Summer book report grades 3 to 7 General Directions

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Grades 3 to 7

General Directions

  1. Choose a book from the Aquinas Academy Book List (to follow and posted on web site under “Parents” tab) keeping in mind that you have to do two book reports. If you would like to read a book not on the book list, please contact the school office for permission.

  2. The second book should be a biography of a saint or person that demonstrates outstanding virtues.

  3. As you read, do the following:

  • Make a note or highlight important points that you may want to discuss in your report.

  • Keep a list of the names of the main characters and the setting (when and where the story takes place.)

  • You may also want to note the numbers of any pages you might want to refer to later.

On the first four lines, write the following:

Title: (write in the title of your book),

Author: (write in the author),

Type: (write the type of book it is – fiction, biography, history, etc.)

Characters: (write the names of the main characters)
Optional: Write an outline of your report. What will you discuss in your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion? You may decide later to adjust the outline. Right now, you just want a rough outline to help you get your thoughts in order.

  1. Beginning Paragraph. This paragraph will serve as a beginning, or introduction, to your book report. The beginning paragraph should have a good beginning sentence, should attract attention, should give an idea of what is to follow, should be clear, and should make the reader interested. The beginning paragraph should be general and let your reader know the title of the book you are reading and what you will be saying about the book in your report.
  2. Middle paragraphs. Depending on the age of the reader, there could be 1 to 3 middle paragraphs. The middle paragraphs should follow the rules for good paragraphs, such as having a good beginning sentence, at least three middle sentences and a good ending sentence. Each middle paragraph should develop the idea or thought presented in the beginning paragraph. The middle paragraphs are not summaries of the events in the book, but should explain what about the main characters you admired or disliked. (Preferably emphasizing and giving examples of virtues demonstrated by the main characters.)

  3. Final Paragraph. The final paragraph should let the reader know the report is finished; it should also tell what the writer thinks or feels about the book, or restate the main idea or theme of the report. The final paragraph should not mention any new examples or details from the book.

  1. The report must be double-spaced and can be typed or handwritten.


A book report is not a summary.

Underline titles of books.

A paragraph must have at least three sentences.

Indent the first line of each paragraph.

It can be typed or handwritten.

Proofread or have someone else proofread. Parents are encouraged to proofread with their child whenever possible.

We suggest reading the following article which gives you an idea of why we pick certain books over others.

Article by Theresa Fagan, author of A Mother’s List of Books.

SUMMER BOOK LIST: Grades 3 – 7.

This list is alphabetical by author. Some books give a grade level at the end of the book title.

Adams, Andy:

Log of A Cowboy

Adams, Abigail:


Aiken, Joan:

The Kingdom Under the Sea;

other Stories

Alcott, Louisa May:

Little Women; Eight Cousins;

Little Men; Rose in Bloom 7.9

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey:

Story Of a Bad Boy

Alexander, Lloyd:

The Book of Three 5.5

Anderson, Norman D.:

Investigating Science in the

Swimming Pool and Ocean

Barber, Richard:

A Strong Land and Sturdy:

Life in Medieval England

Barnum, P.T.:

Barnum’s Own Story

Barrie, James:

Drums; Peter Pan

Baum, L. Frank:

The Wonderful World of Oz;

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 5

Berger, Melvin:

Quasars, Pulsars and Black

Holes in Space

Brink, Carol:

Caddie Woodlawn 5.3

Browning, Robert:

The Pied Piper of Hamlin

Brownlee, Walter D.:

The First Ships Round the World

Burnett, Frances Hodgson:

The Secret Garden 6.5;

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Burnford, Sheila:

Incredible Journey 6

Burns, Marilyn:

The Book of Think: Or How to

Solve a Problem Twice Your Size

Burroughs, Edgar Rice:

Tarzan Series

Carroll, Lewis:

Through the Looking Glass;

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Chase, Alice Elizabeth:

Looking at Art

Cherry-Garrard, Apsley George


The Worst Journey in the World:


Chinery, Michael:

The Living World

Church, Alfred John:

The Iliad & Odyssey of Homer


Clarke, Pauline:

The Return of the Twelve

Clark, Ann Nolan:

Secret of the Andes 5.5;

All This Wild Land

Colum, Padraic:

Children of Odin;

The Golden Fleece;

Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles

Conrad, Joseph:

Youth from Youth & The End of

the Tether

Cowper, William:

John Gilpin’s Ride

Cummings, Richard:

Make Your Own Model Forts

& Castles

Dahl, Roald:

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 6;

The Magic Finger;

James & the Giant Peach 4

Dana, Richard Henry:

Two Years Before The Mast

Defoe, Daniel:

Robinson Carusoe 10

DeFrance, Marie:

Shadow of the Hawk

De La Mare, Walter:

Come Hither

Denny, Norman, and

Filmer-Sankey, Josephine:

The Bayeux Tapestry: The Story

of the Norman Conquest 1066

Dickens, Charles:

Christmas Carol 6

David Copperfield 8.2

Oliver Twist 9

Dickinson, Emily:

Collected Poems

Dixon, Charlotte:

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Dodge, Mary Mapes:

Hans Brinker

Dostoevsky, Fyodor:

An Honest Thief; other Stories

Doyle, Arthur Conan:

The Adventures of Sherlock


Durrell, Gerald:

The Talking Parcel

Elliott, Donald, and Arrowood,Clinton:

Alligators and Music

Farley, Walter:

The Black Stallion 6.5

Little Black, A Pony

Fisher, Leonard Everett:

Alphabet Art: Thirteen ABC’s

from around the World

Fixx, James F.:

Solve It

Forbes, Esther:

Paul Revere & The World He

Lived In; Johnny Tremain 5.5

Forester, C.S.:

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Frost, Robert:

A Swinger of Birches; Poems Of

Robert Frost For Young People
Garfield, Leon:


Garner, Alan:

The Owl Service;


George, Jean Craighead:

Julie of the Wolves 5.6

My Side of the Mountain 6.7

Gilbreth, Frank & Ernestine:

Cheaper By the Dozen 7

Belles on Their Toes

Godden, Rumer:

The Doll’s House

Gogol, Nikolai:

The Overcoat & Other Tales of

Good and Evil

Gouge, Elizabeth:

The Little White Horse;

Linnets and Valerians;

Rosemary Tree;

Green Dolphin Street;

and Others

Grahame, Kenneth:

The Wind in the Willows

Gunther, John:

Alexander the Great

Gysson, Fred:

Old Yeller 5.4

Haggard, H. Rider:

King Solomon’s Mines

Hale, E.E.:

The Man Without a Country

Jarrell, Randall:

The Animal Family

Jaspersohn, William:

How the Forest Grew

Kaufman, Mervyn D.:

Thomas Alva Edison

Kaune, Merriman B.:

My Own Little House

Keats, Ezra Jack:

Hi, Cat!;

The Snowy Day 3.2

Kessler, Leonard:

Mr. Pine’s Mixed-Up Signs

Kingsley, Charles:

Water Babies; The Heroes

Kipling, Rudyard:

Just So Stories; 4.6

Jungle Book 4

Krasilovsky, Phyllis:

The Very Little Girl

Kunhardt, Dorothy:

Pat the Bunny

Lamb, Charles:

Beauty and the Beast;

Tales From Shakespeare

Lamorisse, Albert:

The Red Balloon 4.2

Lang, Andrew:

The Blue Fairy Book;other Colors

Larrick, Nancy:

Piping Down the Valleys Wild

Lawson, Robert:

Rabbit Hill 5.4

Leaf, Munro:

The Story of Ferdinand 2.8

Lear, Edward:

Nonsense Omnibus

Lee, Dennis:

Alligator Pie

Lewis, C.S.:

The Lion, The Witch and the

Wardrobe (series) 5.9

Lexau, Joan M.:

Olaf Reads

Lindsay, Vachel:

Johnny Appleseed;

other Poems

Lionni, Leo:

Frederick 2.8

Lobel, Arnold:

Mouse Tales:

Frog & Toad are Friends 2.4

Lofting, Hugh:

Dr. Doolittle’s Circus;

Lopshire, Robert:

Put Me in the Zoo

Martell, Hazel Mary:

Na Ceiltigh, “The Celts” -

Window into History Series

McCloskey, Robert:

Make Way for Ducklings 3.1

Homer Price 7.3

McCord, David:

One at a Time

MacDonald, George:

At the Back of the North Wind

Marshall, Catherine

Christy 8.8

Milligan, Spike:

Silly Verse for Kids

Milne, A.A.:

Winnie the Pooh;

others in the Series

Minarik, Else Homelund:

Little Bear; 1

A Kiss for Little Bear 2.3

Moore, Clement C.:

The Night Before Christmas

Mother Goose

Pearce, Philippa:

Tom’s Midnight Garden 6.5

Perrault, Charles

Fairy Tales

Piper, Watty:

The Little Engine That Could

Potter, Beatrix:

Tales of Peter Rabbit; 1

The Tailor of Gloucester;

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny’ 3.5

The Tale of Tom Kitten; 3.5

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

Prescott, Orville:

A Father Reads to His Children

Prysen, Alf:

Little Old Mrs. Pepperpot;

other Stories

Ransome, Arthur:

Old Peter’s Russian Tales

Rawls, Wilson:

Where the Red Fern Grows; 5

Summer of the Monkeys 6

Reeves, James:

The Merry-Go-Round

Rey, H.A.:

Curious George 2.4

Riley, James Whitcomb:

Poetry for Small Children

Roberts, Elizabeth Madox:

Under the Tree

Robinson, Barbara:

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 5.1

Rosetti, Christina:

Sing Song

Ruskin, John:

The King of the Golden River

Salten, Felix:

Bambi-translated by Whittaker 6.9


Sanchez-Silva, Jose Maria:

The Boy and the Whale

Sandburg, Carl:

The Sandburg Treasury:

Prose & Poetry for Young People

Early Moon

Schenk de Regniers, Beatrice:

May I Bring a Friend?

Scott, Geoffrey:

Egyptian Boats

Selden, George:

The Cricket in Time Square 6.2

Seton, Ernest Thompson:

Two Little Savages

Sewell, Anna:

Black Beauty 7.4

Shakespeare, William:

Comedy of Errors:

Romeo and Juliet; As You Like It; 9

A Midsummer Night’s Dream;

Much Ado About Nothing

Sherwood, Robert:

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Speare, Elizabeth George:

The Witch of Blackbird Pond; 7.4

The Bronze Bow; 6.5

The Sign of the Beaver 5.3

Spyri, Johanna:

Heidi 7.6

Steele, Mary Q.:

Journey Outside 4.5

Stevenson, Robert Louis:

A Child’s Garden of Verses 4.8

Treasure Island; 8

Kidnapped 7.1

Stoutenburg, Adrien:

American Tall Tales

Taylor, Mildred:

Roll of Thunder;

Hear My Cry 6.9

Stowe, Harriet Beecher:

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Swift, Jonathan:

Gulliver’s Travels 5.6

Tarkington, Booth:

Penrod; Penrod and Sam;

Penrod and Jasper;

The Arabian Nights;


Thurber, James:

The Thirteen Clocks;

Many Moons 2

Short Stories

Tolkein, J.R.R.:

Farmer Giles of Ham

The Hobbit 7.5

Tolstoy, Leo:

Fables and Fairy Tales

Master and Man; other Stories

Trelease, Jim:

The Read-Aloud Handbook

Tennyson, Alfred Lord:


Travers, Pamela L.:

Mary Poppins

Twain, Mark:

Tom Sawyer; 7

Huckleberry Finn; 7

The Prince & the Pauper 5.4

Van Loon, Hendrik Willen:

Story of Mankind;

Story of America;

Ancient Man & His Geography

Verne, Jules:

Around the World in 80 Days; 9

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 5.5

Vinton, Iris:

Look Out for Pirates

Watson, Clyde:

Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes

White, E.B.:

Stuart Little; 5.4

The Trumpet of the Swan; 5.5

Charlotte’s Web 5

Whittier, John Greenleaf:

The Poetical Works of Whittier 4

Wilde, Oscar:

Stories for Children

Wilder, Laura Ingalls:

Little House on the Prairie Series 4

Williams, Jay:

Leonardo Da Vinci;

Joan of Arc

Williams, Margery:

The Velveteen Rabbit 4.2

Windeatt, Mary Fabyan:

the saint series

Wyss, Johannes:

Swiss Family Robinson 8.

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