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Talking books

Fiction for younger readers

Updated: May 2013
Age range: 11 and older

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Fiction for younger readers

Adams, Richard

Watership Down. 1972. Read by Robin Holmes, 19 hours. TB 2576.

Only a few rabbits escape with their lives when men destroy their warren. Many dangers have to be faced as they search for a safe place to establish a new one.

Adams, Richard

Tales from Watership Down. 1996. Read by Richard Derrington, 6 hours 57 minutes. TB 10934.

Sequel to: Watership down. The author returns to the memorable world of the rabbits in this collection. The first part includes several traditional folk stories known to all rabbits. Then follow tales about the adventures of El-ahrairah, the mythical rabbit hero. In the third and principal section are stories about Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and their companions.

Aiken, Joan

Died on a rainy Sunday: a novel. 1972. Read by Anthony Parker, 5 hours 12 minutes. TB 2113.

Blackmail, murder, and a bizarre chase through the rainsodden suburban countryside of Kent.

Alcock, Vivien

The monster garden. 1988. Read by Brigit Forsyth, 3 hours 1 minute. TB 7930.

The day Frances Stein, (nicknamed Frankie), acquired some living tissue from the genetic engineering laboratory, was the day her life changed. Her experiment was a great success, but she would have to keep it a secret to protect her monster, which would not be easy if Monnie continued to grow so rapidly.

Alcock, Vivien

The mysterious Mr Ross. 1987. Read by Judy Franklin, 3 hours 46 minutes. TB 7898.

A gripping read for younger readers, but one which will also be of interest to older people. A story about Felicity, a clumsy girl, who is not especially loved by her family at their home, the Fairweather Guest House in Gall Bay, who rescues Mr. Ross from the dangerous waters near her home. His arrival changes the lives of the Tait family and all those who meet him.

Alcock, Vivien

The Sylvia game. 1982. Read by Anne White, 5 hours. TB 4551.

Bored, convalescent, 12-year-old Emily secretly follows her father to a shabby old stately home near where they are staying in Devon. Following her is Kevin, gipsyish boy-of-all-work in their hotel. But who started the fire that burnt the gallery. And which of the two canvasses saved is the real Renoir! - a junior whodunnit.

Alcock, Vivien

Travellers by night. 1983. Read by John Westbrook, 4 hours 45 minutes. TB 5279.

The circus must close and Belle and Charlie exchange their world of sawdust and spangles for an ordinary school. For Tessie, the elephant too old to sell, an even sadder fate is in store. The two cousins decide to kidnap her and take her to a safari park. With such a large and illegal companion small wonder that they become "travellers by night."

Almond, David

Heaven eyes. 2000. Read by Patricia Jones, 5 hours 2 minutes. TB 12202.

It's easy. Running away from Whitegates. Erin and her running-away friend January do it all the time, But this time they're going down river. This time they might never come back. This time they're looking for a tiny corner of Paradise. How could they imagine that what they'd find there would be Heaven Eyes? This girl who should have drowned at sea, this girl rescued from the mud. This girl with a secret history only Grampa knows. And he isn't telling.

Almond, David

Skellig. 1998. Read by Jim Norton, 3 hours 12 minutes. TB 11976.

Michael's baby sister is ill, and the whole house is sick with her. While his parents spend time at the hospital, he explores their new home. In the old, derelict garage he finds something sinister; a strange creature, part owl, part angel. Is it something good or something evil? Contains strong language.

Almond, David

My name is Mina. 2010. Read by Nicola Holmes, 4 hours 39 minutes. TB 18063.

Mina writes and writes in an empty notebook, and through her stories, thoughts, lessons and dreams, Mina's journal grows into something extraordinary.

Archer, Mandy

Robin Hood: parent hood. 2007. Read by Richard Armitage, 1 hour 44 minutes. TB 16990.

Robin Hood series; book 4. The Sheriff and his men capture Roy, and the outlaws find a baby abandoned in Sherwood Forest. Roy is given a choice: kill Robin Hood or let his own mother hang. Meanwhile, Marian angers the Sheriff with her disobedience. Will Roy betray Robin? How will the Sheriff punish Marian? And who does the baby belong to?

Atterton, Julian

The fire of the kings. 1984. Read by George Hagan, 6 hours 33 minutes. TB 6315.

Aethelfrith, the Grey Wolf, represents all that is heroic in the English kingdoms of Britain. So Edwin's pride knows no bounds when Aethelfrith gives him a sword - a gift fit for a king. But Edwin must face exile and the horror of battle before he can fulfil his destiny and unite Britain in a way the country has never known before.

Avery, Gillian

Huck & her time machine. 1977. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 6 hours 19 minutes. TB 3097.

Huck finds a time-machine on a waste tip and decides to use it to get some peace from her brothers and sisters.

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