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Table of Contents:
Page 2 - 6 Advice columns

Page 6 – 7 Teen trends

Page 7 – 14 Languages of Canada

Page 15 – 21 Canadian sports

Page 21 - 26 Traditional and Modern Life in Canada

Page 27 - 31 Comics and Games

Page 31 – 36 Music Reviews

Page 36 – 39 Book Reviews

Page 40 - 42 Video Game Reviews

Page 42 – 47 Movie Reviews

Page 47 – 50 TV Show Reviews

Advice columns

Dear K.R.Y.M.S,

I am a 15 year old dude who is extremely good at online games. My absolute favourite game in fact is World of War craft. World of War craft is a super nifty game were you are a Warrior that depends upon War craft to survive! This game is really neat it cost $ 80 for the disk and $15 per month. I am not able to get a job because I spend too much time on the computer. I am going bankrupt and to make things worst my mom is yelling at me to get of the computer and go outside and make some friends. I don’t want to make friends! I am a social reject! I think I’m getting addicted! MY SOUL IS LEAKING AWAY!!! I no longer live a life! I live WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! HELP ME K.R.Y.M.S!!!


Warcraft addict

Dear online game geek,

CHILL OUT! I know you are addicted and lots of kids like you are addicted to online games just like you! I feel very sorry for you but do not fear, I have a solution for you!

Now most kids who want to stop playing have too lock themselves in there room with a bunch of books ore something so you should be happy you do not have to do that, we have put our best physiologists to work for you and they have atlas found a solution.

K.R.Y.M.S has sent you a virus that will stop you from using the computer! Hooray!

Dear K.R.Y.M.S,

I have am the professional skier who lives in the Rocky Mountains. I am really good at skiing but I have a problem, GLOBAL WARMING!!! Global warming is warming up Canada and The Vancouver Olympics are being cancelled! I ski for a living, I can’t have the Olympics cancelled ore I will go broke and end up snow hoveling for a living because I don’t have a University degree in any thing else! HELP ME K.R.I.M.S!!!
Dear pro. Skier,

Wow that is very sad. I was looking forward to the Olympics in Canada! So too help you I have a couple of options.

  1. Give up all hope. Become a snow shoveller.

  2. Go skiing without any snow.

  3. Stop global warming bike everywhere vote for green party, hold in you’re farts, tell others to do the same.

Dear K.R.Y.M.S

I owned a beaver tail shack until the ice on the Rideaux Canal broke because of global warming. I was not able to swim so now I am on the roof of my shack waiting for the ice to freeze again. You may think that it is stupid of me not to call the R.C.M.P but I am Phonaphobic*. And can only email ore text. Help me K.R.Y.M.S! What should I do?
Dear guy stuck on a roof

Wow that must really suck. It’s too bad you’re Phonaphobic* and can’t call 911 but I think we can help. I have done serious research and have found a couple solutions to you’re problem. Here are some solutions:

  1. Drop your Blackberry into the canal and electrocute the fish, get arrested for over fishing,

  2. Use maple syrup to stick all you’re pastries together to make a raft.

  3. The Rideaux canal is 2 feet deep...

*Phonaphobic: someone terrified of using a telephone.

Dear K.R.Y.M.S.,

I am 14 years, and my parents STILL won’t let me stay home alone even for 1 minute. No matter how much I ask, they refuse. I feel they are being over-protective. What should I do?

Signed, Responsibility-rooter.

Dear Responsibility-rooter,

This is a perfectly natural concern with parents nowadays. Try to put yourself in there shoes. Maybe they are concerned that you are not quite ready. Try to prove yourself to them by taking a home alone course or something like that.

Ask Kryms
Dear Kryms,

I don’t come from a very rich family, and so I can’t get much fancy clothes. Most of my clothes aren’t very cool or “in” fashion. I try to make the best of my things, but everyday when I go to school, I get made fun of because of my clothes. These girls always say things to me such as “Nice hair” and sneer or “What an ugly shirt!”. I keep my cool, but I can’t take it anymore! What do I do I do?

Need New Clothes.
Dear Need New Clothes,

Since new clothes costs money, why don’t you try to get an after-school job? Try working at a clothes store, so you can get a discount as well as get some money. When you have some free time, try babysitting some kids or walking dogs if you like animals. And remember, don’t lose your cool.

Good luck!


Dear Kryms,

My best friend has gone through a lot lately. Recently, her mom passed away from cancer and her Grandma passed away just before that. Now, she’s really upset, and depressed. She lives with her dad and his girlfriend, but his girlfriend treats her really badly. My friend gets sworn at a lot, and gets called things like fat, ugly, and stupid. I’m really worried about her, and I think she’s doing something really bad to herself. How can I help her?


Dear Worried,

Whoa! Sounds like she’s been through a lot lately! She probably hasn’t been loved or encouraged at all. You can cheer her up by loving her and doing everything she needs to feel like her old self. What did her mom do to help her? Maybe try doing the same things and reassuring her that she isn’t any of the things her dad’s girlfriend calls her. Try talking to her dad, and talk some sense into him. Keep talking to her. Do something nice for her so that she knows she is still loved by some people. Even if her dad’s girlfriend may treat her that way, don’t give up on her. If you really care about her, don’t give up, and good luck!


Dear Kryms,

My best friend and I like the same guy. I’m not really sure if he likes me, but he always looks at me. My friend always flirts a lot with him, and when she does, I feel very jealous. I’ve always read about these problems, but I never imagined it would happen to me. I know it’s wrong to fight with my friend for him, but I can’t help it. I’ve heard rumours that he likes me and that causes a lot of problems between me and her. What should I do?


Dear Jealous,

You seem to like this boy a lot! You’re right that a boy isn’t worth ruining a friendship between you and your friend. Why don’t you talk it out with your friend? Maybe she’s just playing around with you, or she actually likes him. Or just let the guy pick who he wants. And if he likes you, that’s great, right? If he doesn’t then, just get over with it. He isn’t the only boy at your school, right?


Dear Kryms,

A few weeks ago, I got myself a new boyfriend, Austin. He’s really cute and nice, but the only problem is that he’s my best friend’s ex. Since she’s jealous, she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. She also makes up rumours about me and Austin. Now I hang out with people who also like Austin, but they don’t talk to me or Austin! I tried talking to them, and again, and again, but they still ignore us! What should I do?


Dear Torn,

There’ll be more chances to have boyfriends. You wouldn’t want to lose a friend because of a silly boy (well, maybe not silly but still...), because friends are to be treasured, and boys can just break up with you any time. There will be more boys in your life, and rumours will always be bound to be there. Don’t let the rumours get to you, because you know they aren’t true. Hang out with Austin all you want, but as friends, not boyfriend/girlfriend. Have fun, and remember there will be more boys!

Girls rule, boys drool!


Dear Kryms,

My older brother has won so many awards from school. Every time anyone comes to our house they marvel at his awards and tell him how proud they are of him. No one believes in me and I don’t even exist! My older brother is better in school subjects like science and math. I’m better in the arts. I love to draw and play music. I like to sing too. Do my parents or relatives see that? No. What am I supposed to do?

Dear Useless,

First of all, before I give you some real advice, no one is useless. We all have our own talents and weaknesses, and if everyone was the same, the world would be sooo boring. You are special in your own way. Maybe people don’t treat you as talented, but you are. Even if nobody recognizes that. Just because other people don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. If you become a famous musician, laugh in your parents’ faces. Now, why don’t you talk to your parents? Maybe they just don’t know how you feel. They may not know, but you can show them what you mean. Remember, there is always someone out there who recognizes your talents. Like me. Remember, you are talented.


the best advice column ever

By:Sophie Fu

Dear Kryms(pronounced: crims),

I have a really hot boyfriend who I went on a date with just a minute ago but I caught him calling my best friend and saying : “See you in 10 minutes my love” And he made an excuse to leave early!!! He said that he forgot to feed his dog but he doesn’t even have a dog!!!! So now I know that he is cheating on me and its because of my best friend. So Kryms if you could answer me ASAP I would really appreciate it.



Dear Averyverysadgirl,

Well I know it can be hard to solve a problem when it’s your best friend, because you have probably known your best friend for about maybe your whole life and you don’t want to get in a fight for the first or second time!!! But it is necessary to tell her your feelings so the next time you see her or you could maybe call her as soon as you are done reading this letter to the so called “Averyverysadgirl” After you call her you will be known as “Aververyhappygirl” Because your best friend will understand your feelings and if she really was your best friend she would let you have this guy. So go call your best friend now!!!!!!!!

The advice column that everyone trusts,


Dear Kryms(pronounced: crims),

It is NOT fair at all!!!! Humph!!!!Today when I went to school, my so called best friend was surrounded by a bunch of guys!!!!!!.. well to be more specific, my guys!!!!.......hlep me!!!!! I need my guys back or it’ll look like that I’m not popular!!!!Ew!!




Dear Crymyeyesoutofwater,

I know people can feel bad about being not popular but it’s your best friend!!!!!!!!!!!you can let her have this just this once but talk to her about your feelings and maybe she will let you have “your guys” back or you guys can just share “the guys”. It’s no biggie!!!!! I mean just get new”guys”!

The advice column that everyone trusts,


Ask Kryms!
Dear Kryms,

Last night I overheard my parents deciding to leave my hometown and immigrate to Canada! It’s so unfair! I can’t bear leaving all my friends! I’ll have to leave everything! Even go to a new school and make new friends. We’re leaving next week! I’ve talked to my parents again and again but their still not even listening to what I have to say. It’s like they don’t care about me anymore. Whenever I try bringing up the subject, they get so frustrated that they start ignoring me! What can I do?


Travelling Crisis
Dear Travelling crisis,

Things can get so frustrating between parent and child! So many teens have the exact same problem! Try finding a time when your mom or dad aren’t busy or annoyed and try to talk to them cooperatively about what’s bothering you. You should understand that part of your parents decision is to help you too. Things might not be that bad anyway. You might make I of new friends and join new clubs. Trust me, everything will be all right.

Dear kryms,

Okay, I’ve listened to your advice. Now what???? I’ve agreed to travel all the way to the other side of the world! Today was my second day at school and guess what happened? Everyone’s ignoring me and I have no friends at all! Even my teacher thinks I’m a fool! My classmates spread all kinds of rumours about me since I can’t speak English very well and they think I won’t understand what their saying. They also make fun of me since my clothes aren’t designer ones. Oh kryms, What can I do?


Dear Aproblemchild,

Don’t worry, soon you’ll get used to living in Canada. You’ll definitely make new friends! It might just take a few days or even weeks for your classmates to get used to you. English is a very easy language to learn as long as you set your heart to learn it. Good Luck!




Teens Favourite Trends

Hi, this is Celina and Yolanda. This article is about what trends are on the top of the list this summer season.

The clothes and shoes that girls wear are like definitely pretty and fashionable with the best styles, unlike boys, who wear baggy pants and shirts.

Most liked shirts that girls wear are:

Purple t-shirt, light blue blouse and dark purple skort.

Light emerald green tank top and dark green shorts.

Lavender t-shirt and violet ruffled shorts.

Most liked shirts that boys wear are:

Green t-shirt jeans

Blue t-shirt and cargo pants

Green t-shirt and baggy jean

Some of these teens get their clothing from stores for everyone and others go to places that are just for teens. Stores like Lasenza Girl catch girl teen’s eyes while other stores such as Areopostale, American Eagle and Holister are for both genders.

If teens need winter wear or sportswear, they usually go to the same stores as most of us do. Some of those stores are Sportscheck and Adidas.

Shoes, is another problem. Where do teens go? Girls look for high heels,sandals , flip-flops and running shoes. Three of our personal favourites are Jessica,Natrualizer and Payless shoe store, but boys go for runners. They also wear running shoes like girls too.

If you want to see a girl’s room, or a boy’s one, you might want to be prepared to make some good moves when you look at them. Yolanda is a complete neat freak so her room is really clean but Celina doesn’t care about neatness that much. Teens rooms only depend on their personality.

Eye shadow and lip gloss are popular for girls who want to be pretty normal girls would wear blush and lip gloss. Girls do not like when their lips chap. Really girly girls wear lipstick.

Many girls who have long hair wear ponytails, pigtails, braids or even just wear their hair down. They can also use a curler or a straightener for special events.

Boys can either cut their hair very short or leave it long. Most boys have very short hair, but some boys who want to be different can keep there hair long. If a boy has short hair it could be up to his ear or up to his neck.

Cellphones, I-pods, I-phones etc. are electronics. There is usually no difference from boys and girls. Sometimes girls can have pink or purple. Boys can have just plain, black, gray and brown.

Now you know what the basic teen trends in Canada are. It is probably different from your trend so bye for now!


Languages in Canada:

German or Deutsch
German is a West Germanic language. Therefore, related to English and Dutch. German is overall the third most learned language worldwide. 128, 350 or 0.4% of Canadians speak German.
Three hundred and fifty five people in Yukon, 1,985 people in Nova Scotia, 790 people in New Brunswick, 37,290 people in Manitoba, 11,185 people in Saskatchewan and 40,445 people in Alberta speak German.
According to the 2006 Canadian census put the number of Canadians of German ethnicity at 3,179,425.
Only a small fraction of German Canadians are descendants of immigrants from what is today Germany.
It is also spoken in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, the former Yugoslavia, and of course Germany.

How to count in German!

eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf,

sechs, sieben, acht, neun,


French language in Canada By Simona K.

22.7% of people in Canada speak French, which is about 6.7 million people. Although French is the native language of just over half a million Canadians in Ontario, French Ontarians represent only 4.4 percent of the province's population.(Ontario is were ou’ school is located) Here is a French-Canadian flag.

This is the flag of Quebec. Quebec is right beside Ontario. The flag of France is really different from the flag of Quebec. Here is the French flag.

French Words

Some of you might Know some words in French like “bonjour” (hello) , “ami” (friend) or “maison” (house) but, you probably don’t know the word “hyposynthesis”. pronounce hyposynthesis. It sounds the same in both English and French. Here is another example of a word like that “ code” it is the same in English and French.

French people put accents on some of their words to change the sound of the word. Like è, ê or ç. The French use accents for words like “même” (same) or “ÉTÉ” (SUMMER)

The End

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