’s dad is forced to head west in search of work, and Oscar must move in with his no-nonsense Aunt Carmen. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Pride of Puerto Rico: The Life of Roberto Clemente

Paul Robert Walker

The great right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Roberto Clemente was proud of his family, his native Puerto Rico, and his ability to play baseball. "Baseball fans will welcome this book because of the fast-paced action, but the temper of the man and his concern for human beings will leave a lasting impression on the younger reader."

Quit It

Marcia Byalick

In the summer before she enters seventh grade, Carrie is diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that is characterized by ticks. This book tells a story of a girl dealing with the trauma of entering junior high school with a neurological disorder.


Jerry Spinelli

After years of home schooling, Stargirl bursts into tenth grade in an explosion of color and clatter of ukulele music, enchanting the student body. But when the delicate scales of popularity suddenly shift, Stargirl is shunned for everything that makes her different.


Edward Bloor

So what if he’s legally blind? Even with his bottle-thick, bug-eyed glasses, Paul Fisher can see better than most people. He can see the lies his parents and brother live out, day after day. No one ever listens to Paul, though—until the family moves to Tangerine.

Travel Time

Mike Lupica

Twelve-year-old Danny Walker may be the smallest kid on the basketball court--but don't tell him that. Because no one plays with more heart or court sense. But none of that matters when he is cut from his local travel team, the very same team his father led to national prominence as a boy. Danny's father, still smarting from his own troubles, knows Danny isn't the only kid who was cut for the wrong reason, and together, this washed-up former player and a bunch of never-say-die kids prove that the heart simply cannot be measured. Travel Team is an inspirational tale in the tradition of The Bad News Bears and Hoosiers. It will leave readers of all ages cheering. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Waiting for Normal

Leslie Connor

Twelve-year-old Addie tries to cope with her mother's erratic behavior and being separated from her beloved stepfather and half-sisters when she and her mother go to live in a small trailer by the railroad tracks on the outskirts of Schenectady, New York. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Walk Two Moons

Sharon Creech

Salamanca’s mother has left without explanation and not returned. Now 13 year old Sal is traveling across the country with her grandparents following the route her mother took.

Westing Game, The

Ellen Raskin

When sixteen people are called together for the reading of wealthy Sam Westing's will, they are surprised to learn that the will is actually a contest in which they are all to participate. Working with partners, the potential heirs take their clues to try to find the elusive answer to the Westing game and thus take their shares of the two-hundred-million-dollar prize.

Wild Things

Clay Carmichael

With her father long gone, spunky eleven-year-old Zoe is shuffled from relative to relative after her mother dies. The story opens as she arrives at her uncle Henry Royster's Farm outside Sugar Hill, a small Southern town. Reading Olympic Book 2012

Woods Runner

Gary Paulsen

Samuel, 13, spends his days in the forest, hunting for food for his family. He has grown up on the frontier of a British colony, America. Far from any town, or news of the war against the King that American patriots have begun near Boston. Reading Olympic Book 2012

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Discovery Girls

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