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EGO : This indicates that part of one which is conscious of ‘I.’ It is the separate individuality apart from the Overself. There are two kinds of Ego ; the first is that which is learning willingly or unwillingly. It is undeveloped, untutored, excessively talkative, over-confident without any reason to be confident. That Ego is self-centred, arrogant, and aggressive. It is, in fact, the typical Man In The Street.

The other Ego is one which has progressed and has learned by experience. It is possessed by those who have attained to much enlightenment. It is a person who is willing to help others even at the risk of inconvenience and trouble for oneself.

Egoism is often referred to as the second of the five sources of trouble, and when one thinks of conceited, egotistical people whom we know, we can well understand that this is so. Unfortunately, the less one knows the more one thinks one knows. Many of these people who are so boastful, who say, 'Prove this, prove that, and I don't believe it anyhow,' have not even started to learn.

It is believed by this writer that few Press people are in the developed category, because one of the first requirements is that an Ego cannot be developed unless it is willing to consider the feelings and needs of others — a matter singularly lacking with Press people.

ELEMENTALS : Most people are horribly confused about elementals. Actually elementals are a type of thought form which have a sort of half-life of their own, a form of life brought into being by humans.

So that one may the more easily understand it, let us say that we have a magnet and the magnet represents the human. Then let us say that we bring the magnet near a piece of iron. Immediately, the iron becomes magnetised to some lesser degree, and so it represents the elemental.

Elementals are formed from the etheric substance which was the origin of all complex forms. All the random thoughts of people 'magnetise' etheric substances which give rise to elementals — elementary beings.

It should be made clear that many people who go to seances and believe that they have conversed with the spirit of dear departed Aunt Matilda, have really been the victim of a hoax by some elementals. Elementals are irresistibly drawn to seances because it gives them a chance to play a joke on humans. Elementals are as mischievous as monkeys, and possibly even more brainless than monkeys.

One of the great dangers of going to seances is that one may be completely deluded by these thought forms. In addition to the elementals, of course, there are Nature Spirits, but that will be dealt with under N.

ELEMENTS : There are, of course, quite a number of elements, but to the occultist, the metaphysician, or the astrologer, there are five main elements. They are ether, air, fire, water, and earth. We are not dealing with chemistry here but with astrological lore.

These elements come into play to a very great extent in astrology, where one can be born under a watery sign — Cancer — and then if one marries a person who was born under a fiery sign, such as Aries, there can be trouble and an unhappy marriage because fire and water do not mix. It is a question of that which is compatible and that which is not compatible.

The elements are important things indeed for those who want to study the mechanics of metaphysics.

EMOTION : Emotion is a state of mind which should be controlled so that it does not interfere with one's metaphysical studies. It is easy to imagine that one has seen a ghost or that one has spoken to a person who has recently left this Earth. It is also possible that emotion — fear — will prevent us from doing just that.

In esoteric work one must curb, and train, and restrain the emotions. One must not be too skeptical, and one must not be too willing to accept, one must use common-sense.

One must keep a balanced mind and be ready to investigate all matters with an open mind. By open mind, is meant the state where one is not going to condemn and one is not going to believe unless there are reasonable grounds for either state.

The Middle Way is the best way, so that one is not too credulous nor too incredulous. By taking a middle of the road path one is able to see the scenery on each side, and judge accordingly.

ENTHUSIASM : This is one of the things about which one has to be very careful. One must keep one's enthusiasm and one's emotion under control. One must not become excessively enthusiastic. To become over-enthusiastic about a thing disturbs the even tenor of one's existence.

We have a certain amount of energy, and if we allot too much energy to one subject then we have not enough energy to deal with other subjects, and we become unbalanced.

In Yogic or metaphysical matters there should be no excitement, no false enthusiasm, and no strong emotions. Here again the only way to attain to a sound balance is to take the Middle Way.

ETHERIC DOUBLE : This is the substance existing between the physical body and the aura. The etheric is of a bluish-grey colour, and is not substantial like flesh and bone. The etheric can pass through a brick wall, leaving both intact.

The etheric double is the absolute counterpart of the human flesh and blood body, but in etheric form. The stronger a person's physical, the stronger will be the etheric. When a person dies, and that person has had a certain gross interest in life, his etheric double is physically very strong and he leaves a ghost which, through habit, acts in precisely the same way as the person did while in the physical body.

A person who has been killed by violence or in a state of terror will have a very strong etheric indeed. People who have died by violence will often leave a ghost which can be seen.

Frequently disembodied etheric doubles try to dissipate their useless energy by going to seances and giving senseless messages. It is clear that if Uncle Timothy has died and Aunt Matilda wants to get in touch with him, she will go to a seance and, because of personal magnetism, she will attract the stupid etheric double of Uncle Timothy. This etheric double has no knowledge but only habits, and so it will react in much the same way as Uncle Timothy did on the Earth and will just give senseless information because it has no brain to direct it.

The etheric double is a useless thing which has to be dissipated before one is completely free of the bonds of Earth. It is the stuff of which senseless ghosts are made.

A person who is said to be earthbound is linked to Earth by this strong etheric double.

EVOLUTION : Everything is in a state of evolution. A child is born as a helpless baby, and gradually evolves into an adult. People go to school, and their evolution is such that they progress from class to class.

Men do not become angels on the earthly stage of evolution any more than animals turn into humans on this world. All must evolve according to the plans of the Universe, and according to their own species.

The development of Man, or Mankind, has been proceeding for many millions of years. By consulting the Akashic Record you will be able to see that the first form of Man was a globe, a creature not altogether solid, not altogether gaseous, something like an unpleasant murky sort of jelly. He had only one eye and no mind ; instead, he was almost an automaton.

That was in the first Race of Man. In the second Race there was a difference because certain appendages protruded from the globe which was Man, and there was a rudimentary mind much as in the case of a monkey.

In the third Race of Man there was a dividing of the globe or sphere so that there were two sexes, male and female.

You may be interested in some of the different Races : In the first case with which we need deal there was the Race of the people of Lemuria, yes, there really was Lemuria ! The Race at that time had instinct and passion, but they were not possessed of many of the higher emotions, not possessed of aspiration for spiritual pursuits.

The Earth in those days was still in a stage of development. Great gouts of flame shot out from the interior and there were earthquakes, and the Continent of Lemuria sank beneath the waves.

After the Lemurian Race there came the Atlantian Race. This was a definite improvement on the Lemurian because the Atlantian functioned on the higher emotions, they tried to develop their higher emotions, but they also evolved into a more reasoning type of mind, they went in for science a lot and, sadly, they produced an atom bomb thousands and thousands of years ago. The atom bomb went off, and the land called Atlantis sank beneath the waves. There were survivors scattered in various remote districts ; some of their children were affected by radiations, and so there were mutations, mutations which caused the Aryan Race.

The Aryan Race is more of a concrete mind than spiritual, in fact, trying to get spiritual thoughts into most people is like trying to break concrete !

A sixth Race is functioning in the abstract, and eventually in the age of Aquarius, into which we are now entering, they will evolve into a spiritual mind. After this spiritual development we shall have a greater incursion into the abilities of a seventh Race. There are some of the seventh Race already on Earth, not many of them, but enough to provide a seed or nucleus, and the seventh Race will eventually achieve a knowledge of the leaders of this whole Solar System.

Evolution, then, is that which enables people, or anything, to develop and make progress.

EXPERIENCES : Many people during their time upon Earth have 'experiences.' They imagine they see things, or they actually do see things. They could be surer if they kept more accurate reports.

One should keep paper and pencil about at all times, particularly by the side of one's bed, so that if one is awakened notes can be made before the memory fades.

Supposing you are awakened in the night, and you think you see something. Make a note :
1. What did you see ?

2. Was it male or female ?

3. How was it dressed, in what period clothing ?

4. What did it do ? Did it come through a wall and stand by your bed ?

5. What did it say or indicate to you ?

6. What was your reaction ?

7. What happened to the figure ? Did it disappear — vanish — or go through a wall ?

8. Having read the above, what conclusions can be formed ? Was it hallucination ? Was it a person that I recognised ? Was it a person who appeared real ?

In the morning read your notes, and then you can add to them anything which came from your sub-conscious in the night. It must be explained again, though, that many really authentic cases of visitations are lost to the world because the person who saw the visitor either dived beneath the bedclothes or was too confused to have any accurate memories. There are such things as ghosts, but if a person would not harm one when in the flesh, why should that person harm one when out of the flesh ?

EYES : Everyone knows what eyes are, but the purpose of including that word here is so that we can deal with relaxation of the eyes, because eyes are among the most ill-used organs of the body.

It is essential that during meditation the eyes must not be strained. Most people focus their eyes on some imaginary object, or even upon some actual object. This is definitely harmful because it tires the eyes by requiring that the eye muscles remain in a fixed position.

One should look into the far distance, look beyond infinity so that the eye muscles are not being strained. You can, if you wish, relax your eyes by letting them wander, but, naturally, not while meditating. Let them wander so that the muscles are put in varying positions, and thus are not in any one position long enough to become tired or strained.

A good eye-massage exercise is to put the palms of one's hands over the eyes, and then move the hands slightly in order to form a cup. That is, when you pull out the palm of the hand while keeping the edge of the hand around the eye socket, you form a hollow with lessened air pressure.

If one presses on the eye’s bony frame and then slightly eases away the palm, one can feel slight tension on the eyeball because the air pressure enables the liquid in the eye to push the eye out a bit. Then when you press in you get the opposite effect, and so you have a really relaxing eye massage.

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