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Sweet Jazmines Public Relations Plan

Presented by:

A Whole New World Public Relations

Kelly Harrison

Table of Contents

Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………………..2

A Whole New World Philosophy……………………………………………………………….3

Section I - Problem or Opportunity……………………………………………………………..3

SWOT Analysis………………………………………………………………………………....6

Section II – Target Markets……………………………………………………………………..6

Section III – Positioning Message………………………………………………………………7

Section IV – Organizational Requirements…………………………………………………….7

Section V – SMART Goals…………………………………………………………………….8

Section VI – Strategies and Tactics…………………………………………………………….9

Section VII – Timeline and Budget……………………………………………………………12

Section VIII – Measurement and Analysis…………………………………………………….13

Works Cited……………………………………………………………………………………14


Executive Summary

Kimberly Davis Cuthbert opened Sweet Jazmines bakery in 1999 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1994. Since opening her bakery, Ms. Cuthbert has received dozens of accolades, awards and recognition throughout the Philadelphia community for her made from scratch desserts that are prepared with high quality, all natural ingredients. Sweet Jazmines offers a variety of treats like muffins, cookies, specialty cakes and cheesecakes. Since opening, Sweet Jazmines has expanded their business to include online sales through the website, and Sweet Jazmines even ships throughout the country. Sweet Jazmines is a unique bakery that offers the consumer a wide variety of options that are made with love every day.

A Whole New World plans on increasing traffic to the Sweet Jazmines website through the use of the following tactics.

  • Developing the Website

  • Gingerbread Event

  • Social Media

  • Take and Bake Press Kit

  • Mystery Flavor

Through the use of these tactics we hope to increase e-commerce sales by 25% by using social media, including Facebook, to improve brand awareness over the next year, and increase Take and Bake Sales by 15% over the next year using sales promotions, word of mouth, and e-commerce.

A Whole New World Philosophy

A Whole New World is committed to providing exciting, innovative, and cutting edge Public Relations Strategies to bring your company to new heights. Come fly away with us; we will take your company to a whole new world!

Section I - Problem or Opportunity

Sweet Jazmines, a local Philadelphia bakery that opened in 1999 by Kimberly David Cuthbert, offers award-winning desserts baked fresh from scratch everyday. Everything sold at this charming bakery is homemade. The only bags that enter the bakery are flour, sugar, and lots of butter. Only the best ingredients are used to make all of Sweet Jazmines delicious pastries, and desserts. (Sweet Jazmines)

According to Chef Kim, word of mouth is the most powerful communication for the bakery, yet this has created a slight problem for Sweet Jazmines. The e-commerce industry is growing more and more powerful every day and Sweet Jazmines has all of the needed supplies to sell their products online; however, the bakery seems to fall short in this field. “The online grocery market is experiencing rapid growth due to…the realization amongst time-pressured consumers of the convenience on online purchasing” (Datamonitor). With consumers doing more of their shopping online, Sweet Jazmines needs to keep up with this trend and become a bigger player in Internet sales. One way for Sweet Jazmines to increase their e-commerce sales is through the use of social media. Social media provides an opportunity for Sweet Jazmines to gain a strong competitive advantage within the Philadelphia bakery market, and also gives them an opportunity to increase Internet sales.

The bakery market is a very competitive industry. With a lot of small boutique bakeries offering some of the same desserts and pastries, each bakery looks to offer something different in order to provide more value to their customers. There are over 7,000 small bakeries in the United States, with $2 billion in revenue. The commercial side of the industry is highly concentrated, as the 50 largest commercial bakers have more than 80% of the market. The smaller bakeries are more fragmented, and a typical baker operates just one facility. (First Research Industry Profile) Whether it is taste, size, or customer service there has to be something special to survive in the bakery industry. Sweet Jazmines offers excellent customer service, and perfectly portioned desserts with superb flavor in each bite. However, the downside to small boutique bakeries, like Sweet Jazmines, is the cost of ingredients. “To keep up with the increased costs of doing business, bakeries have raised their retail prices significantly during the past year” (Schmitt). The prices are always changing and this could potentially cause a problem for small bakeries, like Sweet Jazmines, that rely only on themselves to pay the bills.

Sweet Jazmines’ menu is very large for a small boutique bakery; they offer something for everyone. A Whole New World is particularly focusing on the most popular seasonal menu items - muffins and pies. The muffins and pies offered at the bakery come in a number of different flavors, eight muffin flavors with the Sweet Potato Muffin being the most popular, and fourteen different pie flavors.

According to Chef Kim, Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery, which is located right around the corner from Sweet Jazmines, is one of their main competitors. Clay’s offers some of the same items as Sweet Jazmines, however the difference is all in the taste. Everything at Sweet Jazmines is homemade, but that is not the case at Clay’s. Although this provides an advantage for Sweet Jazmines it is also seen as a threat. Since everything is homemade with only the best ingredients, the prices at Sweet Jazmines are higher than they are at Clay’s. (Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery)

Another one of Sweet Jazmines main competitors is Acme (Chowhound). Consumers can save time by purchasing muffins and pies at the grocery store, instead of having to make the extra trip to Sweet Jazmines. This one stop shopping convenience factor at Acme is a major disadvantage for Sweet Jazmines. Another disadvantage for Sweet Jazmines is the cost of Acme desserts. Since everything at Sweet Jazmines is made to order from scratch, the dessert prices are higher than at Acme. For example, a cheesecake from Sweet Jazmines costs $36.00, but a cheesecake from Acme only costs $12.99 (Acme Markets). This can be a major factor for customers in deciding where to purchase their desserts. However, it is the taste of these homemade pastries available only at Sweet Jazmines that keeps customers coming back, and gives Sweet Jazmines the competitive edge over Acme.

At Sweet Jazmines, Chef Kim caters to all different taste buds to provide something for everyone. Sweet Jazmines has strong customer loyalty because once customers’ taste one of Sweet Jazmines homemade pastries, they keep coming back for more. These customers also help to spread the word about Sweet Jazmines by telling their friends about the bakery. Although Sweet Jazmines serves to all different customers, the customer base that A Whole New World is focusing on are busy mothers. We want busy mothers to feel as if Sweet Jazmines is the best choice for a morning muffin to pair with their daily coffee, and that Sweet Jazmines’ pies are the only choice to serve at a dinner party.

SWOT Analysis


  1. Everything is made with homemade, high quality ingredients.

  2. Word of mouth is the most popular communication, and the best for Sweet Jazmines. Personal recommendations for a food service are the most powerful.

  3. Excellent flavor in each bite, with the perfect portion size.

  4. The Sweet Potato Muffin is a very popular menu item that keeps customers coming in the door. It is a rare item to find at other bakeries.

  5. Customer loyalty is very strong at Sweet Jazmines.


  1. Sweet Jazmines is a small bakery therefore there is low exposure to the industry.

  2. Due to high quality ingredients the muffins and pies are expensive compared to Sweet Jazmines’ competition.


  1. Expand E-commerce to keep up with consumer trends.

  2. Social Media popularity grows more and more each day.

  3. Sales Promotions are very popular among consumers and help gain a stronger competitive advantage.


  1. Cost of ingredients are not fixed, cannot forecast cost.

  2. Sweet Jazmines income is the only money relied on to pay the bills.

  3. The bakery market is very competitive.

Section II - Target Markets

Sweet Jazmines does not have a set customer base because most of their publicity is through word-of-mouth mentions from previous customers. We believe the most appropriate market for Sweet Jazmines to target is a busy mother. In the family setting mothers make the food decisions, plan birthday parties for their children, etc. In targeting mothers, Sweet Jazmines can potentially take market share away from grocery stores like Acme that have a bakery section. Sweet Jazmines can appeal to mothers by focusing on the high quality of their ingredients because mothers do not want to feed their families poor quality products.

Chef Kim Cuthbert believes that if you are going to eat the calories in baked goods, it better taste great. By using this philosophy, Sweet Jazmines can appeal to mothers in two ways – first by meeting the needs of mothers when it comes to their families, and second by meeting the needs of mothers as individuals. By appealing to mothers’ desires, Sweet Jazmines can become the bakery of choice for that household.

Section III- Positioning Message

For the busy mother, Sweet Jazmines is a bakery, which provides delicious, made from scratch desserts in store and online, unlike Acme, which provides standard pre-made pastry items.

We want the patrons of Sweet Jazmines to know two things above all else. First and foremost, Sweet Jazmines desserts are unlike any other because they are hand made from scratch by the owner herself. Chef Kim Cuthbert bakes only with the finest ingredients, and prides herself on her strict attention to detail. Second, Sweet Jazmines’ online store is an excellent way to get quality-baked goods no matter where the customer is in the country. Sweet Jazmines has perfected their shipping process and guarantees the same quality products being shipped as the ones sold daily in the bakery.

Section IV- Organizational Requirements

Sweet Jazmines has been fortunate with local press coverage and award recognition. The goal of our Public Relations plan is to use this reputable history as a stepping-stone. The focus of our PR plan for Sweet Jazmines is the approach taken on e-commerce. Kimberly is hoping to expand her e-commerce business as the retail store accounts for 70% of her business. The first step we are going to take is building up the website with the tools available to us. Kimberly has won several awards over the years as well as gained a great deal of press coverage. We believe that establishing cohesiveness between the bakery and the website is a key to success. The awards and articles written are displayed in the bakery, and we are going to dedicate a section of the website to these articles and awards so customers can browse through them as they shop. This will showcase Sweet Jazmines’ excellent reputation in the Philadelphia area. Another element to building the website is using Kimberly’s interesting family story to connect to our target market of busy mothers. Kimberly’s family is a huge part of who she is and how she operates her business, and this is something special that separates her from the competition. Publicizing her family story, perhaps a family recipe, would really speak to our target audience - mothers.

Section V- SMART Goals
The following are four SMART goals we have set for Sweet Jazmines to be completed within the next year or sooner:

Long Term:

  1. Increase E-Commerce sales by 25% by using social media, including Facebook, to improve brand awareness over the next year.

  2. Increase Take and Bake Sales by 15% over the next year using sales promotions, word of mouth, and e-commerce.

Short Term:

  1. Create a Facebook page and gain 1,000 followers in order to become more involved in social media, especially the mother market, within three months.

  2. Establish a customer database of clients in order to send e-blasts, customer incentives, and notifications of current promotions within 6 months.

Section V1- Strategies and Tactics

A Whole New World’s main strategy is to increase online sales through generating traffic to the Sweet Jazmines’ website.

A Whole New World has plans to heavily develop the Sweet Jazmines website in order to increase e-commerce sales. The development of the website will include features such as a customer database, “scene and heard”, personal background, and more information about products offered at the bakery. For every online purchase, the customer will enter their information in the database, which will enter them into Sweet Jazmines email list, provide them with information about promotions and other important news happening at the bakery. We realize that developing the website is not a Public Relations tactic; however, we feel that by making the website more ascetically appeasing, the customer will be inclined to spend more time browsing. Our goal is to make the website reflect Sweet Jazmines in a positive manner.

The “scene and heard” section of the website will be dedicated to Kim’s awards and achievements. It will be designed after her articles and awards that are displayed in the bakery. This will allow Sweet Jazmines to showcase their award winning desserts on their website, which may in turn increase online sales. The personal background section of the website will be dedicated to Kim’s family story. We want to accentuate her family story in order to connect with the target audience - mothers. Kim’s family story is a very important part of her business and A Whole New World feels that it would enable Kim to better relate to her audience.

There will also be a section of the website focused on the Sweet Jazmines Menu. This section will have the full menu available on the website for customers to breeze through. Pictures of actual desserts, cakes, muffins, and pies will be displayed so customers can see the product before they purchase it. If customers see an item they would like to purchase they have the ability to click on the item and it will then be added to their shopping cart.

Another tactic A Whole New World plans to implement is a ginger bread house-making day for children aged 5-12. On December 20th, 2009 children will be welcome to come to the bakery and create a gingerbread house. We chose to host this event on a day the bakery is closed so it will not detract from the other bakery customers. Sweet Jazmines will provide all of the ingredients needed to build a ginger bread house and the children will be allowed to take them home and enjoy them! There will be information on the Sweet Jazmines website along with an RSVP form. The first 25 people to RSVP will be able to attend the event. The cost of admission is $10, and an adult must accompany all children. Along with making ginger bread houses, guests will also have an opportunity to take a tour of the bakery to see how an actual bakery is operated.

A Whole New World plans to make Sweet Jazmines a prominent player in the Social Media world. We will create a Facebook Fan Page for the bakery in order to create more brand awareness. This Fan Page will contain a brief background of the bakery and what they offer to customers. There will also be a link to the e-commerce website, making it easier for customers to browse Sweet Jazmines pastry options. Fans will be alerted about upcoming promotions and events as well as new “Scene and Heard” mentions for Sweet Jazmines. The Facebook page will also serve as word of mouth communication through the use of wall posts, as followers can post about their favorite pastries and experiences with the bakery. A Facebook page is an excellent way to reach our target market, mothers, because 45% of Facebook’s audience is 26 years old or older. Facebook is also growing faster with women compared to men in every age demographic, and women comprise 56.2% of Facebook members. (Smith)

We will also create a blog for Sweet Jazmines on blogspot.com. The blog will serve as an information tool, and will be used to keep customers updated about new promotions and happenings inside the bakery. The blog will serve as an opportunity for customers to gain a more intimate experience with Kim and the bakery. There will be a link to the blog on the Sweet Jazmines website giving consumers easy access to the blog while also generating traffic to the website. Once a month the blog will showcase an “item of the month”, which will give recipe information and special promotions for that particular item. Kim or any of her staff can update the blog as frequently as new information surfaces.

A World New World will develop a press kit designed around Sweet Jazmines’ Take and Bake product. It will be a holiday themed press kit as most families come together to bake during the holidays. The press kit will include a red or green baking pan with one of the take and bake mixes wrapped with a bow. Attached to the press kit will be a press release about the product, a fact sheet and backgrounder. We plan on distributing the product to approximately 30 media outlets. (See appendix for connector list).

The last tactic we plan on implementing is the Mystery Flavor. Kim will craft a muffin especially for her customers, and challenge customers to figure out just what it is that they are biting into. Customers will be able to come into the bakery and taste this mysterious muffin, free of charge. After a taste of heaven, it is their turn to be the chef! Once customers taste the muffin they can log onto Sweet Jazmines’ website and follow the link to the “Mystery Muffin” contest to submit their guess. After channeling their inner chef and entering their guess, it is time to wait. The lucky winner will be notified via e-mail. Not only will the lucky customer win the satisfaction of knowing they have the taste buds of a top chef, but they will win a dozen muffins of the “mystery flavor,” and will also receive a card for the Muffin Club with one free punch, putting them well on their way to more free muffins!

After an analysis of the business and the environment A Whole New World feels that the main strategy is driving traffic to the website. By implementing these tactics Sweet Jazmines will be provided with all of the tools necessary to established e-commerce as a significant part of the business.

Section VII- Timeline and Budget

A Whole New World will begin implementing our tactics as soon as Kimberly signs on with us. Within the first three months we hope to increase e-commerce by 5% to bring us closer to our SMART objective. The development of the website is important; however, it will be a gradual process as we plan on focusing on the other Public Relations tactics. Every Friday morning we will have a conference call with Kim to discuss the week’s progress and any ideas or concerns she might have.

The first tactic we will implement is the distribution of the press kit. We will order all of the materials for the press kit within the first few weeks of our partnership. Once supplies are in we will build the kits and mail them to all 27 connectors on our list. This tactic will take us about three weeks to complete.

Through the rest of our tactics we hope to have an increase in e-commerce sales by 25% using social media, including Facebook and blogs, to improve brand awareness over the next year.

We have not developed a maximum budget; however, through the use of three social media sites we have been able to keep our cost at a minimum to start out. We ill adjust the budget accordingly as new endeavors surface.

Tactic Cost

Facebook, Blog, Sweet Jazmines Website $ 0.00

Press Kit (Nationwide) $ 1,000

Event Press Release (All Philadelphia Media Outlets) $ 250

Event $ 1,000

TOTAL $2,250

Section VIII – Measurement and Analysis

A Whole New World will measure their success through the number of hits to the website, percentage increase of website sales, and customer participation in online activities. We will track Facebook fans on a weekly basis; we hope to have 500 fans in the first three months. We will also track the highest selling online products so we can offer future promotions on the website. A Whole New World will also monitor our customer database and keep track of customer purchases and actions to better Sweet Jazmines’ customer service

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Mock-Up 1: Take and Bake Press Release to be included in Press Kit


Kelly Harrison December 9, 2009

A Whole New World PR


Convert Your Kitchen Into a Successful Bakery!

Bring Home a Take and Bake This Holiday Season

Berwyn, PA – December 9, 2009 – Kimberly Cuthbert of Sweet Jazmines bakery is giving you the tools you need to be a successful chef, from the comfort of your own kitchen! Introducing: “Take and Bake,” the new and exciting way to bring gourmet bakery sweets into your home.

“Take and Bake” is Kimberly’s way of helping her customers discover their passion for baking, just as she did. Kimberly realizes that many of her most loyal customers are mothers looking to please their family and friends with delicious desserts and is giving you the tools you need to be the chef behind these delectable creations. “Take and Bake” includes all of the ingredients necessary to make one of Sweet Jazmines’ award winning desserts on your own. This new product from Sweet Jazmines is the perfect way to add your own special touch to your favorite desserts. From pies to cookies, Kimberly is sharing some of her favorite desserts with you, and challenges you to try it on your own!

“Take and Bake” is the perfect way to bring the family closer this holiday season. From January 1st to March 1st when you come into the bakery and purchase a “Take and Bake” you will receive a coupon to be used at sweetjazmines.com; spend $50 online ordering your favorite desserts and get $10 off. Kimberly recognizes that these harsh economic times can be troubling, especially during the holiday season. “Take and Bake” is an economical way to enjoy your favorite gourmet desserts without breaking the bank. Who knows, maybe you will find your new calling in the process!

It is easy to walk into a bakery and purchase a homemade dessert from scratch, but why not add your own special ingredient into the mix? Love! Sweet Jazmines has been responsible for stomachs full of joy for a decade, and now it is your turn to join the fun. “Take and Bake” can be purchased online at sweetjazmines.com, or in the Berwyn store. Come in today!
Kimberly Davis Cuthbert opened Sweet Jazmines bakery in 1999 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1994. Since opening her bakery, Ms. Cuthbert has received dozens of accolades, awards and recognition throughout the Philadelphia community for her made from scratch goodies that are prepared with high quality, all natural ingredients. Sweet Jazmines offers a variety of treats like muffins, cookies, specialty cakes and cheesecakes. Since opening the bakery, Sweet Jazmines has expanded their business to include online sales through the website, and Sweet Jazmines even ships all around the country. Sweet Jazmines is a unique bakery that offers the consumer a wide variety of options that are made with love everyday.


Mock-Up 2: Gingerbread House Building Event Press Release


Juliette Lagasi December 9, 2009

A Whole New World PR


Calling all Gingerbread Gurus!

Sweet Jazmines is giving children the opportunity to be the next biggest chef!

Berwyn, PA – December 9, 2009 – Sweet Jazmines will be opening its doors on December 19th from 2:00 to 4:00pm for the first annual Gingerbread House Building Party and Open House. Children ages 5-12, and their parents, are encouraged to participate in the party and the open house.

Children will have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they build their dream candy house. Sweet Jazmines will donate all gingerbread house supplies for the event; refreshments and cookies will be available as well. Not only will children be making gingerbread houses, they will also have the opportunity to take a tour of the bakery. See what happens behind the glass case that the delicious cookies and cakes sit in. Find out which ovens are used for each dessert item, what a bakery kitchen actually looks like, and any other questions you might have about Sweet Jazmines.
An adult must accompany all gingerbread makers and it is $10 per gingerbread guru. Space in the Gingerbread House Making Party and Open House is limited; only the first 25 guest to RSVP will be invited to the party. Those that are interested in attending must RSVP at www.sweetjazmines.com to reserve a place before space runs out.
Kimberly Davis Cuthbert opened Sweet Jazmines bakery in 1999 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1994. Since opening her bakery, Ms. Cuthbert has received dozens of accolades, awards and recognition throughout the Philadelphia community for her made from scratch goodies that are prepared with high quality, all natural ingredients. Sweet Jazmines offers a variety of treats like muffins, cookies, specialty cakes and cheesecakes. Since opening the bakery, Sweet Jazmines has expanded their business to include online sales through the website, and Sweet Jazmines even ships all around the country. Sweet Jazmines is a unique bakery that offers the consumer a wide variety of options that are made with love every day.


Mock-Up 3: Blog on blogspot.com

Mock-Up 4: Facebook Fan Page

Mock-Up 5: Gingerbread Party Event Floor Plan

Connector List


  • WPVI ABC – Jennifer A. Bullick, Jennifer.a.bullick@abc.com

  • Good Day Philadelphia – WTFX 29

  • FOX 29 – Jennifer Best, Community Affairs Direction

  • WCAU NBC – Asha Beh, Journalist

  • MyPhl17 – Sabrina Andrews, Publicity/Events Coordinator

  • Live with Regis & Kelly, ABC – the show’s website has a section for recipes, although no direct contact information can be given out, a recipe can be submitted on the website, or for general information there is a telephone number: 212/456-3605

  • The Today Show- Noah Kotch, Senior Producer


  • Philadelphia Daily News- Debi Licklider, features. licklid@phillynews.com

  • Philadelphia Inquirer- Rick Nichols, columnist. rnichols@phillynews.com

  • Philadelphia Business Journal- Sonja Sherwood, Associate Editor/Special Reports

  • The Philadelphia Tribune- Bobbi Booker, Lifestyles Report, bbooker@phillytrib.com

  • Philadelphia City Paper, Drew Lazor, Meal Ticket Blog

  • New York Daily News

  • The Star Ledger- Leslie Kwoh. lkwoh@starledger.com


  • Philadelphia Magazine- Ashley Primis. aprimis@phillymag.com

  • Philadelphia Sun

  • Philadelphia New Observer

  • Main Line Today- Shannon Hallamyer. No direct contact information could be found, however their website has a section to submit press releases for editorials.

  • Redbook- could not find a direct contact, however e-mailing redbook@hearst.com will send your inquiry to all editors.

  • Good Housekeeping

  • Parenting- letters@parenting.com

  • Parade- DAKILA DIVINA, Managing Editor

  • Mothering Magazine

  • Food & Wine- Jennifer Salerno or Lawrence Macrus, Editorial Freelancers.


  • Philadelphia.momslikeme.com- philadelphia@momslikeme.com

  • Foodservicecentral.com- info@foodservicecentral.com

  • Philly.com – James M. Von Bergen, Journalist

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