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Israel is the opportunity of the Jewish People to live out the values of the prophets and to build a model society based on equality, solidarity and social-economic justice. The ills of consumerism and materialism can be cured in Israel. (1)

Israel is a sharp break with the Jewish past. In the Disapora, Judaism had to become a religion in order to survive. In Israel, that is no longer necessary and Judaism can develop as a civilization, less linked to the synagogue, rabbis, religious ritual and prayer. This new Jew will have a Hebrew based culture, not based on religion. (5)

Jews and Arabs can find a common language in Israel by applying themselves to a shared vision of cooperation and social justice. Israel has to be based on the equality of all citizens and on mutual respect for two nations who share one soil. Israel must first be a democracy and not let its Jewishness get in the way of full equality for its Palestinian citizens. A true Jewish country is based on remembering that once the Jews were enslaved and a persecuted minority. (9)

The revolution in Jewish life that is required today can only happen in Israel, where the collective potential of the Jews to become a light unto the nations and establish a model society can be realized. Jews are free to live wherever they like, but only in Israel, under conditions of sovereignty and majority rule can we establish the kind of society we have dreamed of for generations. (13)

Israel must be prepared to make a historic compromise with the Palestinians on territory. This does not mean that we don’t have a legitimate right, but rather that the real work of creating a model and just society cannot be fully advanced unless we have peaceful and normal relations with our neighbors. For that to happen, we will have to compromise on territory. (17)

The return of the Jews to Israel is also an opportunity to develop a new relationship with the Land of Israel itself. The Land is essentially barren, a wilderness neglected by the long years of our absence. The Jews too have become barren because they have lost their connection to their soil. Both of these problems can be addressed if Jews once again begin to cultivate the land and to physically develop it, making the desert bloom. (21)

Israel is the opportunity to let Jewish individual creativity and genius come to fruition. The free market, the entrepreneurial spirit and the catalyst of competition will allow Israel to be a world leader in technology, science, industry and business. (2)

Religion in Israel should be a matter of personal choice, including the choice not to be religious. It is a matter of faith, and should not be connected to the State. We need a full separation of synagogue and state in Israel. At the same time, religious life, as a private matter of the individual, should be encouraged. (6)

A modern society cannot be organized on the basis of national and ethnic groups. It is the individual which matters most, no matter what their background. Every person in Israel needs to be free to realize their individual potential and live with complete honor and dignity. The law cannot discriminate and curtail one’s individual liberty because of their religious or ethnic background. (10)

Israel is like a hothouse of creativity and production that serves Jews wherever they live. Universities, research centers, businesses and think tanks are involved in Jewish innovation and progress that will serve Jews and the world everywhere. Jewish communities around the world will be strengthened by what Israel does, and we need to develop a mutual relationship between Israel and the Diaspora. (14)

In today’s world, territory is less important than the quality of life. We have established a modern state, the borders are only important if people can live normal lives and progress economically and socially. Our insistence on territory and conflict with the Arabs will not enable us to focus on creativity and individual freedom and Israel will soon lag behind the rest of the Western World. (18)

In every modern society there is a critical place for the appreciation of nature, for the open space, for what is untouched by human hands. Development is important, but we also know that development, if not done wisely and modestly, can lead to our own destruction. Israel is part of the planet Earth and our first obligation is to make sure that protect and conserve the environment for future generations. (22)

Israel is the opportunity to allow Jewish values, rooted in our Torah and our teachings, to inform the creation of a truly Jewish economy and society. Jewish communities have always operated according to the economic teachings of the Torah- regarding money lending, investment, and business practices. The Torah will instruct us on how Israel should behave economically. (3)

The whole idea of a Jewish State is to make the state Jewish. That clearly means basing the State on Jewish values, commandments and the teachings of our sages. The Halacha, Jewish religious law, as interpreted by generations of Rabbis, tells us how to run our lives and how to set up a state. This authentic Jewish expression is the basis if life in Israel, and we must resist foreign and watered down approaches to Judaism.


The Torah is very explicit that Jews are commanded to treat foreigners and others with dignity and care. The Arabs are our guests and even though Israel is not their country, we must make sure they have their own rights and dignity. Their religious leaders have the right to run their religious life, but the country as a whole is to be governed by our laws and traditions. (11)

The overall trend of Jewish history is clear and our destiny is clear. The Jewish People in its entirety need to be reunited with their Land. We are witnessing the end of the exile, and the return of the Jews home. A full Jewish life is only possible in Israel. In the meantime, we need to work to make Jews more fully Jewish and more connected to Israel wherever they live. (15)

At its heart, the territorial question is essentially a religious question. Islam cannot accept a Jewish State in its midst, and giving up land that was promised to us by G-d will not change their fundamental rejection of our right to be here. It does not make any sense to establish a Jewish State without our united capital of Jerusalem, the burial places of our forefathers and other holy sites, even if the world doesn’t recognize that claim. (19)

The relationship between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel is rooted in our relationship with the G-d of Israel. This Land is given to the Jews on condition that we uphold G-d’s laws and preserve what G-d has given us. Every inch of this soil is holy and our attitude towards it has to be one of love and care- an attitude which is rooted in our tradition and sources. (23)

The major imperative for Israel is to strengthen the country and to pursue its national objectives. That is more important than pure economic concerns. Israel cannot afford to solely let the market determine its future- it must sometimes make decisions not for economic but rather for nationalist reasons. (4)

Traditional Jewish values are at the heart of what it means to be a Jewish State, but Israel does not need to become a theocracy. Israel is the Jewish heartland and the Jewish homeland- thus a Jewish state will maintain a close connection with the Land of Israel, especially those parts where Jewish history has its roots such as Jerusalem, Judaea and Samaria, even if those parts are claimed by others. (8)

Individual Arabs should have rights in Israel, but the Arabs do not have collective or national rights to the Land of Israel. They have their own countries to express their collective aspirations, not in ours. Until the Arabs living in Israel accept our national existence and legitimacy, we must be careful not to give them too many rights and liberties, which can then be used against the existence of a Jewish State. (12)

Israel is not always an easy country to live in, but it is essential that Jews everywhere understand that it is theirs and is always their home. Our history shows us, that life for Jews outside of Israel is usually under threat, even when they believe themselves to be comfortable and at home. We need the Jews in Israel- our demographic advantage is constantly under threat, and without a solid Jewish majority in Israel, we cannot make sure that Israel will provide a refuge for Jews when it is needed. (16)

The Middle East is not North America, and Israel cannot relate to the Arabs around it like the US relates to Canada. Holding on to territory connotes strength, gives Israel territorial depth and shows the Arabs that we believe in ourselves and our national identity. Any compromise will only lead to a demand for more and make it easier for the Arabs to attack us.(20)

The Jewish People stand before the historical imperative of preserving itself and regaining its historical vitality. For that land and space are critical. This Land has waited for us to return and now we must exploit its potential to serve as our homeland. As more and more Jews return to Israel we must build more and more, securing the future for the absorption of every Jew who returns. (24)

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