Summary of Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Summary of Three Billy Goats Gruff

It’s a story about three goats who are trying to cross a bridge to go eat some grass on the other side, and there’s this troll who wants to eat them. So as he goes across, each goat tricks him by promising he can eat the next goat who is even bigger. The troll’s greedy so he waits for the next one, but the biggest goat pushes him in the water, so they all get across safely. The end.

Show, Don’t Tell of Three Billy Goats Gruff
“That’s the greenest green grass I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Third Goat. “Can we go over to that hill to eat some, pleeeeease?”
“Yeah, we’re hungry!” said Second Goat. So First Goat placed on foot gingerly onto the little wooden bridge that would carry them over the rushing river to a delightful afternoon snack. The bridge felt good and sturdy. “Nothing’s stopping us! Follow me!” And First Goat stepped out onto the bridge toward the grassy hillside.

“No No NO!” Boomed a voice. “Who dares to cross my bridge?” Suddenly, First Goat felt the hot breath of a troll on his muzzle!

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