Suspenseful Creative Writing Assignment

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Suspenseful Creative Writing Assignment

Ttext box 2ask: In this creative writing assignment, your task is to write a 1 ½-2½ page story that is suspenseful and creates a creepy or ominous mood. The goal is to create a story that is creative, not predictable, scary or creepy but not distasteful (the challenge is to create fear without hardly any blood or guts-this is what really shows your writing ability), and be detailed yet concise. Have fun with this! Make it scary, creepy, and entertaining to read! You will be asked to provide some analysis of your own story once your rough draft is completed.
Due Dates:

Rough Draft #1: _________10/10_ 10/14______

Peer/Teacher Edit #1: ____10/15__10/16_____

Rough Draft #2: _________ 10/17__10/20_____

Peer/teacher Edit #2: _____10/21__10/22_____

Final Draft Due: __________10/23__10/24_____
You need to bring a hard copy to class and be prepared to present the day your paper is due.
Requirements: Please use Elements handout and your notes to help you…

  1. MLA: Story must be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, heading must be at top right hand corner (Name, date, period, assignment name), double-spaced, and you must give your story a creative title which should be centered and also be in Times New Roman 12 pt font (no bold or underline or lg font).

  2. Your story must have a vivid setting which adds to the story.

  3. Your story must have dialogue, even if it is only one character talking to himself/herself.

  4. You must use a minimum of three modes of characterization to describe your main character(s).

  5. Must have a plot that begins immediately with a major conflict that is underway by the end of the first page, if not sooner.

  6. Must have a clear resolution that is developed (not one sentence or a total cliffhanger).

  7. You must use foreshadow to build suspense.

  8. Include elements for effect where needed: flashback, irony, symbolism

  9. Your story must be 1 ½ -2 ½ pages!

  10. Stories will be marked down if it is distastefully bloodied with too much violence or unneeded gore. You must avoid stereotypes about genders, races, religions, or sexual orientation. You are never permitted to use disrespectful stereotypes in your writing or in this class ever.

  11. This needs to be your own idea and your own words, please do not use the internet to rip off an idea or a source. Use your own brain. Please follow all directions (Make sure you use the above five items.)

Other helpful hints:

  1. Use active verbs (no “to be”)

  2. Use figurative devices (simile, metaphor, etc) to paint a vivid picture of the setting and characters

  3. Dialogue should sound like actual conversation (create a voice for your character - you can use slang)
  4. Don’t clutter your piece with unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, and do try to vary your word choice

  5. Remain in the same point of view and same verb tense throughout the entire story

  6. Don’t save this for the last minute and be sure to use the back of this paper to brainstorm

Scary Story Analysis

  1. Title ________________________________________________________

  1. Protagonist ______________________________________________________

  1. Antagonist ______________________________________________________

  1. Minor characters ___________________________________________________

  1. Which point of view are you using? If it is a character in the story, which one?

  1. How are you characterizing each of your characters?

  1. What are some conflicts your characters face? How are they resolved?

  1. Setting

    1. Time:

    2. Place:

    3. Description of overall setting:

  1. Towards which event is your foreshadow hinting? If you did not use foreshadow, add it in now.

  1. What is the purpose of your dialogue? Are you showing action?

  1. In which way did you use figurative language? Are you using imagery (showing details) throughout? How?

  1. Summary of plot:

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