Tamia Berry

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Tamia Berry

What does it mean to be a good father? In my opinion it means sacrifice, love, and caring. I believe a father should sympathize with their children, to get a better understanding. A worthy father would realize how his actions as a man affect his family. In the short story” fiesta” by Junot Diaz, Papi’s actions through the story portray him as a negative , abusive ,selfish person toward his wife and children especially to his son Yunior.

In the story, Papi causes a negative environment within his family by cheating on his wife. On some occasions when it is more convenient he’ll take his children with him to the mistress’s house, showing his selfish attitude and how ignorant he is when he puts the children into an uncomfortable situation Papi is missing very important expectations that would make him an ideal father. In the story Yunior (his son) states that if his father wanted to bring a book while he cheats on his mother that he has the power too, Papi has made it so that he is invincible to his family and he can do whatever he wants. When Papi brings his children while he cheats on their mother is just one example throughout the story that displays Papi as a selfish man, therefore, would classify him as a bad father. Cheating is just one example that demonstrates Papi’s harmful parenting discussions.

Yunior has a hard time riding in cars and is easily gets car sick. Instead of Papi realizing that Yunior has no will power toward his illness, he belittles him and blames as if he does. He threatens Yunior if he eats he will be receive a beating, instead he could have easily put a plastic bag in the car, but instead decided to be abusive toward his son and negatively handle the situation. Which make me wonder if Papi had love for his family especially Yunior. Yunior explains in the story that all he wants is his dad to love him; showing how Papi’s action is starting to negatively affect his son. Papi is a selfish man and only is worried about him self and his own personal gain and with characteristic like that he can’t be a good parent to his children.

As a result of his cheating, and abusive behavior he cant be an ideal father. His actions throughout the story have been abusive, harmful, and selfish with is the opposite characteristic in a good father. While the kids are present during his cheating is an example of how careless and ignorant Papi is . When he blame and punishes Yunior for his care sickness is another example of how he is not a good family and a harmful part of the family.

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