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Supplemental data

Appendix A - Neuropsychological investigations

Premorbid intellectual ability (National Adult Reading Test, Dutch version, DART) [1]

Global cognitive functioning (MMSE) [2]

Attention and working memory:

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-revised (WAIS-R) forward and backward digit span, and the WAIS-R letter-number sequencing [3]

Executive functions:

Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (MWCST) [4]

Category fluency (animals and supermarket items) [5]

Letter fluency or Controlled Oral Word Association Test [6]

Stroop Color-Word Test part C and “intereference time” = Stroop part C - B [7]

Psychomotor speed:

Stroop Color Word Test Part A and B [7]


Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test [8]

Rivermead Behavioral Memory Test (RBMT): immediate and delayed story recall [9]

Doors Test A and B (a visual recognition test) [10]


Boston Naming Test (BNT) [11]

Visuospatial abilities:

Judgment of line orientation test (JOLO) [12]

Differential Aptitude Test [13], subtest Space Relations

This test meaures the ability to visualise a three-dimensional object from a two dimensional pattern, and to visualise how this object would look if rotated in space

Mental rotation task (see supplemental data – Appendix B).


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