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Tacori Product Descriptions

Crescent Silhouette

Tacori’s signature ring collection is defined by the unique design element of the crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs, which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle.

Tacori originated the crescent silhouette design, and this luxurious motif is a hallmark of Tacori, and a mark of exquisite taste.
Simply Tacori

Inspired by an engagement within the Tacori family, the rings in the Simply Tacori collection reveal a contemporary look with heirloom appeal.

This elegant collection evolves Tacori’s interlocking crescent elements and embraces modern sophistication, using a smooth high-gloss polish and single signature crescent silhouette details to create the classically timeless Simply Tacori style.

Tacori’s glamorous Dantela collection showcases designs with an eye-catching allure. The name Dantela translates to “Lace”, a nod to the Tacori family heritage that also references the lace-like look of the diamond details. These diamonds bloom the center stone and provide the intricate appeal of the breathtaking Dantela designs.

Champagne Sunset

Tacori’s Champagne Sunset collection reflects the passion for refined designer style with a modern edge. Each piece captures the effervescence of champagne with diamonds that shimmer on the surface of three-dimensional golden designs, infused with the warm yellow and rose hues of dusk and dawn.

Fine Jewelry

Tacori’s fine jewelry collection brings their signature crescent silhouette theme to the fashioning of elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more.

Tacori’s fine jewelry pieces have stunningly unique designs, showcasing beauty from every angle. Each exquisite piece is individually handset with diamonds by Tacori artisans, designed to dazzle the eye of the discerning customer.
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