Summary of The Knight’s Tale


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Summary of The Knight’s Tale

Palamon and Arcite were two cousins who lived in the Greek city of Thebes. Theseus, the Duke of Athens, met a group of women crying. These women wanted Theseus to help them because Creon, the Duke of Thebes, murdered their husbands. Theseus decided to attack Thebes. After that he took Palamon and Arcite prisoners in a tall dark tower.

One morning in May Emily was singing like an angel. Palamon and Arcite saw her and fell both in love with her. So, he hated each other.

A duke from Thebes released Arcite from prison in paying money but Arcite must leave Athens immediately. Arcite was unhappy because he couldn’t see Emily in the garden but Palamon was unhappy too because if Arcite had won the war he could marry Emily. Arcite came back to Athens, put on the clothes of a poor man and looked for a job in Emily’s house.

When Palamon and Arcite met again, they fought for Emily and Theseus saw them.

Anyway he said that they could fight and the winner would be the husband of Emily. The winner was Palamon. He married Emily but they had lost a husband, a cousin and a friend.

Comprehension of The Knight’s Tale
- What happened in The Knight’s Tale?

a. Where did Theseus put Palamon and Arcite?

Theseus put Palamon and Arcite in a tall dark tower.

b. Why did Palamon and Arcite quarrel?

Because they fell in love with the same lady Emily.

c. Why did Arcite return to Athens?

Because he wanted to marry Emily.

d. What did the cousins do in the forest?

When they saw each other, the two cousins began fighting.

e. How many knights came to the battle?

Two hundred knights came to the battle.

f. Who won the battle? Who married Emily?

Arcite won but Palamon married Emily.
The prison Diary

- Imagine that you are Palamon locked in the tower and that you have managed to smuggle out a letter to a friend. Include the following points and write your letter in 120-180 words in an appropriate style.

Dear friend,

I hope that you will find this letter and that you will help me to escape from here. I’ve been locked in this tower for seven years but now I want to escape. My only regret will be not to see Emily, a very beautiful girl who everyday walks in the garden near the tower. I fell in love with her and I hope that when I am free, she will marry me. Some days ago, I discovered that also my dear friend and cousin Arcite has fallen in love with Emily, so we have began to quarrel. It was terrible! Yesterday my cousin Arcite was released so now I am alone and sad. He is very lucky because now he can conquer Emily! But I have a plan to escape and now I will explain it to you: you must give the guard a glass of wine with drugs in it so it will make him sleep and I will be able to escape. I hope for the best but I am sure the plan will be successful!



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