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GAYATRI : This is the name given to a most important Mantra. Christians recite The Lord's Prayer, which, after all, is just a Christian Mantra. The Hindu recites the Gayatri.

A Hindu will go through certain ceremonies, and then recite this Mantra daily. Here are the actual words : 'Om, bhur, bhuvah, swah. Tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Om.'

The meaning of this translated into English is : 'We meditate upon the ineffable effulgence of that resplendent Sun. May that Sun direct our understanding for the good of all living.'

This is a Mantra which could be recited by Christians with much profit !

GHOST : That eerie thing which swishes around in the night with a few creaks and groans, and which causes the hair on our heads to stand straight up, is harmless !

A ghost is just an etheric force which wanders about according to the habits of its previous owner, until eventually that etheric force, that etheric double, is dissipated. A strong healthy person who is suddenly killed by perhaps extreme violence, has a very strong etheric. If a person is being attacked, then he or she focuses the etheric into a strong entity. If, then, the Silver Cord is suddenly severed in that process which we call death, the astral body goes off, the physical body decays, and the poor etheric becomes a homeless, mindless, wandering waif. Throughout the whole life of the body, the etheric has been modeled on that body, it is a habit pattern of the body. So if the body was in the habit of going to a certain place, or thinking of certain people, then the etheric will do likewise, until perhaps during centuries the power becomes dissipated, and eventually vanishes.

The etheric body is the one which attends seances and gives the so-called 'messages' from beyond the grave. It is quite a tragedy really because people on Earth should realise that when we leave this world we have other things to do, and cannot always, and do not want always, to get in touch with people left behind. The etheric, or ghost, is a thing of no moment and should be disregarded.

Supposing you were in some city and very busy with some special task requiring concentration, would you like it if some person kept phoning you from some other city, kept phoning you and asking you all sorts of stupid questions ? You would soon get tired of the whole thing. In the same way, the real entities, whom, if you like, you can call Souls, do not like being disturbed, they have too much else to do.

GIVE : There is an old occult law which states, ‘Give that you may receive.’ If you do not give you cannot receive. If you are too mean to give anything, or too selfish, then you lock a shell around yourself so you cannot receive even if a would-be giver is most anxious to give.

In the Christian belief it is stated that as you sow so shall you reap. It is also stated ‘Cast your bread upon the waters.’ And yet again, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

It is utterly, utterly essential that if you want to receive something, then you have to give something. Not necessarily money, you may have to give of yourself, that is, give love, give friendship, give attention, sympathy, give help, understanding. It is useless to say, ‘What is mine is mine, and what is yours I want too.’ Unless you are prepared to give you cannot possibly receive. So, those of you who button up your wallets or make sure that your purse-strings are drawn up tight, remember that if you are going on your knees to start praying it is a waste of your time as well of everyone else's, it is useless to pray for things unless you are willing to give things.

GOD : According to the Raja Yoga there is no concept of a God. The Vedantas and The Bhagavad Gita state definitely that the Yogi reaching liberation from the body finds himself as a God.

For those who want to look it up, the term for God is Ishwara. Vedantic teaching is that all mankind is a part of God, and there are four main stages of approaching Godhood :

1. Nearness to God.

2. Similarity to the teaching of God.

3. Associating with a Godlike Being.

4. Living with a God.

According to the Christian belief, how many Gods do you think there are ? Have you read Genesis ? If not, read where God said, ‘Let there be firmaments.’ In other words, God is commanding a second God to make the firmament, and the second God obeyed and made the firmament. Then the first God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and the second God made light — not electric light or gas light or daylight, of course, but spiritual light, the light which gleams at the end of our own long, long trail of the upward Path of Evolution.

By the way, it is also worth remembering that many people read the Bible incorrectly. Most people believe that Adam was the first man created, but that is not correct. Read Genesis 4 ; 16 and 17 ; that shows Cain going forth into the land of Moab, and buying a wife. Now, if Adam was the first man created how was it possible for Cain to go and buy a wife ? There must have been another man connected with it all somewhere else. One should remember that many of the teachings of the Bible were written for a people who were not educated, not really able to think for themselves, thus the Bible was written in simple language, often in parable form.

GRANTHIS : This peculiar word means a form of knot. There are three 'knots,' the basal, the heart, and the eyebrow knot.

In time everyone has to raise the Kundalini in order to progress spiritually and metaphysically. Raising the Kundalini means that one has to break through these knots, it means that one has to break free from physical lusts, free from physical desires and spites. When one has gone through the first of the knots, then one has to break through the ordinary higher mental desires ; one has to do away with mental snobbery, for instance. Even some of the higher mental thoughts are concerned with selfishness, and before one can progress one has to truly remember that 'Race, creed, and colour do not matter, for all men bleed red.' And all men are equal in the sight of God.

The third knot on the spiritual plane is breaking through to one's own real self, the Overself, and then one is far beyond the confines of the physical body. When one breaks the third knot one does not need to come to this Earth, except specifically to help others.

It is worth commenting at this stage that so long as people think of will, will-power, and reason, then one is bound to the physical body just as is a person who always thinks of physical love and forgets that the real love is on the spiritual plane.

Many people have asked about love on the spiritual plane ; it is a pure love, an absolute love, and nothing can approach the feeling of being with one's own ‘twin soul,' because, although it is a horrible sounding term — 'twin soul' — it is a very real thing indeed, and when one has one's twin soul in the Overself stage, then one is never forced back into incarnation but only comes back to help others.

GUNAS : There are three qualities which we simply must have. We must enter, progress through, and discard, passing ever higher and higher.

First there is sluggishness and neglect. From neglect one experiences pain such as hunger or cold. From the pain or neglect effort results in order that there may be relief from hunger or pain. This effort produces pleasure, the pleasure of eating in order that hunger may be appeased.

From the introduction to pleasure which comes when hunger is appeased, there arises a desire for pleasure, and thus a definite seeking for pleasure, causing energetic action which forms a habit, and the habit of restlessness.

From the excessive habit of seeking after pleasure, and obtaining pleasure, pain and neglect arises and the body suffers therefrom. From seeking too much pleasure we eat too much, and we get a pain where we should not. This pain causes us to think — which in itself is quite a feat ! We think along the causes of our pain, and then we decide not to do that which caused the pain, and sometimes we actually do refrain from doing harmful things. Most people do it ‘just once more,’ but until they can cut out their 'just once's' no progress can be made. Progress can only be made when we eat to live and do not live to eat.

GURU : That wondrous, misunderstood word merely means ‘A weighty person.’

A Guru means in its commonly accepted term, One whose words are worthy of consideration. A Guru is a Teacher, a spiritual Teacher, and he should be an illumined soul, one who has raised the Kundalini and knows how to raise it in others.

When the student is ready the Master will appear. The student cannot and should not and must not exclaim, as so many do, ‘Show me the Great Masters, let them come to me and I shall believe.’ The Adepts who have remarkable powers of perception, whose faculties have been sharpened and purified, are not able to teach those who just bleat feebly that they, and they alone, are worthy of Great Teachers. Those immature, unevolved people who demand that a Teacher accepts him or her as a pupil — well, they delay their own progress.

It is worth a comment here to show what happens : I had a letter some time ago from England, some idiot wrote in a most condescending manner stating that, ‘Mr. So-and-So is prepared to accept Lobsang Rampa as his Teacher if Lobsang Rampa will give immediate proof that he can do all that he says.’ The attitude of Lobsang Rampa, and many others, is to toss such letters in the waste-paper basket with a sigh of regret at the folly of those who write thus.

A true Guru, according to the full meaning of the word, is as rare as a horse with feathers, because the true Guru must be more or less sinless, must be more or less without feelings of self, and must have no desire for fame. The poor fellow must, in fact, exist almost without being. It is permitted, of course, that the Guru has enough to live upon and enough to see that he is decently clad.

Remember, remember, remember, ‘When the student is ready the Master will appear.’ The student, being untrained (otherwise he would not be a student !) is never, never, never in a position to say that he is ready to be taught. That is the surest way of saying that he is not.

GURUBHAI : This refers to any male person studying under the same spiritual Teacher. One should also give the name applying to a female because nowadays the ladies, the so-called weaker sex, are often the stronger sex when it comes to spirituality. So, ladies, if you study under the same spiritual Teacher you are a Gurubhagini.

Gurus are often referred to as 'Master.’ That is completely and absolutely and utterly wrong. A Guru is a Guru, ‘a weighty counsellor,’ not a Master. A Master implies that one is forced to do what the Master says ; a Guru advises and leaves the student full choice of action. So, please, never Master : Guru, counsellor, adviser, teacher, or anything similar, but why not stick to — Guru ?

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