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SypSys - Share Your Photo, Share Your Story

By huwenze


Wanna share your travel stories and experience to anyone who is interested in, especially your friends and family, with rich information online?
Wanna share your GREAT or BAD travel route and experience with rich information online to anyone who plans to visit the same place?

Wanna suggest them to visit wonderful spots, events or restaurants that you have enjoyed, or prevent them from following the same old disastrous road that you have borne?

With SypSys (Share Your Photo, Share Your Story), you can integrate

  1. Graphic info (photos you've taken along your travel),

  2. Geographic info (the map of the place where you've visited and your route which you've taken) and

  3. Literal info (your story or travel notes which logs the details of your travel and records your wonderful or bad experience gained from your travel)

then share an integrated travel story to others online.
Different guys get different benefits from you SypSys,

  1. Your friends and family: you can share your travel experience and stories with them even though they do not travel with you. And such an online application with rich info provides an intuitive experience, just like they travel personally with you.

  2. The guys who are planning to visit the place where you have visited: they can learn practical knowledge from your firsthand experience rather than by reading some outdated, unpractical or even cursory travel tips. They can adjust their schedule to visit those really fantastic spots as you recommend in your story and with your photos while keeping away some bad spots, restaurants, etc as you caution in your story.
  3. The guys who dream to visit the place, but currently have no chance to make it come true: most of people do not have chance to travel around the world. Your stories with rich info can bring them to the places where they visit in dream.

How it works

Let’s imagine you are taking a wonderful travel in Beijing, the capital city of P. R. China. Assume your travel route in first day as below,


Day 1

  1. In the morning, start off from Hotel. Walk to Tian'anmen Square.

  2. On 10:30 AM, visit the Forbidden City.

  3. After lunch, take a tour of The Summer Palace.


1.Sypsys Uploader

SypSys Uploader is a smart uploading tool of SypSys for mobile device. It uploads and pins every photo on the map for you just after you press shutter.

That day, as you take fantastic photos along your route, you may upload your photos to SypSys with your mobile device. If you take photos with a smart camera or a smart mobile phone which has GPS function and can access Internet, you can use SypSys Uploader to upload and pin every photo on the map just after you press shutter. Here the GUI demo and steps,

  1. At the very first, you need to login with your AIM account on the tab “My Account” of GUI as below Figure 1 (assume your screen name is Foxyhu).

Figure 1

  1. As you’ve logged in successfully, you can upload your photos to SpySys. Go to the tab “Upload”, assume you just take a photo on Tian’anmen Square, you can upload this photo to your SypSys with SypSys Uploader at once. Before you press the button “Upload”, you should choose the story from dropdown list or create a new story as the target (assume in this case, the story name is “In Beijing”) and you could fill correlative info of this photo, e.g. Title, Location, Description as Figure 2 shows.

Figure 2

  1. As you press the button “Upload”, the photo will be uploaded to SypSys and pinned at its exact taken location on map automatically because it knows the exact latitude and longitude at the taking moment thanks to GPS function. And SypSys Uploader can generate a story skeleton based on the info (e.g. title, taken time, description) of all photos under one story.

  2. While you can go to the tab “AIM” send IM to your Buddy to inform them to view new uploaded photos on SypSys or just chat with them (Figure 3).

Figure 3
Besides above way, of course, you can upload and pin your photos on the map manually in a batch on SypSys Website when you finish this day’s tour and back in hotel in evening or anytime you’d like (refer to Figure 6).

2. Sypsys Website

SypSys website is a mashup web site providing you SypSys services.

Assume you have put your Beijing travel story on SypSys after your Beijing trip. When you visit SypSys Website without login, the initial GUI as Figure 4, the tab “My Account” prompts you to login with your AIM account.

Figure 4

As Figure 4 shows, generally, the SypSys GUI is composed of Operation part (left part) and Map part (right part). SypSys initially shows the login window, because as you log in, you can use member function, e.g. create and manage your own stories and correlative photos & maps, view the stories published by your Buddy. On Map part, SypSys presents all today’s new stories on a world map. Then a guest user can get what he/she is interested in without registering an account to login. Thanks to MapQuest, you can move around and zoom in/out the map to focus on your interested area.

As you, “Foxyhu”, log in, the GUI looks as Figure 5. SypSys leads you to the tab “Main” and provides you the story list published by your Buddy. Below, it is the Top story list ranked by viewed times. You can click the link to get details. The right map demonstrates all stories of your buddies (if you are a guest user, the map is still all today’s new stories on a world map). And you can use search function to find stories with keywords, e.g. specific author account, specific title, specific location etc. As you click some story to view, you will be led to viewing story screen (refer to Figure 7)

Figure 5
You can go to the tab “My Story” (refer to Figure 6). In this tab, you can manage your stories and correlative photos & maps, e.g. upload, remove or pin photos, compose your own story based on the story skeleton generated by SypSys. The story contains clickable thumbnails of correlative photos to lead viewer to the original photo pinned on the right map. More, you can get your buddy list and chat with them thanks to Web AIM.

Figure 6
Assume the account “penguin”, your friend has logged in SypSys. Your story “In Beijing” displays in his buddy story list on his “Main” tab. As he clicks your fresh Beijing story “In Beijing” on his “Main tab”, then he is led to the screen of viewing targeted story as Figure 7.

Figure 7

The tab “Story ‘In Beijing’” replaces the original “Main” tab. He can read your story with embedded photo thumbnails, look into the original photos on the right map, add his comments and learn your route. More, he can send IM to you if your presence status is available. He can go back to “Main” tab by clicking the button “Return to Main”.

API used

  1. Web AIM: Buddy List Widge, "IM Me!" Widget, "Presence" Widget。

  2. MapQuest: provide map service

  3. AOL Pictures: provide photo management service, because a story is an album from the view of photos.


SypSys provides you a strong reminder leading you and anyone back to your memorable travel experience with mashed up story sharing service.

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