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FA : This is from the Chinese and it denotes the law or regulations. It indicates that one must follow the right precepts if one is going to make right progress. Until you can progress you will have to keep coming back to this dreary old world.

FACE : Look at the average person, look at the lines and wrinkles on their face, look at their tense, screwed-up expression ! And when they think they are meditating they become screwed-up all the more. This is unfortunate because one cannot meditate when one is tense.

If you find that your face is becoming stiff, try relaxing it. Bend forward so that your face is parallel with the floor, make sure that the muscles of the face are quite slack, as slack as you can make them. See, also, that your lips are not tightly compressed, you can have your mouth slightly open if you prefer.

The eyes should be either very slightly open or shut, but you must not shut them tightly because if you do you are tensing muscles.

Relax the whole face, and then imagine that you are a dog who has just come out of the water sopping wet. Shake your head sharply as a dog does, so that even your ears waggle and your hair-do comes undone. Do that several times, pretend there is water on your face and you have to shake it off with sharp movements. Do this, and it really will shake out folds in your muscles.

When you have done this several times sit up straight, and stretch your neck as far up as you can. Imagine that you are a giraffe or one of those native tribeswomen who put rings on the neck in order that the neck may be lengthened.

When you have stretched your head as far up as you can, pull it down to your shoulders as far as you can, pull it right down into your shoulders so that your neck really is compressed. Stretch up your head again, and make it come down again. Do it several times, and every third time shake your head sharply like a dog does. This will help you more than you imagine.

FAITH : We must have faith if we are going to seek after knowledge because some things require that we have faith while we are still seeking for proof, and if a person goes seeking for a thing determined that they will not find it, then they will not find it.

It is wise to hold firm to the conviction that based upon intellectual ability we can ascertain that the thing under discussion is true.

In faith we try to prove that a thing is right, not, as so many do at present, try to prove that a thing is false.

Faith is no idle, senseless, ignorant belief. Faith grows and grows as one explores that in which one has faith.

FEAR : One of the greatest dangers in any form of occult study is of being afraid. In the East teachers tell the pupil, ‘Fear not for there is naught to fear but fear.’

Fear corrodes our abilities for clear perception. If we are not afraid, nothing whatever can hurt us or disturb us. Therefore — fear not.

It is worth particularly noting that when one is doing astral travel there is no need for fear. Elementals or astral entities cannot hurt one, but if we are afraid, well, our fear upsets us — upsets our digestion, for instance. Again, let it be stated that no one can be harmed in the astral except by oneself, that is by getting frightened and rushing back with such a thunk that one becomes disassociated from the body.

If you come back into the body with a shocking jerk and get a headache after it, the remedy is simple — rest again and go to sleep, so that your astral body can leave the physical and resettle in the correct location in the physical body.

FO CHIAO : This is a Chinese interpretation of the Buddhist religion. As we have already stated, Buddhism is a code of living, a way of living, but in order to follow common usage it is referred to here as a religion.

Fo Chiao is the Chinese name for Buddhism as a religion.

FO HSUEH : This is Buddhist learning, Buddhism when treated as a philosophy or way of life, instead of as a religion. Again, it is from the Chinese concepts.

FORCES : There are four forces which need concern us. They are :

1. Natural forces : When we are at school we study a group of forces known as physics, or, if you prefer — heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism — and then one gets quite a dislike of poor old Pythagoras who worked out those weird and wonderful theorems which cause one so much trouble.

2. The etheric forces : Among these is included the power of the Kundalini. Those of the second group are still connected to natural phenomena because the Kundalini, and all that it implies, gets only as far as the etheric double before becoming a metaphysical force instead of an earth-natural force.

3. The ancient Egyptian priests specialised in this, which we might term ‘Force 3.’ They protected their tombs with thought-forms which really could make one frightfully uncomfortable.

Force 3 consists of all those things which are generated from the mind, and which, once generated, go on and on perhaps for centuries, until they have dissipated their original energy.

While this third force is still connected with nature, it is on a much more remote basis because we are now two stages removed from the crude, basic, natural force.

4. This is a force which can be generated by living entities because of the power of love, hate, etc. They are quite as powerful as are any of the preceding three.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, levitation, teleportation, etc., come under this group.

Astral travelling does not come under this force, because astral travelling is just releasing the astral body from imprisonment in the physical body.

FOUR FRUITS : According to various Eastern beliefs, the Four Fruits of human life are that each Fruit shall develop and ripen and come to full growth.

The First Fruit is that of morality and purity of thought. This makes one a decent person who is able to progress on the Spiritual Path.

Secondly, there is security of position, so that the Temple of the Soul, which, naturally, is the body, is not damaged by excessive poverty or suffering.

It should be stated that in some conditions one has to have poverty and suffering because of Karma, but as a general rule it is better that one is able to attain to the Middle Way — not too rich, not too poor, not starving, but not overfed.

The Third Fruit is that by which one has one's legitimate desires fulfilled. It comes as a reward for right living, right thinking, right behaving.

A legitimate desire does not include the desire of having a new car or a new coat, or things which are for vanity or to show off to other people.

A legitimate desire is a desire to help others and to save others from unnecessary distress. It is also legitimate to desire to progress and advance, again unselfishly, again so that one may help others.

The Fourth, and best, of the Fruits is that one shall speedily attain to release from the ties of this world. It means liberation from Karma, the end of one's incarnations and reincarnations upon the Earth system. When one has the last of the Four Fruits, when one has escaped from the toils of the Earth, then one can, if one is foolish, volunteer to come back to this dreary old spot to help others. When you attain to that position, and you are on the ‘Other Side,’ leave instructions that if you ever decide to volunteer your friends will have your sanity tested, because it does appear that nowadays things are rather out of hand on the Earth, and things are much too hard. However, we are in the Age of Kali, and that gloomy Age will pass away and the sun will shine again with the dawn of a new era, and with an upsurge of spiritual purity.

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