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1/16/2017 SYNOPSIS —

“Ali Baba & the Four Thieves” will be the 34th Pantomime performed by the Westhoughton Methodist Amateur Dramatic Society since our first pantomime in 1981.
The story of Ali Baba and his encounter with the Forty Thieves is well-known from the 1001 Arabian Nights collection of folk stories. The story of what happened when Ali Baba met the Four Thieves is less familiar, but even more exciting and mysterious.
The Four Thieves, led by Abu Ben Hadem, hide out in a secret cave in Sesame Mountain, on the far side of Hunger Hill. This is no ordinary cave, it is The Cave, with its own personality. Not only does it provide the hiding place for the ill-gotten gains of the Four Thieves, but The Cave has hidden depths and multiple levels including Level Four Special.
Sultan Vinegar and Sultana Pepper are inundated with demands to deal with the villainous Four Thieves. However, it’s very tempting for them to pass on the problem to Grand Vizier Philae and go off on a Nile Cruise aboard the good ship, “Marie Celeste”, with none other than Captain Ahab. Will Abu Ben Hadem take the opportunity to find new recruits for the Four Thieves?

Can Ali Baba discover the secret password to enter The Cave and explore it’s many levels before the Four Thieves catch up with him? His camel is essential, but who will he meet in The Cave? He is only a simple woodcutter, but Ali Baba will need all his skills to decipher hieroglyphics, solve riddles, wrangle penguins and fly a magic carpet. What will be on sale in the Bazaar today to interest Ali Baba’s wife, Lady Baba? What is in the Ali Baba basket? Will Kentucky Smith ever sell one of his fine leather jackets? Will Ali Baba’s greedy brother, Rum Baba, also want to explore The Cave, or will he send his faithful servant, Morgiana, instead? Does the Zookeeper, or indeed anyone else, understand the true significance of Lord Elgin’s marbles?

“Ali Baba & the Four Thieves” is a fast moving story, loosely based on the 1001 Arabian Nights tale, containing scenes of mild peril involving priceless artefacts, passwords, marbles, unlucky charms, egyptian mummies, snake pits and traditional pantomime jokes. No tigers, camels, snakes, spiders or penguins have been harmed in this production.
Directed by Bill Greenhalgh

Script written by Bill Greenhalgh

“Ali Baba & the Four Thieves” is suitable for all ages.
Performance dates are Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st February 2015.

Tickets (including refreshments and a programme) are:

£4.50 for Adults and £4 for OAPs and children (Friday 13th & Saturday 14th ONLY)

£5 for Adults and £4.50 for OAPs and children (Friday 20th & Saturday 21st ONLY)

Tickets can be booked by phoning 01942 811051 or by emailing:

Curtain Up is 7.15pm prompt

All performances will be held at the Westhoughton Methodist Church Hall, Wigan Road, Westhoughton, BL5 3RQ

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