Summary of the Prologue

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Summary of the Prologue.
The story started telling about Geoffrey Chaucer who, on an evening in spring, was in London at the Tabard Inn when the crowd of twenty nine pilgrims, directed to Canterbury, arrived and stayed there for the night.

There were very different types of people and Chaucer began to describe them. There was a Knight, a brave man, who had fought in lots of wars. He was considered a very gentleman for his polite manners.

His son, a young Squire, was a twenty-nine year old handsome young man. He was brave like his father and was very educated: he wrote songs and poems, he could dance and draw.

Near him there was a country man with a brown face and green clothes.

He looked like an uncivilized.

Then he describes the Prioress, an elegant nun who could speak French. She had aristocratic manners and she loved animals: she always helped us when they needed help.

There were another nun, three priest and a fat monk who wore rich clothes and loved hunting. Another bad men was the Friar who loved pretty girls, the wealth and drinking.

There were other different people: a rich merchant who knew well his work, an Oxford Cleric, an informed man who loved read great philosophers’ books and Franklin a man who loved good food and wine.

After them there were a cook who cooked delicious meals, a sea Captain who looked like a pirate and a very informed doctor.

Then there was a red faced woman who wore garish clothes and she became rich with the inheritance of her five husbands dead.

Now Chaucer told about the Miller who loved drinking and telling jokes and he was a thief because he stole corn from the customers.

Instead the Parson was a very good man who loved God and the poor people.

The worse pilgrims were the Summoner who punished people that broke the religious laws and the Pardoner who forgave people in the name of church if they paid him. He was a liar because he sold clothes and objects that he said came from the Virgin Mother and Jesus.

At the Tabard Horst gave the pilgrims a great meal and suggested them an idea: each person should tell a story along the pilgrimage for enjoying the journey.

Everybody was agreed and the next morning the Knight started telling his story.

Comprehension of the Prologue
- What did Chaucer tell us in the Prologue?

a. When and where did Chaucer meet the pilgrims?

Chaucer met the pilgrims in spring, in London, at the Tabard Inn.

b. Why did the girls like the Squire?

All the girls loved the Squire because he was a handsome young man, who

knew how to ride well, to write songs and poems, to draw and to dance.

c. Did the Prioress like animals?

Yes, she did. She was a fine, sensitive lady!

d. What was the Wife of Bath wearing?

The Wife of Bath was wearing a huge hat and a long coat over her wide


e. Did the Summoner and the Pardoner care about religion?

No, they didn’t. they wanted only to make money.

f. What was the Host’s idea?

The Host’s idea was to enjoy the long pilgrimage with a story that each

person must tell on the way to Canterbury and on the way back.


Jewellery: bracelet, brooch, ear-rings, necklace, pendant, ring.

Hair: blonde, curly, straight, wavy.

Clothes: blouse, cloak, hat, jacket, overcoat, skirt.

Appearance: attractive, elegant, graceful, handsome, pretty, ugly.

Parts of the body: beard, elbow, finger, hips, knee, moustache, thumb, wrist.

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