Talents Assembly

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Talents Assembly

Child A: Good morning. Welcome to P5’s assembly. Our assembly is about the different talents that each of us have and how we use them.
All: What’s a talent?
Child B: A talent is a special natural ability or aptitude. Natural means that we are born with it. Everyone has a talent. Everyone is good at something.
Gymnasts: We’re good at gymnastics. We’ll show you.

(Short gymnastics routine)
Here gymnasts can talk about how they feel when they use their talents and share their successes with the audience.
Footballers: We’re good at football. We’ll show you.

(Demonstration of football skills – keep up, passing etc.)
Here footballers can talk about how they feel when they use their talents and share their successes with the audience.
Other talents do the same. Music, dance etc.
Child C: Talents are something that we are born with, they’re gifts that we have been given and we need to use our gifts in the best way possible.
Child D: Like the boy and his bike?
Child E: The boy and his bike?
Child D: Yeah, I knew a boy who got a bike for his Christmas but it was green. He didn’t like the colour so he left it outside and never went on it. It got rusty.
Child E: I bet his parent’s weren’t impressed!
Child D: They were furious!
Child F: Yes, it’s a bit like that. There’s an old story about using what’s been given to us. Child G, Child H, Child I and Child J are going to tell it to us with their talent of drama.

Parable of the Talent (Modernised for today)
Child G: (Opening a letter) Brilliant! I’ve just been invited to my cousin’s wedding! (reads the letter over) Oh, it’s in New Zealand. I’m going to be away for quite a while. Child H! Child I! Child J!

Servants come rushing in

Servants: (Together) Yes sir.
Child G: I’m going away for a while. I’m going to give you all some money before I go. Make sure you use it wisely.
Child K: And so the Master went to his cousin’s wedding in New Zealand. He had a wonderful time but, of course, he had to come back. When he returned he spoke to his servants.
Child G: Child H. What did you do with the money I gave you?
Child H: Well sir, you gave me £100. I invested the money in moneysupermarket.com and I’m now a millionaire!
Child G: A millionaire?? Fantastic. Well done Child H. I’m very impressed with your efforts.

Child I. What about you?

Child I: I tried to set up my own online networking website called TreeBo, but no-one was interested. I lost the £300 you gave me.
Child G: Never mind, at least you did something. You’ve learned a valuable lesson for next time I suppose. Child J what about you?
Child J: Well sir, I was afraid of losing the £200 you gave me so I put the money in the envelope and put the envelope in my sock drawer. It’s still there if you would like it back.
Master: Oh, what a shame. If you had just tried to do something with the money then you might have got something in return. If you didn’t succeed then at least you’d have tried. After all, it wasn’t your money.
Child J: I realise that now sir. I will take a chance in the future.
Child L: The servants had been given something to make the most of. One tried and succeeded, one tried and failed but the third didn’t try at all.
Child M: Look around the room. Everyone in here has a talent of some description.

Child N: Even the staff members have talent. #add details#

Child O: So you can have big talents.
Child P: And you can have small talents.
Child Q: But they’re still special.
Child R: Even our parents have a talent.
Child S: I think it’s the talent of patience!
Child T: Niamh, are you going to the swimming gala tonight?
Child U: No, I don’t think I’ll be there.
Child T: Why not?
Child U: Emm, I’m taking my turtle to the vets…….
Child T: I didn’t know you had a turtle. What’s his name?
Child U: Umm….. Cecil?
Child T: I don’t believe you. You’re a really good swimmer. You should go.
Child U: There’s a new girl started called Margaret and she’s really good.
Child T: Who cares about that – you’re really good too. You might win. Just believe in yourself!
Child U: OK then – I’ll give it a try. Wish me luck!
Child V: You’ve all got a talent – it cost you nothing! Make the most of it.


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