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N Give and it will be given to you… The measure you give shall be the measure you receive

Luke 6.38

Web Page: www.malawi-twin.org

Newsletter No: 50

April 2012

Dear Parishioner

Welcome to this, our 50th Malawi Newsletter.

Since our Parish became twinned with Malawi in 2001, we have supported many different projects. All have been of immense importance to the very poor people who have benefited during the past ten years.

This newsletter concerns our Container Project, which completed its fourth consecutive year when it left for Malawi on March 23rd.

The list on the reverse of this letter tells only half the story of the phenomenal success of this project. Not only have our parishioners shown wonderful support, but so have many others. Individuals and companies, who are not part of our parish, have given very generously of their time, skills and products over the past four years.

Annabelle & Graham from Tyler Holdings Ltd have allowed us free use of a warehouse for the past four years, giving us room to sort, pack & store all the items for our containers.

Liam & Cora at T & T Express Deliveries have supplied the transport to Birmingham and the use of their vehicles for collecting many of the donated items.

Pureprint, BKT, St Ives Westerham Press, Aqualisa Ltd and Siemens Water Technologies have between them donated all the tapes, shrink wraps and many of the packing cartons.

Adam from VR Print has donated 60 thousand sheets of paper. He has made up 215 notepads and donated many other items.

Dave and his team from Data Flight Services, Fareham, Hants, and St Gregory’s School have donated computers and IT equipment.

C & H Fabrics have donated over 50 ‘end of reel’ lengths of fabric and cloth. This will greatly benefit those involved with the sewing machines.

With the support of these and many others, we have been able to send so many varied items over the past four years, incurring only the costs of the Container shipment. For each Container, we have been given the full cost of sending by two of our Parish families. Without all these donations: money, goods and services, we could not have attained this level of giving.

A special thanks should also be given to those intrepid parishioners who often braved sub zero temperatures to pack and label all the cartons.

A summary of the contents of this year’s Container is shown in Column 1; a combined total of the four years is shown in Column 2. This is by no means a complete list since many other items have been sent, which are too varied to be listed here.

Column 1 Column 2

Description of Item

2012 Container

Total to Date

Desktop Computers



Laptop Computers



Inkjet Printers



Manual Sewing Machines



Electric Sewing Machines



A4 White Plain Paper (Sheets)



Plain Paper Pads (A4 & A5 Size pads)

215 pads


18 Large Boxes

75 + Boxes

Fabric (Packed around sewing machines)

26 Boxes

87 Boxes

Tools (inc Garden-Wood & Metal Work-Building Etc)

19 Large Boxes

52 Boxes

Pens – Pencils


Other School Items-including

Crayons-Felt Tips-Scissors-Rules-Drawings Pins-Set Squares

Tape-Clue & many other Items

100 per item

Estimated cost

In Excess of



120 + Pairs

350 + Pairs

Toys & Soft Toys

10 Boxes

35 + Boxes

Clothing Men’s & Children’s

34 Boxes

65 + Boxes

Bedding & Towels

9 Large Boxes

30 + Boxes

Reading Glasses

80 Pairs

300 + Pairs

Microwave Ovens

2 Ovens

DVD Film (Shown in parish Jan 2012)

2 DVD Films

for Six Locations

DVD Film sent each Year

199 Cartons

580 Cartons

466 Cubic Feet

1469 Cubic Feet

2929 KG

9940 KG

For ‘the oldies’ amongst us: 9940 Kg equals almost ten tons!

This year’s Container will benefit five Parishes, a Seminary, five Primary schools, one Secondary school and a Pre-school Playgroup. At least 4,000 children/students and many parish groups and individuals will gain much from the generosity of all the supporters of the Corpus Christi Container Project.
The high level of our success is a testimony to everyone involved.
On behalf of all our friends in Malawi:

Thank you”

Peter Wells

On behalf of your Malawi Team

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